Prostitution Report
from Hong Kong

As a newbie to this site and to the HK scene I thought I'd post my experiences at the Happy Sauna yesterday. The place is on Temple street in the Jordan district on Kowloon side. You can't miss it about half way down Temple on the left as you go north. They have a huge neon sign and a very obvious and well lit entrance.

I'd read the other posts on the HK sauna scene so I was somewhat prepared. The greeter at the top of the stairs spoke good english and explained the basic pricing ($580 for 75 minutes) I asked about extending it to 90 minutes but they said they only did 75, who knows? Everyone from the receptionist to the guy managing the locker room to the host in the lounge were very friendly and you felt at ease right away. The place was clean and in good condition, this wasn't a dive.

The receptionist passes you to the guy in the locker room who gives you a locker and a key, he then passes you through to the guy that manages the showers then once your done there he takes you through to the lounge area. The host (Male) asked if I wanted a drink but alcohol did not appear to be on the menu. He then asked for my preference in the type of girl. He spoke good english and I made sure to stress that young and pretty was what was required. After about five minutes he took me upstairs to one of the rooms where I sat for another 5 minutes waiting for the girls to arrive.

KK (Number 91) was from Shanghai. She had little or no english but we managed to get by. She had a good sense of humor and and great attitude, always smiling which makes a big difference. She obviously realized she had a newbie on her hands (Pun intended) and took pity on me :-) She wasn't the prettiest girl I've come across in HK but she was no dog either, good tone, nice tight but and a beautiful pair of tits.

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The massage, which she provided enthusiastically was worth the money. Very nice deep tisssue with good attention to detail and strong hands. Lots of nice ass work and teasing touches on the scrotum as she worked me over. It was so relaxing I felt like I might drift off, but I didn't. About 40 minutes into the 75 the bell went off which was clearly the half time signal and the point at which the speacials are discussed. At this point her lack of english and my lack of experience collided. She tried to explain all the options with hand and mounth gestures and the associated prices. However she could not understand that I was aksing if these charges were on top of the HK$580 I had already been quoted. Lots of laughing and a couple of trip out of the room by her resolved the issue. the prices included the HK$580. So the menu was: Basic massage and HJ included for HK$580, Massage and BJ for HK$860 and full body massage with her in the nude HK$1080. I opted for the BJ.

The lights went out and she covered the window of the room with towel and then took everything off except her panties. I was able to relieve her of those pretty quickly. She did the icy hot routine with a glass of hot water containing menthol or something similar. This had the desired effect and she enthusisatically went to work delivering a great BBBJ. She had me stand up and knelt down in front of me to perform. I wanted to take full advantage of my time so I laid back down and had her slow down which she was happy to do. As she was performing I had free and full access to a nice tight and seemingly wet pussy and a delicious pair of tits. She did the obligatory moaning which I'm not that big a fan of. She wasn't going to get me off in her mouth so she reverted to baby oil and a very effective HJ while I continued to get a good feel. After I'd done the business she cleaned me up with hot towels and then covered me up and let me relax while she tidied up. I still had about 15 minutes left. I did not feel rushed and with about ten minutes left she proceeded to give me a great facial and scalp massage to complete the experience. She helped me dress and then lead me back downstairs to the showers. I could have stayed and taken advantage of the hot tub. It looked like the had premiere leagues soccer playing on a projection screen TV above the tub. I had other things to do so I departed, paying the receptionist the agreed amount on the way out. For a first time experience in HK it was a real treat and I would definitely go back on my next visit.

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