Prostitution Report
from Israel

CLUB 38: I visited Club 38 on January 12th, 2001 about 9:00 P.M.. It is located where Ben- Yehuda meets Allenby and within easy walking distance of the tourist hotels and hostels. It can also be reached by bus #4 or sherut #4. The big sign of a scantily clothed gal referred to by others is no longer outside but it does have a large Club 38 sign over the doorway and is quite easy to find. Perhaps significant, is the fact that Club 38 is located in a very busy foot traffic area and thus I would expect it to be quite safe either day or night.

You enter through a hallway with a draped door at the far end and sometimes on the entry end as well. Passing through the draped doorway[s] you find several sofas with the ladies sitting on the sides away from the entry door and the gents on the other. The girls ranged from one who was extremely pretty and small busted to two who were very well endowed and not bad looking. If you're into big tits - they would have amply filled a "C" or maybe even a "D" cup if they had been wearing one. There were four girls on the sofas and one or two others occupied or wandering around in the back [all were quite young].. Price was 170 sheckles [$42.50] for 30 minutes during which you could hump, pump, and grind as long as your pecker was able. You could also enjoy a well performed blow job or two. The girl I chose called herself Nataly and was very cute. She looked much like Nataly on the www. site except that this girl had smaller tits - probably "AA's." I soon verified that she had a firm and trim body; a very small waist; and a really nice, tight, clean shaven, pussy with no signs of sores or redness. She was Russian [as I believe all of the girls were] and had a minimal, almost non-existent, knowledge of English.

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Nataly was wearing a body-clinging dress which with her sleek figure and walk would be enough to give any young, virile guy a hard on and pre-cum just looking at her. Unfortunately, I am neither young nor virile, and having had prostate cancer I am no longer able to perform -- at all. Nataly, however, was determined to arouse me orally. Since I have had both the surgery and some years later the radiation therapy her chance of success was zero. The lack of my penis's response to her sucking clearly bothered her and she wanted to know why it wouldn't stand up. She had no idea of what "Cancer" meant and I had no idea of how to say it in Russian. She went through three condoms and just couldn't understand why her sucking, ball licking [even I thought that might get it up] didn't get any response. My pecker couldn't have been sucked more efficiently with a vacuum cleaner. There were a few moments when I thought I might walk out of there without it. While she was willing to kiss on the lips and at one point scissor-clamped my fingers in her pussy, I think that she felt that her real mission was to get my pecker rigid and then to use it in the fashion and for the purposes it was intended. I may well have been her first ever failure. While I would have been quite content just playing with her and would have liked to have spent more time French kissing, fingering and tonguing she kept going back and working the still flaccid penis with her mouth. She seemed quite frustrated when the knock came on the door to indicate that our 30 minutes were up.

I probably should mention that the room we were in had one of those small -can't turn around in it - showers- which we both used but only one at a time; a bed; and rather poor [dim] lighting. As I was leaving Nataly offered me a cup of coffee or soda out in the sofa room. There, I spoke with another young girl who spoke very good English [the exception]. I would have gone back with her also, except that she had a few pimple size sores around her mouth which bothered me. Maybe they were just pimples [these girls were young] -- maybe they were not.

MY RETURN VISIT TO CLUB 38: A week later, I stopped by Club 38 about 3:00 P.M. and found conditions about as mentioned above, except, that the afternoon shift didn't have a looker among them and they all of the girls appeared to be a bit used. I decided against any action and left. I did take a picture of the entrance which is attached. I then decided to check out Club 101.

AFTERNOON VISIT TO CLUB 101: This Club is located at 36 Yitzhak Sadeh [or on some maps Yizhag Sadeh] . This street isn't labeled on my tourbook map but it is easy to get to on bus #11 which runs along Dizengoff street. You want to head south/east. I boarded around Gorden St which is just a short walk from where I was staying. You get off just before crossing the Ayalon freeway, The club is one block west of the freeway. While there is a bus stop in front of the club you can easily miss the stop if you don't realize it is coming up. The walk back from the other side of the freeway isn't bad; however, it didn't seem like the kind of an area I would want to be walking or standing around in [waiting for a return bus] at night. The day that I was there I waited over 30 minutes for the #11 bus to take me back into town. You can also take the #9 bus to get to and from the club [also stops right in front] but I don't know it's route.

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Club 101 is located one floor down from street-level at the bottom of a narrow outside stairway. It is a dingy, drab industrial area. At the bottom of the stairway you find a freshly painted white metal gate opening to an inner glass door both with buzzer locks. Inside there is a bright and cheery room with overstuffed sofa-chairs and sofas and again the gents are sitting on one side and the sellers of sexual favors [6 when I was there] opposite. As on my visit to Club 38 earlier that afternoon, I didn't find even one of the females present to be one I would want to go to bed with. They were maybe 5's-6's on a scale of 10. Nothing that would have turned me on even if my equipment did function properly. But than, I am choosy. I try to limit myself to those women who are young, pretty of face; have a nice complexion, are trim of body and preferably nicely endowed [none of which, by the way - from their perspective - am I; but than, I am the one who is paying!].. After a quick once-over of the girls, I talked to the man in charge and he indicated a price of 200 shekels [$50].for ½ hour.

Maybe the quality improves in the evening. -- maybe not. While I was there one of the seated men went in back with the only older woman [mid-thirties maybe]. She would have been my last choice. The girls there that afternoon all looked like your stereotype hookers with too much makeup, slouched in their seats and constantly dabbing makeup on their faces. Completely turned me off. I decided to leave and save my $50 for other goodies. I waited a little over 30 minutes for bus #11 back to Dizengoff and Gordon; although, I was told that there was a slowdown that afternoon by the transit workers. Photo of Club 101 from the bus stop is attached.

COMMENTS ABOUT THESE TWO CLUBS: 1. On the positive side they do deliver exactly what they promise [Unlike some of the London and other European places.] . Thirty minutes of enthusiastic sex for $50 or less. Straight sex and oral with a condom is the norm -- as many times as you can make it [according to other writers] . There were no attempts to extract additional funds or to stick you with expensive drinks and the girl in my case [Nataly] was both good and committed to doing her job. 2. In the afternoon your chances of finding a good looking, shapely girl are low. The afternoon staff seems to be there primarily to provide one or more ports for the insertion and thrust of a man's penis and not to appeal to his esthetic senses. I'm sure, however - from other's comments - that most of those girls do screw well and with enthusiasm.. 3. Also on the plus side, both clubs are easy to get to by public transportation from the central tourist area. Both are adequately marked outside. I looked at a couple of other establishments, but, I could not determine from the outside if they were still in business. Maybe it's my upbringing but I didn't feel comfortable ringing the doorbell and asking if they had any young women there willing to screw or who would be willing to let me stick a tounge or finger in their pussy for money. 3. On the negative side - these two clubs are obviously high volume establishments with a mixed clientele of working class Arabs, Orthodox Jew's, UN Troops [mostly Indian] and the usual businessmen, tourists, military on leave, dirty old men [like me] and kids with a hard-on and some cash. At either place [and I'm sure at others] for $50 or less you can certainly find a cure for your horniness and make as many deposits of sperm into a condom lined pussy/mouth as you are capable of in a 30 minute period. Other writers have indicated that some of the women will suck bareback and give and/or receive Greek, If that's the case, it certainly increases the risk of them having and you leaving with a lot more than you bargained for.

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