Prostitution Report
from Gambia

I have been holidaying in The Gambia for many years now, and I thought it would be of some help to fellow WSA members if I relayed a little bit of my experience. The Gambia is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy sunbathing, total relaxation, and beaches to die for! There is also another side to this country which should not go unreported. The girls are BEAUTIFUL! The Gambian girls themselves are always looking out for a white man for a meal ticket as there is so much poverty in the country, and to find a Gambian girlfriend is the easiest thing in the world even if you are bald, ugly and fat! They are also not concerned about age. At this point I must make it clear that I am now 55 yrs. old, not bald, not fat and hopefully not ugly. For the male who doesn't want a girlfriend relationship there are many, many, girls ready for a one night stand for a small fee, including many prostitutes from neighbouring countries such as Senegal, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mali, Liberia etc. Most of these girls are stunning in looks, and are readily available.

I usually stay in the Senegambia area where apart from the large 3 star Senegambia hotel there are a number of other hotels, and villas are available to rent, away from the beach area. I normally stay at the 2 star Holiday Beach Club, which is a very friendly hotel with beautiful peaceful gardens, and is right on the beach. It is also "girl friendly" for a small 300 dalasis fee per guest per night. (Currently 36 dalasis to the UK £).
Now to my holiday. I arrived on 12th. Dec for just a week. Installed myself into the Holiday Beach Club, at around 6pm after a 6 hour flight from England, and after the necessary unpacking, showering and sprucing up, I was ready for some fun.

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It is a 5 to 10 minute stroll to the main bar and restaurant area, and I had to take it very slowly as the evening was so hot. On the way past the hotel entrance toward the bars one has to be ready for a barrage of Gambians ready to take you anywhere, offer you anything from a banana to their "sister". These people lay in wait for the tourist and to be honest they are a nuisance. However, a firm "NO" usually sees them off and you can carry on. The development of the area over the last 3 to 4 years has been rapid, and although there are only 2 main roads, they are now lined with bars, restaurants, a casino, internet cafes, and clothes shops and supermarkets. I headed for Ali Baba's corner, which is at the intersection of the 2 main streets, and sat down in Ali Baba's cafe at the roadside where I could watch the action and have a few beers. Now Ali Baba's is basically at the centre of the area, and everybody (tourists and locals) pass here at some stage of the evening. It is good to sit and watch. Eventually the girls start to arrive. A lot will come and sit at the tables with a drink and a snack before getting up to the nights activities. Anyway, as I have been going to The Gambia for many years, I have a special Gambian friend, who calls me his "brother", and we are kindred spirits. We both like the ladies and we both like a drink. Shortly my friend joined me and before long we were laughing and joking and watching the girls arriving. Usually I don't take part in any action until midnight(ish) when I have had a few drinks. It seems to get me more in the mood, and I suppose the girls look better after a few beers. However, I spotted a girl who was just about to leave Ali Baba's and she was just my type. Slim, but with a lovely shape, and her jeans were just painted on! As she passed our table, I caught her hand and asked her if I could take a photo of her.She smiled and started to pose for all my shots. The girl was a real star, and I am sure that the other tourists must have wondered what was going on. Anyway, after the photo session I asked her to join us, and we ended up bar hopping until one in the morning. It turned out that she was from Sierra Leone and had come to The Gambia for the tourist season which started in October. She is called Adija. Now normally a girl in The Gambia should be no more than 500 dalasis for the night, but recently the dalasis has devalued dramatically, and the negotiated price for this beauty was 1500. It was my first night and so I accepted the price and took her back to the hotel, escorted by my Gambian "brother" for safety. At the hotel reception I gave my "brother" 500 dalasis so he could get himself a girl, paid the hotel fee for Adija, and proceeded to my room. Now my room was a long way from the reception, almost next to the beach, and on the way we had to pass the pool bar which was still open. You've guessed it ,we stopped off for a beer and she went to the bathroom. When she emerged, I told her we were going to my room. I was getting horny as hell. This chick was hot. So with a beer in one hand and the other hand on her ass, we set off. I felt that her jeans were wet through and I commented. She said she had washed her pussy to be nice and clean for me. It must have been that there was no towel in the washroom. Feeling drunk and not giving a damn what I said, I asked her if she took it up the ass, and to my surprise she said that she did, but normally only with her boyfriend, but she wanted to make me happy that night, and if that was what I wanted there would be no problem.

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Back in the room, we both started to strip off , but I got my camera out again and she posed so willingly. Into the shower for both of us and a mad passionate night then began. This girl was the best I have ever had in The Gambia. It started with a BBBJ but not to completion, full sex doggy style, and then missionary style. I had had 50mg of Vitamin V, and a lot of beer so I was taking my time to come. This was good for me because I was enjoying so much my first night of sex for a while. She was like a rabbit and worked so hard for me and I eventually exploded in her sweet pussy. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I always wear a condom in The Gambia, although the girls don't always ask for it, but obviously it is too risky without. We both lay on the bed for a while and I was then ready to go to sleep, but she started to fondle me and "Percy" rose to the occasion again. I put on another condom and she guided my shaft toward her anus. Hard as I tried I couldn't penetrate, it was so tight. I used saliva on the end of my shaft and with my finger round her hole, but to no avail, so she told me to go to the bathroom and put some soap on my shaft. Not too much, she said, just wet the condom and put a little soap around it. I came back from the bathroom with a real "stiffy" and mounted her. "Let me feel some pain" she pleaded, and I forced "John Thomas" up that tight little hole. The sensation was immense. I could feel the tight ring of her entrance around the base of my shaft as I pumped in and out, and within what seemed to be only a matter of seconds she was moaning, and I was shooting another load into this African beauty, with the most intense feeling.

Time for sleep now, and we both drifted off into oblivion. I awoke at around 8 am and she was still asleep naked on the bed face down and naked apart from a bed sheet loosely around her. Her ass was not covered and her legs were apart offering me the most beautiful view of where I had been earlier that night. I didn't disturb her, but went for my camera and took a shot of that beautiful ass. She started to wake up shortly and normally it is my experience that these girls will usually start to get dressed as soon as they have been to the bathroom, but I caught her for another session, and to my surprise and pleasure she was also feeeling randy. She gave me "breakfast" in the most pleasurable way, and I then paid her for her services. The Gambian girls will always ask for more, and the more you give them the more they want. It is the way they have been brought up, but Adija was an exception. She accepted the 1500 dalasis with a smile and gave me a big kiss. Normally at this stage I let the girl out of my room very quietly so as not to be embarrassed if the other tourists in my package see her, and let her walk away on her own. However, I had had such a great time with Adija that I escorted her through the hotel grounds and to the reception hand in hand not caring what anyone might think about this older Englishman taking a prostitute for the night. I would have taken her into the breakfast room, so pleased was I with her, but she declined and we kissed goodbye at reception.

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I did see Adija the next night but my mood had changed, and although I took a couple of more photos of her, I decided that there were a lot more fish in the sea and went on to take three more girls during my holiday. I have to say though that none came anywhere near to giving me the same pleasure that Adija had given me. If anyone who is reading this post ever sees her, then I recommend her highly. Downside, and I almost forgot to tell you, I don't smoke, and Adija smoked like a chimney. I found cigarette butts and ash all over the floor of my room the next day, and the room smelled stale for a couple of days. But, hell, it was worth it!!! For anyone wishing to sample the delights of The Gambia, the following information may be useful. The main problem that you will find in The Gambia is the constant begging. It is at first disconcerting to the uninitiated, but a firm "NO" and the avoidance of eye contact will usually work. After the end of a week however, one can become so fed up with the constant badgering that it is easy to say "never again", but I have been holidaying there for 17 years, and there is something that keeps drawing me back. Bumsters. There are a lot of local lads who frequent the beach and the main tourist evening entertainment areas who know every scam in the book. It is a way of life for them and they think nothing of relieving the tourist of as much money as they can. If you can't avoid these very plausible young, and sometimes not so young men, then just be aware that they are liars through and through, and no matter how plausible they are, all they want is your money so that they can survive another week. It is hard to tell which are the bumsters and which are the genuine Gambians. Generally, a good rule of thumb is that The Gambia is a muslim country, and the good Gambians don't drink. If you are approached for money by a "drinking" Gambian, then he is almost certainly a "bumster".

Other than the bumsters, the majority of the Gambians are a lovely race of people, and if you can relax into their way and pace of life, then you will find it a most rewarding experience. Nightlife. Most of the nightlife for the tourist is catered for by the hotels who put on nightly African shows, however, more and more tourists are now venturing out of the hotels to find that African experience. For the mongers reading this epistle, there are many night clubs. I shall list a few here, and give you an idea of what to expect. SPY BAR. This is a well established night club next to the Senegambia Hotel. Two years ago this was THE place to go, but recently it has become quiet. It is a big building with a central dance floor and many dark corners both inside and round the perimiter of the building. It stands in large grounds. This used to be a favourite place for me and I am sorry that it has deteriorated. It seems that it is now used quite a lot for the girls to take men they have picked up in a bar, who has possibly escaped from his wife for half an hour, for a quick blow job in one of the darker corners. There is normally no entrance fee.

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WAAW. (means "Yes" in local language.) This is located in the main tourist bar and restaurant area near the Senegambia Hotel. It is on the first floor above one of the many bar/cafes. The action starts about 10 pm. There is an entrance fee although it varies on different nights of the week. I think from 50 dalasis to maybe 150 dalasis. This is the most active disco in the area and the music is good. The dance floor is only small and usually crowded. There is a balcony from which you can have a beer and watch the nightlife below on the street. Here you will find all the girls who are looking to unload the tourist of his well earned money. No need to look for a girl, you will be a target as soon as you walk in, but it's not oppressive. Action in here until the small hours.

WHEELS. (or AFRA WHEELS) Located on Kairaba Avenue near to the Kotu beach/ Fajara area and local for many of the hotels there including Bungalow Beach, Kombo, Fajara etc. An old favourite of mine where you can have a meal of Afra (local dish of pieces of chicken or beef with onions) in the adjacent restaurant, then go into the bar/dance area and watch or participate in the action. Usually the action starts around midnight, when the girls will start to arrive. This is very much a hardened prostitute pick up place, but the girls are quite stunning. I have to report that on my visit this time, it seems to have gone downhill somewhat, and there weren't too many girls there. Maybe I went on the wrong night. SEVEN SEVEN. Again on Kairaba Avenue on the opposite side to WHEELS. This seems to be the most up and coming venue now. There was another AFRA food place callaed AFRA FM, which was further away but has now moved onto these premises. Now this place has food, music, dancing and lots of girls. Action doesn't start here until very late though. Maybe 3 am, when it is at its most lively.

JOKO'S. Located in Serrekunda. Taxi required to get here and a guide is probably a good idea. I haven't been here for a few years when it first opened, and it was then frequented by a lot of the more wealthy Gambians and their wives. Nice place as it was then, I didn't think it was a real pick up shop, but I believe that it has changed now and the girls seem to speak very highly of it. I believe that this may be now the best place in The Gambia to go for a good night out and take your choice of the many girls who frequent it.
Hope this letter has been of use to anyone who likes black african women. If you go, enjoy!

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