Prostitution Report
from Louisiana

Dam, New Orleans is suppose to be a party/convention center, but you can’t even fly here direct except for Houston. Several exits from the ugly freeway system lead to the ugly structure called the dome. My hotel is one of the top dogs around there. Food must be good in NO, the steak from room service is as good as any steak house. After dinner and a beer, it was very lonely sitting by the window overlooking the river and the surrounding lights. I drove to the French quarter following my vibe rather than the map. I got there alright, but not before almost driving pass the ferry landing into the river.

Walked around Bourbon street. Too much tourist. There were one or two gentlemen’s club but I doubt if anything heavy happen in there. Strangely, there were some religious gathering outside one of them, some sort of protest. But that’s nothing compared with Amsterdam. A full Salvation Army in meticulous uniform singing right at the canal bridge, complete with big polished instruments. Both sides of the narrow canal are lined up with old wharves converted into whorehouses. Each wharf has at least two stories, and plenty of huge glass windows. At night, each window are brightly lit in various colors, you can see clearly the girls by the window as well as the setting of her whole room. I still remember a strip-on-dom in her full leather uniform on the 2nd floor watching motionlessly as the army sang. Very surreal. But that is only the tourist area. The best girls are in the narrow streets not far away. Of course I checked WSA before the trip. I saw no street action and didn’t venture into the quiet areas. So I went to Thai Spa, it was still there. But it was too close to another hotel. I might meet some Johns there that I might be introduced the next day. Anyway, why would I want to come here for an Asian massage? I returned to the hotel and opened the good old phone book. There wasn’t much info in WSA and I left home in a hurry so I picked up even less.

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The ads in phone books in every US city looks similar. I tried to look for something different and found the phrase ‘locally operated’. I hoped that was supposed to be good and called. A young voice answered. I said I was looking for a young blonde. She laughed and said ‘That is me’. I did ask her more details, like her measurements. But normally I don’t listen to those figures, they can say whatever they like, I use the question to give myself time to think about something else. Alright, it was $300, and she would arrive shortly, possibly from across the French quarter.

L arrived. I looked through the door and I was so surprised that I opened the door in no time and rushed her in. The hotel has roughly 20 floors, and in each floor there are two rows of rooms about 20 each. There is a vast space between the two rows of rooms all through the building. So I can see 400 doors outside my own room, and perhaps I can hear what is happening at the door of 800 rooms. I can’t afford to let anybody see this girl outside my door. Especially anybody that I may came across the next day. She is young and blonde all right, but she looked like a balloon. Worse, she was wearing something donated. I wondered how she got into the hotel. She knew what I was thinking but she walked towards the phone book on the desk. She showed me another big agency ad with her big picture as the star, but she was much thinner then.

She was very nervous since she saw the reaction on my face at the door. I would like to get rid of her but I couldn’t afford a scene there and then. When I said she was not what I was looking for, she looked like a scared little girl, like she will be thrown out to the streets again if she fail this time. I said I would like to check her out before discussing a more reasonable price. She started taking off her donated clothes, at the same time begging me that her fee can’t go any lower. There is the agency, the driver, and she don’t have much after all the cuts. That I agree. And I think some agency charges the girls despite the deals are off. The choice is to give her some tips, sent her away and risk a scene, and it’s a bit late once she undressed. The other option is to pay the full price and do some charity and try to enjoy myself. She still looks cute in a way. I guessed she ballooned after some drastic events in her life not long ago, and tried hard to get back where she was. She said something like she was struggling for a place to live. I couldn’t stand a cute little girl begging on me, so I let her stay. At least I was sure there wouldn’t be any rip-offs and stings.

I found a picture that got some flavors of her, but may I stress that this is not L: Cute, isn’t it? I am sure L can be as cute as this girl, and I want to remember her like this, but I thought she was living quite rough at the time. Anyway, I just had a large New York strip, and this piece of meat can be fun for desert. I took her into the shower and asked her to wash away her makeup. There had been sad look on her face since I tried to get rid of her, now I was telling her again that she wasn’t good enough. She dutifully wiped her makeup away under the shower, and saw that I was satisfied. She didn’t have much makeup on but cheap ones may contain more poison. I actually cuddled her, a lot. I held her very tight, felt her full body, one side and then the other. I grabbed and squeezed her meaty body all over with my hands, really hard.

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(Now my hands are itchy again, looking at the picture. I am also hungry for another big New York. Actually I would have called this girl if I were in NO now.) Normally, I would ask the girls ‘Are you OK?’. I am not afraid that they will feel too painful, but that’s my way to assure them I am not a weirdo and I won’t go any much further. But I didn’t bother with this girl. I knew she wouldn’t mind. She was also quite helpful, like she was afraid to do something wrong about what I asked her to. I didn’t risk anything remotely dangerous though – not sure what she did before that and before that.

While I was holding her tight and cuddling her in the shower, I made her feel my full erection between her meaty legs – approaching from the front and then from the back. My mouth wasn’t far from her ears always. Something came to me and I said in a deep emotional voice ‘You like men!?’. My brain wasn’t working properly anyway, not enough blood there. I probably meant something like: now that you are feeling maleness all over you, you do enjoy it? Or: I see that you are enjoying it very much, (a whore is not supposed to disagree), so you must like men. She didn’t response, her eyes had been closed because of the water. She looked sleepy, subdued, or on something, or she just took the chance to rest while I was enjoying myself. Otherwise she did what I told her. I got a kick out of that. I used body language to insist for an answer, pressing my tummy harder against her’s. She reluctantly uttered ‘em’, which I took to be yes, let me off. I went on to say, my brain probably wasn’t involved, ‘How many men did you have today?’. It seemed like my deep voice traveled into her ears via her cheek rather than the air.

And I felt so good, more erected between her legs. I didn’t mean to insult her. I was excited by what men did to her that day before, and how many of them. Normally I would go for more classy girls and hope for a girl friend experience, at least part of the time. And I wouldn’t want to know where she had been. This girl looked cheap and must have a lot of men one after the other, if she was lucky. At least that was my fantasy. Looking back, what a good starting point. She could have told me, like a school girl to her teacher, all the despicable things men did to her that day, made up or otherwise. She could have joked about it, telling me something fun about her work. She could have taken it like an insult, and asked me not to do it again, or begged me not to do it again. She just stood there like a sad little girl and didn’t response, or didn’t know how to. I got enough kick out of that and we went on to the bed.

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I treated her not much differently form the New York strip that I had earlier. After she satisfied all my meaty desires, she soon found herself in the position as shown in the picture. That was the only logical position to go that I think you all agree. I gave her a good spank and them climbed onto her. She was quite sturdy on her fours and had no problem taking all my body weight while I was doing some maneuvers on her back. I finally penetrated her in the same position, did some hard work, and came, good one. Good enough that I asked her whether I could do her again much cheaper. She said yes if I hooked up with her through her driver instead of the agency. I got her number. She left but couldn’t help noticing the remains of my New York steak on the table. Poor girl. She was hungry, either she didn’t have enough money, or she tried hard to diet to get back to shape.

The first night in NO I checked out the sights before I saw L around 11 pm. The following night, I didn’t have anything to do. I took a huge portion of ribs in my room. The bread was excellent, just as last night. The ribs were of course up to standard. I was alone and couldn’t help thinking of what I would do to that little cute girl L the next time I saw her. Sure you guessed what happened. I resisted until 9 pm and found myself calling her driver. I didn’t want to risk anything worst, I knew what I was getting for L. I would love to recuperate at least for another day before seeing her. But then that’s what escorts are for, keeping you company when you need it.

She turned up, in the same clothes that never failed to put me off a bit. I hoped this time everybody was either out or in his or her bed and nobody saw L coming into my room. She noticed my unfinished ribs in a sad way and I knew she was hungry. She even asked me ‘You love food, ah!?’. If I remembered, I would have waited for her and eat together. I did more of the same thing in the shower except that I didn’t ask her any questions. Perhaps I should but I only remembered what I said long after I came home. After the shower.

I sat on the chair, opening my legs. I asked her to come over, kneel down and instructed her to do some tongue work on wherever I pointed. She obliged but asked for some tips. I agreed. Good girl, I am satisfied. We went on to the bed and I did more of the same yesterday. And I enjoyed everything as much as last night. Maybe the ribs, I sensed that I might have some mileage left. I asked her to cleanup and come back out to heat me up again. She refused! She said I need to pay the same for the 2nd shot as for the first. She said she would miss a lot of calls and a lot of money if she stayed the time for me to complete another round. I was quite disappointed. Not that I had some great urge, but that’s not the way to repay a charitable guy. I let her go. But she said she could spend more time with me like after midnight. That was tempting but the next and last night I hooked up with a pretty woman, married, had dinner together, a few drinks afterwards until the bars all closed, and even escorted her back into her hotel room. I was tired when I got back to my room at the small hours. I slept well without calling L, which would have been the same girl three nights in a row. She wasn’t that good.

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