Prostitution Report
from California

After a few unsatisfying experiences, I decided to go where the providers are. I looked up la-exotics, found a young blonde that asked for 400. It’s reasonable at the time and I decided to see what 400’s worth. I had to fill in an application form, sort of, with her roommate. After my phone number was checked, I got the address. I went up a Hollywood apartment that looks OK at the outside. The area is residential up in the hill slopes. The security system is barely working at the door. The carpet looked dirty everywhere. And there seemed to be a lot of tenants on one floor. J appeared behind a plain old wooden door, nothing matched the photo as advertised. Her face looked like a housewife without much makeup. Her features are all OK but just didn’t look beautiful or sexy. But I neither complained nor even asked questions. Something about her very little light blue dress and bare legs asked me to come on in. I sat on the bed and hesitated. I am not supposed to endorse photos that didn’t match. Are there anything else that are fake? She knew I was hesitating and asked me to check her out.

She lifted her dress and showed me her nickers. Not only is her milky white pair of legs and feet sexy, her ass too. More, the dress seemed to have been never zipped up. I can see her milky white back as far down as her hips. She even encouraged me to check out her milky white breast. It was not big, but got volume, firm and bouncy as well. I kept on it, forgetting that I hadn’t donated yet. Her face and her voice were those of an experienced woman. But her body looked a lot younger. And she can turn herself into a young sweet girl in an instant. She saw that I am satisfied and joked that my examination is worst than the doctor. I happily parted with my donations. I didn’t like the flat, small, dark and possibly dirty. She said she was new to the game and not ready to take clients, that explained her untidy flat. The lights are all dimmed and she refused to burn more electricity. I hated MPs for this reason. But this time I didn’t mind that much as I checked her out with my own hands.

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The dark cheap sofa and the dark bed cover made me feel dirty, and also I could smell her breakfast through the open kitchen. I wanted to get rid of the dirty feeling and wanted to take a shower with her. She said that the plumbing wasn’t working. It’s probably true, but there are good reasons for girls not to take a shower. But this time, I had a funny feeling that someone was hiding inside the bathroom. She walked around with her little light blue dress on, and then off, showed me some harmless toys and asked me what I wanted to play. I asked her to stop walking around and come on to the bed. I grabbed her and gave her a sort of full frontal massage. She lied there, watched, but didn’t seem to enjoy it, like I was molesting her. I wanted to go down, but in this situation, I asked for plastic wrap from the kitchen, which made me felt a little bit better. I am dam sure it was an unusual request but she didn’t know and behaved as if it was usual. May be she is new to the game but probably she is new to California. But there was none in the kitchen. I used a few wipes, which she offered instead of the shower, on her breast. And continued to check her out orally that I did with my bare hands. I would never have done that but behaved it was the natural thing to do, and it seemed she wouldn’t know what is usual in California. She was eager to please, said that she wanted to come with me, that sort of thing.

But seeing that I was not at my tip-top form, she grabbed the initiative, my dear little brother, whom she sucked and licked all around it except the tip. I didn’t want to end this way and asked her to take it easy. But it was good and she didn’t stop, until I came. It was satisfying but I expected to do a few more things. I left without any tips that I regretted. She said she would be moving to a better flat soon. I called her several times, left messages on her answer machine, no reply. Her agent, who put up the adv in exotics, called me from time to time and recommended several girls. She said J was still there, and I waited. I called a couple of times more until she replied. She was still in the same flat. I asked her to do an outcall in any basic clean motel nearby, which I also regretted. I waited a session, 45 mins, that she asked me to. I waited for an hour more at her door, trying her phone and the security phone without success. Then I left. I even saw her own adv in exotics later, but those photos taken by exotics staff are very poor, or you can say realistic. I won’t call her for the price.

I was surprised to get J’s call after a couple of weeks. Now she seemed like an agent herself, recommending a new girl as young and sweet as her. It was tempting but then she was a screw-up and I don’t trust her very much. Her agent also has some tempting offers from time to time. Originally, I wasn’t happy with the way this agent operates. The girl didn’t match the photo, and I got surprise calls from time to time. But I grew into it. I got hot sexy young female voices calling me occasionally, telling me all the intimate things about themselves, which fit the profile in the agents’ adv. But some just charged too much. Yes, the agents’ cut pushed up the price, but I am a certified client and they are certified providers. I can ask very specific questions on the phone without worrying about stings. It’s a sure thing and I don’t need to worry about rip-off, and the girls don’t need to worry about money and safety. And the second time the price drops to the going rate.

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