Prostitution Report
from Macau

Yep, Macau is great for sex. I was there last April from Hong Kong. I had a package deal through a travel agency in HK. Two nights in the Holiday Inn incl. breakfast and lunch and a return trip with the Turbojet cost me around HK$1500. These are the places I investigated:

Holiday Inn: Mo Mo nightclub/karaoke on the 4th floor. Not to busy at the time. Low rate entry fee is HK$ 344 (same in Macau Patacas) incl. one drink between 3 and 10 PM. From 10 PM the rate is HK$ 688 incl. 2 drinks. You can take a girl up to your room until midnight for HK$1000. Choice is great. The girl I had was 20, slim, tight ass beautiful tits (a handfull, I like that) and long black hair. We started off in the shower, she washing me. We then played on the bed, slowly and a long time. She indicated that she wanted to fuck me, her on top. Wow...she was good at that. She felt my climax coming and slowed down in time, letting her cunt relax the grip on my dick. When I topped her after that, I came the after 3-4 strokes in her hot, tight pussy. Yeah, guys, no stud-like endurance here! We watched TV and after some time she treated me to the famous hot-cold oral treatment. First she took a mouthful of iced water and sucked my soft dick. Than she spitted it out and took warm water in her mouth and sucked me again. And so forth... This is really special! I had a terrible hardon in moments. She then sucked my balls and jerked me 'till I came. Unfortunately, hours had sped by and she left me after I payed her. I slept like a baby untill late next morning.......

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Fortune Hotel: It's a 5 min walk from the Holiday Inn, behind the Lisboa Hotel. Here they have a massage parlor. I think it's the 6th floor. Rates are HK$398 for a Shanghai full body massage (no hanky-panky), HK$598 for same with a hand job and HK$989 for same incl. "lovemaking". Duration is about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. It is the usual thing: you enter the premises, state your requirement and are led to a locker room where you undress, get a shorts and kimono and a key to your locker. You then sit down in the general area, get a drink and an optional pedicure/footmassage or ear cleaning. I had opted for the massage incl. handjob. A Chinese guy sitting next to me had apparently opted for the full treatment, because some eight girls were showed to him. Wow....Chinese, Thai and Caucasian (Russian), all very tempting flesh. I was considering to change my requirement when I was called for my treatment. You enter the showering and bathing area, get a new towel when you've cleaned yourself and proceed to one of the (small) massage rooms. Here the massage girl greets you and gets to business. I love a good (sports-) massage that relieves every muscle. She was very good at it and she took her time not leaving a muscle unattended. When I turned on my back, she did a good job of massaging my upper legs all the way up to my crotch, every now and than stroking my balls and dick. I was getting a hardon from here to Tokyo. She then jerked me off with lots off oil and very slow movements. I came moaning. After finishing off with a back massage, I cleaned up in the shower, dressed and went out. Payment is done at the exit at the cashier.

Other addresses (but not tried yet)that were adviced by the (discreet) personell of the Holiday Inn: - Hotel Presidente on Avenida de Amizade, facing the ocean front. Nightclub, karaoke and massage. - Kingsway Hotel, same street nearer the ferry terminal. Massage, no further info. - New World Hotel, near Holiday Inn. Massage, no further info.I saw two massage parlors on Avenida de Praia Grande, one called Great Boss (I think) and the other one just "Boss". And of course there is the Hotel Lisboa and Darling's Thai massage. I didn't try these ones yet, but I'm going to try Darling's for sure next time!

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