Prostitution Report
from China

I read most of the Chinese archives. The only feelings I was left with are that the Chinese professionnals are rare and expensive. All depends on the place you go and on how expensive your lifestyle looks to them? Hongkong is the best example. Accommodation is very expensive as like in any crowded and well developped asian city ! How can one imagine that a girl can be much less expensive that a hotel night of a decent class ?

During a stay of 2 3 days in HK, the best and cheap place to stay is Empire Hotel close to Wanchai, I decided to move around the close neighbourod. There was a lot of american hostess bar, with thai girls dancing and waiting seated for the customer venue. Some of these girls, even if aged above 35, look fresh and attractive. The key for having good price proposals is to be kind with the bar tenants. These lasts rule when a girl can sneak to a private saloon. As you have to entertain the targeted lady with drinks, whose prices are multiplied by 3 to 5 times, your hunt has to be the shortest as possible. A 50 year old Bristish seated close to me, was caressing the heavy breast of a topless thai girl. After some 20 minutes, he decided to move to a more private place, and was fined by the tenant with 400 $. But the same bar tenant was kind enough to leave me chatting with the girls with as only drink paid, my own beer. I was offered to be joined back in my room for 1000 $. As I did not show a sign of real interest, the price went down to 500 $ for a maximum stay of 2 hours. When you know the cost of accomodation in HK and you see how much the private saloon fine was, that was a fair proposal.

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The remaining problem was how to gain access to the hotel room with the girl. I left to the hotel before the girl. I informed the reception man that I ve just met an old girlfriend of mine, who has to come in a short time and may decide to spend the night in my room. I argued that as I paid the double room rate, I must be only charged by the extra breakfast if any. I tipped him with 50 HK. The girl came in after almost an hour. She explained me that she was late and then delayed because she was to register at the reception.

We got a shower, made good love for almost 2 hours. She left after we took our final shower. The receptionist rang me to inform that my friend was just aout to leave. A tip is always followed by good service.

That quickie of two hours was good value ( 600 HK $, (just 80 Euro))

After HK, I went to Xiamen Fujuan. Xiamen is an expensive town. Xiamen is a port, with a booming activity, with fast and big incomes made. The places to get hostess are KTVs: the Karaoke saloons, or the massage parlours. The KTVs are expensive; you have to pay for the room (500 Y , no time limit), for the girls you want to sing with (100 Y Each) and the drinks (beer 40 Y, Ballantine liter bottle 1000 Y), and the room caretaker (100 Y). Later we will have to agree on the fee of the girl, which will be close to 1000 y or even more. Such expenses are stupid, if you just want to date a prostitue.

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The easiest way is to wait into you hotel lobby between 6 to 8 pm, you ll be approached by some girls. They will be surely good english speaker, and their prices are much lower. No problem with the access to the rooms, these girls were screemed at the hotel entrance and as they are regular hookers, they are quite trustful. Seated in the waterfall cafe of Crown Plaza, (the best hotel of Xiamen, most central and good facilities), i was approached by a cute lady out of a group of 4. She proposed having sex for 2 hours for 100 $, 820 Y in my room. I declined also her second offer, at 600 Y, because I heard from a taxi driver about better places, and he gave me cards of different massage parlours. I left the lobby, took a new taxi. The driver after a quick look at my cards, drove me to a place located on a road in continuation of Zhenhai road. This massage parlour will be easy to spot :it is full of neon lights of red color. The massage fee for a standard room is of 130 Y for 2 hours, the massage itself is of 100 Y plus tip. You have to go to a changing room and take a nice shower. I accepted at this stage a massage proposed by a chinese male. It was to be charged 50 Y. That lasted 20 min, and was a good deep tissues massage.

After a second shower, you are dressed with a kind of kimono and sent to the upstair saloons. I was asked by an attendant the type of services I was expecting. I replied that I like young ladies with no further detail to his question.

I entered into a massage room and waited there for 2 min. A nice girl entered dressed with a close mini skirt. She was speaking only Chinese, and we did not understand each other for a while. After 30 minutes of a pleasant scalp massage, her boss came to translate the proposal of her employee: having good sex for a fee of 600 Y. After few english/chinese negotiations, we both agreed on a package of 500 Y, inclusive of the room and the massage made by the male chinese.

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As soon as the boss left, the girl quickly stripped off: she was really cute, nice breast and bottoom, long pussy hair. She removed my kimono, and washed her mouth with some hot water brought into the room. She started with a BJB with her mouth full of hot water. That was a funny slight burning sensation ! She started to finger my asshole, it was so delicious that I became erected and kind to her with my fingers. I was surprised to find a very wet pussy. She liked my touches : she poured all the water of her mouth on my stomach. She drunk again some hot water she kept into a mouth. She placed a cd onher lips, and rolled it over my dick. That is called hot sealing! She then came on top of me, pumping my dick with some deep motions but we were forced to move to the conventional missionary style, as the table was too narrow for her to stand this position.

I pumped her nicely, standing up, with her lying on the table the head blocked into the massage table hole. She was moanning but too slowly. I turned her on the stomach side, to vigourously fuck her, she started to feel nice and within few minutes, a body was shaking with fuzzy motions. It slowed down and I finally released all my cum, at the sight of her nice relaxed bottom. She removed my CD, washed my dick with the same mounth operation. I stayed erected but she did want us to get more sex. She pointed my watch : I should not have spent so much time on a scalp massage. I dressed the Kimono back, she brought me back to the stairs with a lots of kisses on my face. After a quick shower, I was at the main cashier, where I paid as agreed the 500 Y. That place must be very well known in Xiamen because of the load of cabs queueing up after midnight.

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