Prostitution Report
from Georgia

If you are looking for a "get in do your business and out the door" type of provider, then don't waste your time with India. If you want the ultimate "girl friend" experience then India is a must see in Atlanta. This lady is a professional's professional. If you leave her and you can not honestly say you were treated like a king, then you are already dead!

India is built for comfort. No twigy super model body, (but her looks are). She is naturally 38 DDD but by no means is she fat. Think Maryln Monroe type of voluptous, or if you need a adult start reference for those who are not that old, think Vanessa Del Rio, you got India. But don't take my word for it. She has pictures on her web site that are accurate and you can judge for yourself. The site is at The site also has audio and video clips of her in her VIP section of her playing with some adult toys.Her sessions are not rushed and you will probably go over your time. Also she doesn't schedule clients on top of each other so as not to rush you. One thing to note is that she only sees a few a day so it is best to e-mail your appointment request IN ADVANCED. There is a very slim chance you will get a same day appointment and she does not work everyday of the week. No factory here.

Anyway, she will usually meet you in a sexy lingerie or a sexy little outfit showing all the right curves to get the imagination going. If you are still nervous she will make small talk over wine to get you at ease. Where some ladies give a customarry 5 minute massage, she has invested in a massage table, but it is far from therapeutic. It starts that way but it doesn't end there.I would recommend the 2 hour royal visit. After the massage, she has a hot jacuzzi bath waiting for you to relax you even further with the royal visit. After you are totally jello, is when she femanine charms really take over and trust me she is all woman and very accomodating. I wont go into much detail except to say if you have had "girl friend" service in the past, then your definition is about to get re-written for the better.

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