Prostitution Report
from Czech Republic

I went to the Czech Town BRNO (or "Brünn" in German) recently. To cut a long story short. this town is not going to make it to the European capital for "fun-traveller" ...It is offering a considerable range of services as can be seen in several internet sites: (No - I do not speak or read czech - but a bit of guesswork and makes them accessable) I was hoping for a decent deal, since the town is not very close to the german or Austrian border, which should disencourage the rich Westerners to go there and spoil the prices - well not quite ...

First disappointment was with private ads from - the ladies seemed OK-looking and the prices are moderate (around 1200-1500 czk/h - @ 30$ for 1.000 czk) However at most of the phone numbers nobody answered (I tried several times) and if someone could be reached she spoke neither German nor English and didn't even try (some keywords and numbers would heve been sufficient). I finally reached "Monika" (0607.102800, Erbenova 26, Name at door "Sobotka"). When I arrived there where two fat ladies such that I left immediately ...

After that sobering experience I switched to the club scene.I tried St Pauli's since it had been recommended in worldsexarchives but it was closed at the time (not clear if permanently). Next Stop: Angel Club, the usual procedure - 300 czk entrance fee, three ladies where present (the club beening rather empty at 10 p.m.) danced a bit and than joined me so that I could choose. I opted for a maybe 19 year old blonde beauty who called herself Sylvia. The Whirlpool-experience I rejected (doesn't appear very hygienic to me ...) and up we went to a room - for 2.600/h. The experience was very pleasant (she had extremely nice, firm tits) but also very professional: no "extras" like kissing or bbbj ...

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Although I didn't mean to visit "Moulin Rouge" (since it has the image of a sex-supermarket) I decieded to give it a shot since it was just opposite my hotel. That was actually a very lucky decision! Since it was rather early (7 p.m.) the club was almost emtpy. AFTER I had paid the entrance fee I was told that the ladies were just getting ready and I could wait (or go with one of the waitresses, which didn't seem such a good idea ...). But than a girl appeared which I had already noticed at the entrance: she was quite pretty indeed but didn't wear the typical outfit of a "working girl" in such clubs but smart streetware instead (normal trousers, blouse - no naked skin at all ...) - apparently she had just arrived and not yet changed. But even in normal closes I could very well imagine how she would look without and agreed that she joins me for a drink. She called herself "Sonja" admitting that this is an alias. We had a very nice chat indeed, with her English beeing exceptionally good - she called herself "gerontophile" while referring to her 38year old "boyfriend" - hey, how many girls one usually meets in these clubs even know the word let alone having the self irony to apply it to themselves ... But she had "other talents" as well as she proved on the room ... very nice (although again, no extras) - at 1.600 a real bargain !

My last - and worst - experience in Brno was the "Velvet"-Club - just unbelievable: the club was almost empty at 11 p.m., the ladies didn't even try to hide their boredom and didn't bother to smile ... However I decided to have a go for a small brunette who had a naughty grin on her face when she danced (which made me hope ...) - but being with her was so awful, that I left after 20 min: not only that she hadn't shaved her legs (they scratched) she also was performing totally mechanical ... not recommendable !!Street scene is happening around the hotel Continental at "Kouniceva" and "Koliste": prices are 1.000 in car and 2.000 if they accompany you to the hotel (which apparently causes no trouble at the hotel) - so much for "not spoiled" prices ... I stayed at the "Continental" ( which is OK for 1.600 czk/night. Hotel "International" (**) however, is only slightly more expensive but much better (good restaurant and bar). As restaurant I can highly recommend the Italian at "Zamecnicka" (near the main square): pizza as good as in Naples !

Brno - in my opinion no place to go for "fun-tourism" although there are places to have fun if one ends up there on business!

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