Prostitution Report
from Florida

Street action: Some strays on Phillips hywy between University and I95 exit. Main street after downtown area for a couple of miles. Jax beach anywhere from 4th N to 8th S one to two blocks off A1A towards the beach.

There is no guarantees for the time of day which they come out of their caves...they just sort of appear and dissapear. Most are extremely unnatractive and all, I repeat all are crackies. They have those holocost victim eyes. You get the picture. lot's of police presence in all of these venues. Escorts: They used to advertise in the paper, but not many recently. According to one I see from time to time there was a sting and a couple of them are out of biz. I would post info on the one but she stiffened and said no way. She said the authorities are all over the papers, the yellow pages and the internet. She'll stick to regulars for now.

Massage Parlours: Only one in Jacksonville that I know. Ichiban is the one asian house in the phonebook. Westside location; rub and a tug establishment with olderly matrons dressed in unattractive t-shirts and stretch shorts. Yuck! $70 entrance fee and $40 for the tug. Been there twice out of desperation and won't go back. It's like the retirement version of Korean massage establishments.

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The only game in the area is accross the Georgia line in Kingsland. There are three MP's off I95 exit 3.They all have adds with coupons in the sports section of the Jacksonville paper. New York Massage is rub and tug only place with over the hill asian ladies dressed and priced in the same mentioned at Ichibans. There is another (name I can't recall because it's a total waste of time) on the other side of I95. Totally paranoid establishment that makes you sign your name and after much questioning... Been here before, what do you do, where do you live, where are you from, what ladies have you seen here,are you sure you've been here before? etc... With this level of service I'm sure they will be out of business soon.

VIP Spa Full service finally, but at an absurd cost. $80 for the hour if you can make it last that long. Two to three girls work during the day (only time I've gone). The girls I have been with were very pretty and dressed in sexy dresses with no bra or panties. It's the usual for some other cities...table shower with special attention to you know what. Average lotion massage and if you don't seem to pose a legal threat after some questioning it's "please turn over" a few minutes of fingertip massage to your front and then the question. "Would you like anything else"? The last one I had, a beautiful Korean girl early 30's IMO a solid 9 named Nina (her American name obviously) wanted $200. My jaw dropped..WTF! I told her that I've never paid more then $120 and wasn't even sure how much $$ I had. She then told me they take credit cards..Bitch!! I got off the massage table, went to my trousers and put the wad of $$ on the table. She then counted it twice and said "OK, because you handsome man". Yeah right!It was $137. She left, reappeared and proceeded to get me off as fast as possible. Covered BJ and squated on me with fast thrusting motions. I turned her over and gave it my best from behind even after I'd cum...pitiful situation at best. She wasn't mean, it's just the apparent state of affairs in this neck of the woods.

If you're not into scouting street scum and in need, this option may well be unfortunately the best bet. Not for me anymore....I'll just have to go without. If Jacksonville wasn't such a nice place to live trust me I'd move. After reading some of the foreign postings..Cuba, Prague etc.. I hope you guys know a good thing when you see it.

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