Prostitution Report
from Germany

This is the report of 3 days spent in Germany, with in mind only one goal : the visit of highly considered places devoted to erotic entertainment.For more precise practical informations (price, location, map…) I recommend to look at

Wednesday, January 31, 9 pm : Arrival at Cologne HBF with the Thalys train from Paris.

Thursday, February 1, In the morning I got my rental car and established my “base camp” in Portz-Wahn. In the afternoon, I drove to the north.

Happy Garden (between 4 pm and 6 pm) 4 pm is the good time, that is the club is already full of girls but not overcrowded with men. It’s not the first time I went here. I like this place for many reasons:
1 - very nice atmosphere with beautiful and cool girls
2 - you can drink beers
3 - I like to wear dressing gown
At the opposite side of the bar you can see the girls in daylight. Sometimes, it can be useful. It seems that I recognized Mandy a girl described in other report as a very thin (too much for me) “come hither/ fuck me look” and a waif-like look. My girl was Jessica, a blonde Polish girl with perfect average size chest, fine face and body, maybe 18-20 yr old, very sweet skin. Good BBBJ and good sex. Recommended. After sauna and buffet I left at 6 pm for Wildenrath.

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Wildenrath (8 pm - 9 pm)
Easy to locate in the night because of the purple light, which indicates, that vice is concentrated here. 12-14 cars on the parking. First time for me. Some pleasant smiling women, others tired and disenchanted. Went to buffet at second floor escorted with two girls. I think it was the glue sisters already described in German forum; one is topless and the other has an acneic face. In their eyes you can read “let’s take the money and run”. Back to first floor and seat down on sofa. To my right, a girl is sucking a happy custumer, in front of me a young and delicious brunette with long black hair (Tatjana ?) make eyes at me. I regret her very much, but Michelle a slim, tall turkish girl, very professional and enthusiastic caught me in her trap. It’s not my type of girl but the BBBJ on sofa was very convincing (a lot of virtuosity with her tongue). Good job without surprise. I refused to pay her before action. She said me that she accept anal and french total.
In fact a nice atmosphere in this club, but I would say too a crepuscular one.

Friday 2
Today, toward the south ! Atlantis (5 pm - 7 pm) - first time

A real paradise for men. Water, trees, beautiful nude women, everything breathes the voluptuousness. This huge building seems to shelter the German biosphere project. In term of decoration and spatial volume it’s total opposite to St augustine club. Some girls come to you in a gentle way without any agressivity. But today I’m not looking for a smiling and sympathetic girl, I want to have sex with the queen of Atlantis, with the most sensual siren of the pool, a girl fully aware of her sex-appeal who look at you as if you were a insignificant little fish. And I found her. A tall, light brown hair gorgeous woman with a pony tail, perfect bottom and who just have to wait men coming to her. As I look only for action I don’t know her name. Very nice BBBJ on sofa and for me quick orgasm in the official missionary style, in one of the 2 rooms near the bubble bath. I paid her 100 DM. After, relaxation in the biosauna and the jacuzzy. A nice german/swiss woman told me that they plan to build a new swimming pool outside for summer. 7 pm: I left the club. Because of the snow, it has taken me 3 hours to return to Cologne. I had planned to visit Schieferhof and St Augustin, but it was too late and I was tired.

Saturday 3
Babylon (5 pm - 8 pm)All the girls, without any exception, are very beautiful. Always a nice and peaceful atmosphere. 2 old Turkish men seem to be here only for snoozing. 5 asiatics are playing with the girls as they were in an amusement park. The only drawback, it’s the lack of turnover; last year I came four times and these are always the same women (Aaah this fine girl with delicate face who looks like a swan when she walks).
First girl: Jenny, tall, red hair, perfect body, a face of American doll. Very hot and very wet; the best number during my trip. I have still the taste of her mieze in my mouth. Second girl: Marina, small, beautiful breast, with one tattoo on scapula; very good too. She has licked my balls with great talent.
Kisses and good service seems to be the norm for all the girls.

Sunday 4
In the morning, waiting for my train in the Cologne’s cathedral. Purification of the soul after 3 days within the devil’s jurisdiction….

Best interior decoration : Atlantis
Best girls : in Babylon
Best action : Jenny

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