Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

So, My friend and I leave Vietnam, via Vietnam Airlines, cost: $74.00 one way and arrive in Phnom Penh one hour later. Grab a taxi to the Paris Hotel and check into a "deluxe" (??) room at $20.00 a night. Is it me or does anyone else have a problem with having no cover sheet and a small blanket? But as a wise man once said, it's a value at 20 bucks! A sidenote: Our visa cost $25.00 at the Cambodian Consulate in Vietnam. I told them that I thought the price was $20.00 and they said it changed a while ago?? Correct or did we get taken?? So, being newbie 1st timers, we decide to take the advise of the wise veterans and stay on the beaten path....well almost!

First stop, Sharkey's for dinner and a Tiger Beer. Love the place, but you had to be a bit forceful to keep the girls off you while you ate. The food was great, the staff friendly and the atmosphere mellow. We drank our tigers and had a little crowd of girls around us as they opened up these little game cards you get with a Tiger Beer. On my second beer, hey, hey, I won an umbrella. Cheers all around!. (But I had to carry the damn thing everywhere).

So, finished with our meal, beers and massages, we're off to Martini's. I really like Martini's. Lots of girls, very friendly. They kind of watch for an opening so that when one girl leaves another comes on over. Passed a few hours talking to the bartender, an aussie and a mamasan, before deciding on two Viets, who looked like they had a lot of spirit. So my buddy and I split with our young ladies. They turned out to both be duds, so 10 + 1 and out you go.

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The next morning we checked out the Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum, after breakfast at California II. We have keep the same drivers and one named Shofel (SIC) really knew his stuff. (I have his email and number if anyone is interested, you'll see why later) Afterwards, we have an early dinner at Riverside Cafe. Great Goulash Soup. We decide to hit a few bars, recommended by our drivers and WSA.

Our first stop was a fairly new bar called DV8 (deviate, get it). It is across from Riverside Cafe. Met the owner, (Barry??) who is a New Zealander and a nice guy. He has not been open long and is still trying to put it all together. The place was really nice and clean. Small bar on the first floor, Unfinished lounge on the second floor with a pool table and a veranda. Also one of three ST rooms ($5.00. Rooms were all very nice and clean. So here we are, drinking our Tigers, stretched out in our chairs on the veranda. We each have a girl, and mine is a young (20 says she) cutie named Lily. She spreads her body across mine and lets my hands roam where they will. She begins to kiss me and that's all I need. The negotiations begin. 5-5, hand signals, head shaking and finally we win...5 for the room 5 for a ST. I'm sure it was the lack of customers at the time and not our sex appeal that clinched the deal. Anyway off we go, her to the showers me to the room. Gentleman, if you like to kiss, find this girl!! I promise you you will rarely be kissed like this and your bottom lip will be blue when she finishes with you. Our session was quite intense with all the kissing and such. They do provide condoms but they are small and feel like industrial gloves. It was a one shot deal but what did you expect for five bucks. This girl was easily worth twice this and probably should have been taken LT. But we had other plans so when we finished another Tiger, Me and my buddy headed for LeCyree. We did not get mobbed as expected and did not even get approached till we got a beer. Then it happened, but not what you think. I reach down to grab this girls ass at the same time she grabs my buddies cock. The look he gives was priceless!! He thinks it's me grabbing him. He is speechless just staring at me. I move my hand and he realizes the girl has his dick not me. He lets out this sigh and says he thought it was me and all he could think of was "Oh God" "What is he doing and why is he going to change now". We start laughing and the girls walk away thinking we are either nuts or on drugs. Oh well so much for this we go. Next stop, Heart of Darkness. The place is packed and being searched puts a damper on the party spirit so we head over to Shanghi which is pretty slow. One tiger and were off. It's getting late now so we head to Martini's. So many women, so little time. I'm chatting up some exotic looking Viet when I spot this tiny little thing playing pool. I catch her eye and after a bit of eye fucking my bartender friend calls her over, says a few magic words and she's by my side. She does a little dance for me, bends over backwards with her hands on the floor. That's it.......SOLD!!! Her nickname is Animal and someone tells me I'm in for a real treat. My buddy ends up with her friend. Now comes the off the beaten path part. We get our driver Shofel to get us some herbal enhancement. Now, we are a long way from being drug types, but we had decided to go for it on this trip. So we get 2 oz of pot and a small packet of opium tar for the sum of $40.00. I'm sure it was too much, but????? So we get back to the rooms, roll this mega laced joint and the four of us proceed to smoke the whole thing. It was surreal, like something in a movie. Here we are in my room, my buddy and his girl Sopel on one bed, animal and I on the other, smoking away watching each other getting stoned. I'm drunk, stoned and hard on Vitamin V. Finally they leave and Animal and I begin our session.......and... that's all I remember. Three hours later, I wake up, spooning Animal, I'm still inside her and my hips are still moving. She's sleeping. We clear our heads and begin for real....twice. This girl was special and loves to fuck. It's now after noon and she has to go. So 20 +1 Thank you very much, Bye Bye.

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My buddy tells me that after he got back they had a quicky then she proceeded to gently scratch his body for the next two hours. WEIRD!! We decide to check out K-11 that afternoon. Our drivers are not for it and are warning us off. We are determined and head out there. It is quite a distance away, and when we get there, all I can think of is Rockhards description. It is indeed a shithole. We drive down the street, as we enter, there are two westerners sitting watching us, there is some little guy trying to get us into a building, our drivers are telling us that we should go and this is a bad idea. I take a couple of pictures, jump back on the scooter and away we go. We are to new to be here!! Stick to the beaten path!! We head out to the range near the airport where we shoot a few weapons, then back home.

It is an early dinner (Sharkies) and a bed this night. Next morning, we leave Phnom Penh via bus ($3.00) to Sihanoukville, the fast boat to Koh Kong ($15.00), a quick truck ride to the border (50B) and then a mini bus directly to Bangkok, via Pattaya (400B). A cheap, but long 18 hour trip. I recommend getting two seats on the busses which will make for a more comfortable ride. We give our drivers $30.00 plus the rest of the pot as a tip. They did not seem impressed with the money but since they had said they usually make only $25.00 a month we figure we were rightous.

All in all, the experts are right, you either love Cambodia or you hate it.......I loved it!

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