Prostitution Report
from Latvia

I'm soooooo disappointed. After my trip to Riga last year, I was so looking forward to returning to beautiful little city of Riga and reliving my romps.

I was in travel mode for the first time in a while and planned for 3 nights in Riga, 3 in Tallinn, a quick jaunt to Helsinki and back to St. Petersburg. Last year, at about this time I spent 4 unbelievable nights in Riga and have told everybody I know that they should go there. That was then, this is now.First, a few caveats. When I travel the Former Soviet Union, I'm not really looking for hookers. I know they are out there, but landing regular girls is much more fun and entertaining for me. I just love playing the happy go lucky foreigner in town for the first time asking every pretty girl for directions or what the best place to go to is.Well, my first and foremost mistake was to schedule Riga for Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights. Thursday wasn't horrible, but Sunday through Wednesday, you might as light candles and pray in the center of the town for how active the nightlife scene is. It was flat out empty everywhere I went the first two night.

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So my first night, after trying some clubs to find them dead, I return to my hotel and pull out my free copy of "This Week in Riga" which is available at most clubs and restaurants and go to the escort section in back and call up a number. They quote me the equivalent of $55 for an hour. I'm not in much mood to negotiate and have never had too good of luck negotiating with agencies. My plan was to hopefully get a good girl, and then get her telephone number and do her independently a few times during the days while there for less than half that and leaving my nights free for good girl chasing. They tell me they will be there in 30 minutes with 3 or 4 girls to choose from. OK, things are looking up. About 30 minutes later, I get a phone call. "you want a girl, yes?" Well, I called didn't I, are you downstairs yet?. "yes 20 Lats ($30), 15 minutes" Wait, who is this? "this is the club" click....

Well, that's confusing. How many times have the prices dropped from the original call to the time they get there? But who is to argue? So 15 minutes later, the Security Guard from my hotel shows up at my door with three girls. What a fucking bastard. Basically, when these other girls got there, he chased them away, and called his own contact. There standing in front of me are 3 tired albeit decent looking girls. All three were doable, and I choose the one best fitting my desires. She's wearing the Eastern European stylish low cut hip hugging jeans, high heeled boots, and a sweater, exposing a pretty tight stomach. she's sporting a decent face with her hair up. I'd rate her a 7. I'm actually a little excited at this point and spring $60 for two hours. Well, we get in the room, and basically I have the absolutely deadest fuck .... since exactly one fucking year ago, when a fucking security guard from the same fucking hotel arranged for a similarly fucking tired girl to come to me for the same fucking $30. (And the time I did an escort I found myself, I had one of the most amazing times of my life) God it was terrible. I for one, can never understand how some guys regularly do girls that do 3+ guys a night.

So much for my plan. OK, a bad night, but still 2 more days in Riga.The next night I head to the Citi Opera Club which I recall as being really lively on the weekends. It wasn't horrible for a Wednesday I guess. They were having karaoke night, lucky me (sarcasm)and there were probably 30 or 40 people at the bar including a few reasonably cute girls without dates. I spent a few hours working up my beer courage, and in that time all of the girls I was interested in were scooped up, or at least occupied with other guys. I had made acquaintances with a couple of jovial Latvian guys in the meantime. This one girl who was talking with some guy, but had noticed me eyeing her earlier, came up and talked to me, and was flirting big time. She left for her table, but returned. The club was closing up, and the Latvian guys wanted to go to another club with me. They ditched their dates for me (go figure). So this girl is trying to talk to me outside the club, and I suggest that we are going elsewhere, and that she should join us, when one of the fucking Latvian guys chases her away saying something I didn't understand. He then turns to me and says... "She was a bad girl, she only wanted money for sex from you" arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!So I'm off to some club with two Latvian guys who are basically trying to use the foreigner to help themselves meet girls. At this very quiet club, I make the mistake of commenting that this Latvian beer I've been drinking is pretty strong. They both start laughing and tell me that they will teach me about real Latvian beer. The rest of the night and the next day were a blur. Another wasted night!

But the worst is yet to come.

So it's day three. At least Thursday night should be somewhat active at the clubs, right? I go to Club Nautica and even though I get there around midnight, I still beat the crowd. It's pretty dead, but it's not bad. There are definately some good looking girls there. I talk with one, and buy her and her sister a drink. Things seem OK, but she's just a little too shy for my tastes. I sense phone number, which doesn't do me any good on my last night, so I move on. But then I lose my spirt so to speak. It's really frustrating to see all these beautiful girls and to be out of the mood for the chase. I'm still nursing a hangover from the night before.

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So I'm almost out of Old Town, and see a couple girls walking by. I am literally just thinking to myself "God, that's exactly what I need, one of those" when one breaks her direction and heads to me. She says in English "You need a pretty girl tonight?" Halleluyah, my luck finally changed. admittedly, it wasn't my primary goal, but a rather hot maybe 19 year old girl offering herself to me, sans agency is about as close as I as going to come to Nirvana in my current hazed mindset. So we do a real quick negotiation. She wants 25 Lats, I counter 20 ($30) and were off. We take a 2 minute taxi to my hotel because it's a bit cold and get to the room.She sits on the bed, and says "money first." Uh oh. Not that I really mind, but my experiences say this is a bad sign. I also notice that she just looks really tired. She jumps in the shower and comes out in a towel and gets into bed. I shower and come out a minute later to find her asleep.I get into bed next to her, and she just sort of snuggles up to me, but is dead as a door nail. She's a zombie. I figure... what the heck... just let her sleep, and we'll play in the morning. Now the problem is that she's not a small girl. She probably went 5'10", maybe more and while she wasn't fat by any means, she was kind of thick, especially by Eastern European standards. So she's cuddling up with me and keeps putting her hand on my dick frustrating the hell out of me. At one point, I kind of push her head down, and she just started sucking me, when she falls asleep literally with head inches from my cock. God!

So I've got a girl too big for my bed who is snoring up a storm, and then her frigging mobile phone is going crazy. It just never stopped ringing. All this is added to the fact that I slept most of the day thanks to my Latvian beer education, and I'm just lying there looking at the ceiling.So about 9:00, she just pops up, as if an alarm clock in her head went off. I had probably slept a total of 30 minutes the entire night, so I'm thinking... OK, let's go. Let's get this thing going. The first thing she says... "maybe you help me. I need 20 Lats" Huh? I already paid you 20 Lats, and got nothing for it. Why would I pay you more?OK, this is getting too long. Basically, she refused sex of any kind unless I paid her more money. She puts her clothes on. Now she needs the key to leave the room, and I'm not letting her out. So we have a standoff. I'm demanding my 20 Lats back, searching her, etc. This goes on for over an hour.

What would you do? OK, I know you bad asses are going to say something like I should have beat the fuck out of her. That's easy to say when you are sitting at your computer reading somebody elses account, but generally speaking, bloodying a native girl in a foreign country while staying in your hotel because she didn't live up to her end of a sex for money deal isn't really such a good thing if you're hoping to leave that country that same day. So basically, I know I'm out $30 but decide to make it as uncomfortable for her as possible, and make her stand by the door. I search her a few more times, but for the life of me can't figure out where she put the friggin money.

Smartly, she started making a lot of noise. I'm not sure it was smart for her, as I doubt she was in any better a situation than I was with any authorities, but she sensed I probably had more to lose. So after about 2 hours of conflict, I let her go. Frustrated! Angry! Sexless! Poorer! Embarrassed!

I couldn't wait to get to the bus stop for my trip to Tallinn. At least my HELL in Riga was over.

In fairness, I would gladly return to Riga on a weekend. It really was wonderful last year, Old Town is wonderful, the girls are beautiful, and the English Speaking isn't bad for an Eastern European country.

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