Prostitution Report
from Estonia

I just returned from Estonia, and would like to give everyone an update. I realize that I myself have posted a number of good reviews about Tallinn in the past, yet was noticing changes for the worse in some of the later postings. Unfortuantely, the place has deteriorated a lot, and I can no longer recommend it as a prime monger spot - not even a good value spot.It is possible that I have been hopelessly spoiled by the Colombian chicas on Curacao. Maybe I have set up my standards too high.This time around my main irritant was the girls' attitude.Even in the more expensive clubs, such as Morgan, Max, and Golden (and prices have gone up to 1200 ...1500 EEK) the girls do not even try to suppress their general disgust at their line of business. At Golden Club I was amazed to see a dozen girls sitting on the couch, staring blankly into space, and not even trying to attract a client.

Most of the girls do not speak English. Or any other foreign language except for a smattering of Finnish. I speak Russian so it is not a problem for me, but it is a problem for the girls. How many clients do they lose? Not everyone is a drunk Finn who just wants to blow his wad and continue getting even drunker.Overall the quality of the girls has gone down, down, down. I did not see ONE really beautiful girl. Very few girls would even qualify as cute. Most of them are just plain average. I did have a positive experience, though. On my first day the cabbie took me to Morgan. This is the most conveniently located club since you do not really need a taxi to get there, it is 15 minutes walk from downtown at Virmalise 28/30. I was there on a Thursday night and there were perhaps 6 girls. No 9s or 10s, one girl possibly an 8. Turned out she was just the stripper, and did not provide any services.

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I started talking to this girl named Tanya, and we went to a room. The cost for the hour was 1500 EEK. It was pleasant enough. After i got dressed I went back into the main area, and realized there was nobody there I wanted to talk to. The girls were busily discussing all kinds of everyday problems, heating bills, children's grades at school, etc. Now, I am not saying I was immediately ready for round , but they did not even make an attempt to attract my attention. I am not an ugly guy, I treat the girls with respect, do not argue over a couple of dollars, and was really astonished by such attitude. So I sat down, got myself a Scotch, and Tanya reappeared. We started talking again, and decided that round 2 was in order.

In fact, it turned out to be round 2, and 3, and 4. I suggested that she relax, not worry about the time, and try to enjoy herself. She was very surprised by this, and twice asked me if I really wanted this. I assured her I did. So, after some heavy 4-play we settled into a spooning position, and she played with her clit while I slowly moved into her. It took a while but she did climax. That was a great feeling. On Friday I met with Jupiter7 and we went to the club again. The club was full of drunk Finns.Some of them were so drunk they were asleep. The cycle would repeat itself throughout the evening: the Finns would roll in, get drunk, and leave. Again, the girls were very apathetic.I had another session with Tanya, and then we decided to call it quits for the night. We had also visited a strip bar. I generally suggest to everyone that strip joints in Tallinn are not worth it. The girls do not do much, just swirl around the pole a couple of times, and then come around bugging you for tips and trying to get you to buy a private show. I was told there is very little difference between the strip joints. Next day I met up with Jupiter7 and we ran out to Max and Golden. Club Max was virtually empty, and the girls were unattractive. There were maybe 4 of them, one kinda looked like a semi-cute freshman at a college stateside, the others were just ugly. We had a drink, and left. The taxi driver took us to Golden, which is generally in the middle of nowhere, a rather big house in a wooded area in the suburbs.

There I decided to play the role of "Un gringo muy estupido" and did not reveal that I understood Russian, I witnessed a scene where a Finnish man was obviously too drunk to actually ask a girl to go upstairs with him, and kept staring at her. She finally got up and yelled at him in Russian" What;s wrong with you, you m....f? If you want to f... just say so. Don't stand there like an idiot". The Finn understood absolutely nothing, the other girls laughed...

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The next day I asked a guy who runs a strip club about the changes in the sex business. He told me that generally the more attractive girls had moved on to work abroad, in Finland or Germany or wherever else they could find better paid employment.

In conclusion, would I go back? Definitely not. It has become overpriced, the attitude sucks, the quality is down... if that's what you want why even leave the USA?

In my opinion, the FKK clubs in Germany, or clubs like the Sakura in Zurich represent a better value. Or better yet, go to Curacao. Or Colombia.

Hopefully my short report will save some fellow mongers a few hard-earned dollars, euros, pounds or whatever you carry.

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