Prostitution Report
from Hawaii

Hawaii- Jan 10 01

I was in Waikiki for 3 days. The action on the street was fun, but not as great as five years ago. I would say that the action has improved since 2 years ago.Some history.. Five years ago, you could walk the main street( kalakauwa) and you would see 15 to 20 girls,, most in the 7 to 9 range. If you were a tourist, there was Never any trouble by the police. Most of the girls were not local but a mix of black and CaucasianTwo years ago, there must have been a major crackdown.. During that visit, I would see Only 3 to 6 girls and most were very average. In jan of 01, I visited and saw 8 to 15 girls, and with ranges of 7 to 9 though. Most were better than the 98 visit but still not quite as good as 1995..

I walked about 11pm, and there were a few girls ( about 5) on the main street- kalakauwa. They must walk else they get a ticket, So they walk kalakauwa, circle block and also walk kuhio and then back to kalakauwa. Selection was poor on Thursday at 11pm so went to a bar and walked again at 1am.. Much better,, At 11, there were lots of tourists and many stores open.. I talked to a few girls,, After midnight, stores close and majority of tourist are back to their rooms,, The street are not empty but seems the girls come out after midnight and work until 5 am. I saw a nice looking part black and while, very fair complexion with big, big boobs. I talked to her for a few minutes and we agreed on $100 for blowjob. She had a room, and we walked there.

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Asked for money upfront.. I hate that as you never know the service but that is western style. Then she had me take off My clothes and she took off her clothes.. As I saw, 36DD and firm waist, Must have been 27. She put a rubber on me and went to work, Strong lips and the feeling was fine.\ She was doing it fast and I like it medium > Told her to slow down and she changed pace, I was stroking her firm boobs( fake but great to feel those big ones) and then when I was ready, she use her lips in fast motion and bang,, She did not stop at release but kept blowing which I like,, Lot s of girls will stop at release but stroking for another minuets add lots of heaven to feelings

After, she put her clothes on and we went then started to talk, She told me I was a nice guy and spent more time than normal,,More important, she told me I was lucky.. I asked her why and she said that the cops were busting tourist, I thought is was a ‘line’ so I would go back to her but she gave me lots of details and doubt she could make up all the story, We went down to the street, walked and she pointed out the cop decoys.. Will not say how, but did check and she was right. She also pointed out the o.k girls, Some of the cops decoys were very good looking and also dressed like the working girls,, Cop girls were also aggressive.

The next night, I was out again, but wanted to try something different,, I saw the same girl, she asked me .. I replied’ want a blonde tonight’ She did not pressure me and spent 10 minutes with me to point out the o.k. girls,, There was nice blond with a low but dress and big boobs, but not as big as my other girls,, Anyway, we agreed on $100 for the same And it was o.k. but not as good as the first night.

If you plan to visit Honolulu, it is better than a few years ago. Be very careful and spend time to watch the girls, Seems the decoy are out more often and will go after the tourist.

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