Prostitution Report
from Hungary

Two weeks ago I was in Budapest on Business. Unlike Prague, where I live, Buudapest has always given me the feeling that there are nothing but rip-offs and shake-downs. Until now I had avoided pursuing my hobbies while there on business, but finally my curiousity got the better of me. I opted to look at the low end of the trade to minimize my financial losses, and besides, slumming can be fun sometimes. I had three experiences that I can give details about.

On Tuesday night I was walking down the Ferenc Jozsef Korut near my hotel and saw several peep shows near the crossing with Ulloi Ut. Feeling adventurous, I stepped into the first one, which is actually attached (stairs down to the cellar-separate entrance) to the Ti Amo night club, but much more seedy looking than the upscale club. I went down the stairs and there were two bored-looking guys watching football on TV behind the counter of a normal-looking adult bookstore. A peep cost HUF 100 ($.40) per 20 seconds in the booths along the wall. I saw three girls do a very quick box-step/flash-the-tits routine while holding up cards with number on them. Back outside I asked the guys how it works. They charged me 500 ($2) for 20 minutes in the booth in back, and I was to offer the girl 2000-5000 ($8-$20) for "attention". The box was the size of a voting booth and had a window into the other half of it with a 1x1 foot window cut in the plexiglass. I chose #3, she came by and said for 2000 I could get a handjob and 5000 for a blowjob. The whole thing was pretty tacky, though I have to say I was fairly amused. My guess is the Hungarian laws are somewhat specific and this is the loophole, since each of the places I visited were pretty much the same. Anyway, I gave her 5000, stood on a box, and stuck my johnson through the whole where I got a surprisingly nice blowjob.

The next night, I tried two other places and found more or less the same thing. The first one had one girl, a serious beast working that night, and the other had three, and Niki was amazing. I gave the guy out front 1000 for 30 minutes in the room, and I gave her 6500. She spent 15 minutes writhing and wriggling, which is about as sexy as you can get in a 3x5 box. We also chatted and joked while she was "dancing." She spoke excellent English and German and was physically very cute (blonde, 5'6" 120, glasses, girl-nextstore-ish). When I asked her for a mobile number, she said very quickly that she only worked there. My guess is that she had a decent day job and since she didn't give full service she felt better about the whole arrangement. Anyway, it's too bad because I would have been happy to take her out for real… She gave really good head and even went the extra two minutes after the lights went off until I finished. Not bad for "vending machine sex".

The next week I tried one of the phone numbers someone else gave in an earlier post. It was the one on Lonyay Ut. that the guy said was 6000 for an hour. I called and set up an appointment for 30 minutes later. Up a dark stairway in a scary-looking, crumbing building and into the hallway where I met Lilla (30ish, tall, blond, big breasts, slightly flabby) and Hajnal (17ish, short, brown hair, almost no curves, and giggling). I chose Lilla since I prefer to avoid the juniors. To make a long story short, she charged me 1000 for the hour, plus 1 or 2 thousand for everything you could imagine. We negotiated up and down (I'm not particularly skilled at that I admit) and in the end I paid 14,000 ($56) for 1 hour, bare blowjob, mutual oral and kissing. The sex wasn't bad, and after I came, she gave me a nice (if half-hearted) shoulder and back massage. When I felt up to round two though, she said, "Oh no, one hour, one sex!" I told her that everywhere else I had been one hour meant twice, and after some more negotiation, she agreed to use her hands. Basically a let-down, a hassle, and a chore. Not overly recommended.

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