Prostitution Report
from Costa Rica

After listening to all you guys go on and on about San Jose I finally had to take your advice, you boys didn’t let me down. To start out, I think I owe some of you an apology. I would read your posts and think that you were exaggerating about the looks of the girls and giving the girls the big “O”, I no longer doubt you. While I was down there I was with six different girls. Every one of them was what I would consider GFE. All of them deep French kissed and all but one bbbj. Not once was I asked for money up front. I never negotiated for “todo la noche” but received it every night I was there. I would usually have to ask the girl to leave the next day at around 11:00AM. I do not consider myself an extremely good looking guy or exceptional lover, I am average, just your normal “joe”. I’m 6’2”, 185lbs, and 31 years old. And I speak little to no Spanish.

But I always treated the ladies with kindness and respect, that is what I think got me such good experiences. I stayed at the Del Rey for the first two nights, after that they were full so I had to go to the Presidente for the next two nights. But I did get back into the Del Rey for the last night, and a suite, top floor, balcony, giant fridge stocked (very important because they were not serving alcohol that day). My personal preference is the Del Rey, no walk of shame, 24hour room service, wet bar in room. Try the suite for at least one night I don’t think you will be disappointed, you have a giant balcony/veranda with tables and lounge chairs, you can do it privately outside and get a tan during the day. I was a little worried about going down by my self but those worries were put aside once I arrived. I met so many people down there that I was amazed. All were extremely helpful teaching the new guy the ropes. If it wasn’t for the girls you could go down there and sit at the bar all day and talk to the new and interesting people you continually meet. At one point I did meet the “loud Americans”(loud, obnoxious, and rude) and while I was talking with them I noted that most girls would not make eye contact or approach our group. It just proves my previous point that respect and kindness goes a long way. I have read posts by older gentlemen asking if it is harder for older guys, two of the girls (one of them had a shiner and was crying from her last customer) I met said that it is easier for older guys because it is usually the younger guys that refuse to pay or refuse to take no for an answer and get a little too rough with them. One of the guys I met hit the royal flush at Caribbean stud and won about 10 grand, it was a beautiful hand. If it were me, I would probably still be down there.

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First night I was there I hooked up with Kathy. I don’t feel bad about using their names because they are fake names, if you want to know their real names just look at the register when you sign them in. She was from Panama, 5’4”, 120lbs, and excellent English. When I asked how much she said $300 for all night, I laughed and told her I was not interested. We continued to drink at the bar and I told her I would understand if she wanted to go look for another customer for the night. She said that she was enjoying herself and wanted to stay. A while later she told me $75 but not for the whole night. We went upstairs and went at it for about two and a half hours. During rest times we talked and laughed and watched some TV. She asked me if she could stay the night and I said it was much too expensive, she said for free and that we could go at it again in the morning if I bought her breakfast. Woke up once in the middle of the night for more sex, and first thing in the morning. Ordered room service and went at it again after we ate. Overall a very good experience, deep French kissing, no blow job (but she told me before we even went upstairs), allows oral on her and is orgasmic or an Oscar winner, never needed lube, very wet, multiple times, multiple positions. Had to ask her to leave at about 11:00AM. Total: $75 plus tip. Next up, Lola. Dominican, 6’, 130lbs, excellent English. I need to mention this again, she was 6 foot tall without the heels (I’ve got this thing for tall women). Overall an excellent experience, deep French kissing, bbbj (easily the best of my life), allows oral on her and is orgasmic or an Oscar winner, never needed lube, very wet, multiple times, multiple positions. I can’t describe the blow job, but I can say that I am probably ruined for life, I don’t think anything will ever compare. Took it in her mouth after I warned her I was about to cum. She didn’t swallow but went to the bathroom spit it out and used some of my mouthwash, which I appreciated because the French kissing was outstanding. While I was going down on her she clamped her thighs around my head and almost squeezed it off and during the “O” she turned over so she was on top without ever letting go of my head. She was a daytime experience that I went back to two more times.

Camilla or Carmella. Costa Rican, 5’6”, 130lbs, fair English. Met her fairly late after playing cards most of the night. We sat at one of the tables at the front of the bar and talked for about an hour. She was very prejudiced against the girls from other countries coming over and driving the prices down. That should have been a warning to me on price but I let it slip by. A friend of hers came down from upstairs while we were talking and she was crying and was sporting a fresh shiner. Some 23 year old guy from California wanted anal and when she said no he would not accept that answer, gave her a black eye and took it anyway, then refuse to pay her. She said if she was to tell the hotel they would call her a troublemaker and maybe not let her back in. Carmella? put her in a cab then came back to me. At one point she got up from the table and went to the bar and bought both of us a drink, that impressed me. We talked about her day job (Dentists office 3 days a week makes more at BM in one night) and her child. She had a live in nanny for 30 dollars a month and room and board, what a deal. She wanted $100 to go upstairs and since she was the best looking girl I had seen all week, had bought me a drink and the comments she made earlier about the foreign girls I didn’t even try to talk her down. An excellent experience, deep French kissing, bbbj, allows oral on her and is orgasmic or an Oscar winner, never needed lube, very wet, multiple times, multiple positions. Asked if she could take a nap for a little while when we were done, it was about 5AM. Woke up a 9:30AM ordered room service and had a morning quickie.

Highly recommended. Monica. Panamanian, 5’4”, 130lbs, excellent English. A friend of Kathy that I was with the first night and asked me not to tell Kathy that we were together. Fantastic eyes and lips. Clothing hid the ass that was a little larger than I would have expected but was still quite nice. An excellent experience, deep French kissing, bbbj, allows oral on her and is orgasmic or an Oscar winner, never needed lube, very wet, multiple times, multiple positions. Watched a movie on TV when we were done. After the movie asked if she could sleep there, for no extra cost, it was like I was doing her a favor. Luz. Columbian, 5’4”, 125lbs, fair English, excellent tits. Started talking to a friend that she was with but I could tell the friend was very hardened so I switched to her which seemed to really piss the friend off not only at me but also at Luz. I cannot stress how great these tits were, and she used them during the blow job. I originally thought that they were implants, I was wrong it was the bra. An excellent experience, deep French kissing, bbbj, allows oral on her and is orgasmic or an Oscar winner, never needed lube, very wet, multiple times, multiple positions. Negotiated for short time but like the others spent the entire night. Angela, Costa Rican, 5’6”, 130lbs, fair English. Had bought her a drink earlier in the week when a friend came over and got her for a threesome before we could arrange anything. She apologized about leaving earlier in the week and offered to buy her own drink this time.

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She offered a threesome with the friend from the previous day but I declined. She had huge fake tits. I was hoping that I would be pleasantly mistaken like the previous night but I was not. I am not a big fan of implants, I think they are to stiff. The first time I was going to cum she told me to pull out and cum on her tits. This was something I never would have asked for or done with out being asked. It was like in a porno movie. She the proceeded to rub it in those huge fake tits. Very nice. I went down on her prior to sex the first time and two more times that night she asked me to go downtown again, which I obliged. She would move my head around to the spots she liked so I don’t think she was faking in the slightest. I didn’t think it was possible for me to have sex that many times in one night, as soon as we were done she would start working you up for the next round. At one point she told me if I didn’t want to use a condom that would be OK, that scared me. I still used my condoms for the rest of the night, but if she is making that offer to me I know she makes it to other customers also. I had just gone down on her three different times I hope I didn’t catch anything. Had she offered sin condom at first I don’t think I would have gone down on her at all. She would toy with her asshole while I was going down on her so I think she would be OK with anal, Never asked because I’m not a fan.

An excellent experience, deep French kissing, bbbj, allows oral on her and is orgasmic or an Oscar winner (no way was she acting), never needed lube, very wet, multiple times, multiple positions. Negotiated for short time but like the others spent the entire night. That was my night in the suite at the Del Re, we did it outside on the table, it was sort of cold but very erotic. One thing to mention is how the girls get very possessive of you. When you see then later in the week they won’t leave you alone, they keep coming up to you even after you say no. Kathy’s friend didn’t want me to tell Kathy that we had been together because Kathy would get mad at her for being with me because Kathy though I belonged to her. If I was talking to a girl and got up to go to the bathroom one of my previous girls would come up to me on the way to the bathroom and tell me why I should not choose the one I was talking to and should choose her instead.

One of the girls had told me that management has cameras in the women’s bathroom because of all the fights that start in there. The women will actually fight over customers. However, they will never come up to you if you are talking to another girl. One of my main regrets is that sometimes I didn’t act fast enough. There are some absolute stunners in there but don’t wait or be shy because they won’t last. My first few nights there I was actually sort of shy. It is such a big change from approaching women in the States. What you need to remember is that just about every girl here wants to meet you. And usually the ones that approach you are the hard core ones or the one that are bottom of the barrel. So don’t be shy. Another of my regrets is not trying anything other than the Blue Marlin. I want to thank all who have posted before me, if it wasn’t for them I would not have made this trip. I will definitely be going back, I’m even thinking about the end of Feb. After that I think I may try Russia. The posts from Russia make it seem even better than San Jose. Prior to going anywhere I will invest in a digital camera so my next post will contain pictures also.

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