Prostitution Report
from Dominican Republic

Okay first off I want to say thanks to everyone that gave me all the great advice and pointers on how things go down, down there. In Particular Berns, JimmyDR, Tampabukake.

Okay if the plane ride was any indication of how my trip was going to go, I knew something had to go wrong at some time during the trip (get to that later). Upon arriving at JFK airport I was told that my row 27 seat was given to a kid so that he could sit with his parents and that the only available seat left was 2J (First Class) no complaint from me give me my cocktail and lets get going to Paradise. I get to POP breeze through immigration my bags was like the 5TH bag coming out the chute, make my way out to the taxis and there he is Jesus, with a sign that almost brang a tear to my eye "SOSUA PALACE". Off we go, first stop at John's house to get my key to my room then to the Europa to exchange some money into Pesos. We pull up to the palace with the red door to Paradise as it is open I am greeted by Soranji, Vanessa, Mercedes, Mimos, Ana, and Nilsa. There are some fellow mongers by the bar Diablo, Chinito, and Phil. Soranji takes my shoulder bag and leads me to my room with Vannessa following, I get room 2a first floor right by the bar, yeah the one with the sex swing in it. I hear in the background as the door closes "HAPPY HOUR".

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I am not even in country 40 minutes and my cock is in Soranji's mouth while Vanessa is licking my balls. Okay they both strip me down I grab the emergency airplane condom out my pocket(Hey, ya never know) Vanessa starts riding me while Soranji is telling me no leche Papi. I pull out of Vanessa and then turn Soranji over and start hitting her from the back. I still cant believe this shit two hot dominican girls but naked with me fucking and sucking me while I..........(sorry Had to regaim my compusure there) have the biggest Kool aid smile on my face. I finally release and we talk take a quick shower pay them the 800 (800 pesos, 35 fucking dollars) a piece. I then make my way out to applause and a welcome aboard presidente by the fellow mongers at the bar. I was still horney though, I guess that newbie adrenaline was rushing through me. I then just started scanning the chicas and wonder to myself whos next. Here comes Nilsa and Mercedes. The both say happy hour but was unsure If I wanted both of them at the same time. So to make up my mind they both gave me a HDBBBJ (Hor Douerve Bare Back Blow Job)-made that up my self. Okay minds made up another happy hour. Mercedes likes to get it in the ass, and Nilsa has the tightest body I have felt in years this girl is solid all muscle and damn can she fuck.

Okay finish with them I have to eat now I have been in country three hours now and have just had sex with four different chicas. One of the other fellow mongers takes me down the street to a little hut where the guys is selling whole grilled chickens for 80 pesos I take two I know I am going to have top replenish alot of protein the next couple of days. Okay I aeat I am okay now. tampa bukkake wals into the place we have spoken before via email. Great guy felt like I knew him for years we talk about whats on the agenda for the evening he tells me we will start off at the Merengue bar and then head over to the High Caribe. Okay shower get dressed and on my way out the door I am greeted by Clara and Nancy . They tell me come here for one minute, I try to tell them that I have to meet someone in ten minutes but oh well the small head just pokes up and said what the hell is wrong with you I wanna fuck, okay so be it. The closest I get to a lesbian type threesome all weekend.

These two are going at it Clara is deep throating me Nancy licking my balls then both suck me off at the same time while they are kissing each other with my cock between their lips. Okay the one minute turned into 45 minutes. Okay back to my room take another shower. I meet Tampa bukkake at the merengue bar I am not sitting down for 15 minutes when I am approached by on o fhe palce regulars and offered some choca. She is a thick one I know I am gonna have to bring my a game for her , . Okay I tell TampaB whats up, he says okay good I could go for a quickie too he leaves with one from the merengue and we agree to meet in about 45 minute at the Europa. Okay we meet at the Europa we hop on the motoconcho and off we are to the High Caribe. Okay this place is a chica chocha aquarium. We make the rounds and check the place out lots of good stuff inside. Tampa lock in on this one at the bar and just has to have her. I am now being pursued by a fish (Ya know keep the body throw away the head) Her body was unbelievable but she looked like a close relative to Mr Ed with the damn teeth prtruding from her face, hey I wasn't that drunk yet. Could not ditch her for about a half an hour Then Tampa to the rescue he send one to me and she starts dancing behind me, know I am scared to turn around because I think it is the fish.

But now it is a new chica. Okay we are off. tampa has not really sealed the deal with the one he has locked in on so the girl he sent to me goes and negotiated the deal for him first the chica tells her 2000 pesos for the night she tells her NO, thats too much and i believe she tells her no more than 1200 fo the night the next thing I know the four of us are in a cab on our way to our rooms. I still can't believe this another girl haggling the price of the chocha for a man. I love this place. Me and mine get back to the palace. I get a hard on and we fuck for about 35 minutes. I am getting tired and catching cramps now. This is now chica number 8 for the night and what would be my 6th ejaculation, NOT! I explain to her the situation and she looks like she is upset with herself for not being able to make me "LECHE". Okay we agree for her to come back at 1100 am in the morning. She leaves and i take a shower and go to sleep. Day summary-8 chicas, first class flight, and proof that paradise does exist. Day two will be posted later this evening.

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