Prostitution Report
from Curacao

Ok, I just returned from the island and just wanted to share a few thoughts with fellow travelers on this board. I am not going to re-post the obvious,such as what Campo is, etc.I will only try to give an update.

So, in a short format, this is what i LIKED:

1. Campo is still fully functional, is clean and seemed safe to me.
2. The value for the money is unbeatable. The standard rate is 50 NAF. That's $28.
3. Though I did not see any 9's and 10's on MY scale (but that's to be expected, I like the taller, bigger northern blonde) - lots of 7's and 8's. Very few really ugly girls.
4. Local people are generally friendly.
5. THIS IS IMPORTANT, I DO BELIEVE. Most of the girls will provide good service, they really care about repeat business. I was told that they are charged NAF90 per day for their cabins. They have to buy condoms and clothes themselves, and pay for the laundry. Based on this the customer is pretty much always right at the Campo. However, the girls REALLY appreciate if you are nice to them, if you at least attempt to talk to them before going for the action. Small acts of kindness pay VERY large dividends.

If you like a particular girl, you may want to offer her a ride the next day, since they do not have cars there, to take her to town, or to the beach. This will not cost you any significant sums of money but WILL BE REPAID tenfold. The girls need to be back by 6 pm. Management gets really upset if they are not.

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Also, Spanish. Of all the girls I talked to only ONE had enough English to carry on a conversation - of sorts. Even "how are you?" is rare. Most of these chicas know "fucky-fucky" and "sucky-sucky", which to me is a bit of a turn-off, reminds me of a cheap Vietnamese whore from "Full metal Jacket". By the time I go again I will have taken a Spanish class.

1. The infrastructure on the island is third-rate. The roads are full of potholes except for the newer part that is an expressway of sorts and runs around the oil refinery into Willemstad. The last time the lanes were marked was probably 1975.

2. Even though Campo is clean, it is BY NO MEANS a 5-star resort as they claim. The main hall does not have a/c, drink selection is abysmal, the same crappy music is repeated ad nauseam. They could make so much more $$$ if they accepted credit cards and introduced some kind of token system. Otherwise, you continously have to run to the nearest ATM. You would think they would have one on site, but no such luck.

I was at Campo 3 nights in a row, they had 2 power failures. One was massive, half the compound went pitch black.

2. Telephones on Curacao suck! Payphones will not accept coins, you have to buy cards which can become pretty expensive. Many lines are down, which brings me to

3. CREDIT CARDS. Even though an establishment may have "VISA-MC_AMEX ACCEPTED HERE" signs in the windows, it by no means is guaranteed. Due to phone line problems I could not use my cards even in main tourist restauarants on Handelskade. You have to carry cash, incur ATM fees, etc.

4. Gas stations. No concept of "Full tank on pump 7, please". You MUST tell the attendant HOW MUCH you want to pump. Cash only, or a local debit card. Since I had no idea what kind of tank my rental car had, it was trial and error. Very annoying.

FInally, the beaches. IT IS worth your time to drive out of Willemstad, and go to the more secluded ones. I did, just to get away from tourists. Found a beautiful public beach, free of charge, with 4 people on it.

Hopefully this helps. Armed with this knowledge, I know I will go back!

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