Prostitution Report
from Massachusetts

Victoria works for an incall massage service called Miraj located just outside Boston. I hesitate to call it a parlor because its the second floor of a two family house with minimal renovation for the service, basically an old apartment. $60 for 45 minutes, $70 for 1 hour when I was there but different rates are given at different times when calling. Girl is assigned on the first visit, thereafter you can request by name. I was told on the phone three girls were available but saw only two on my visit.

Its a flaky operation when calling---you get put off and on hold, told to wait, "call back in ten minutes", rushed, "I cant answer that"...signs of the massage girls handling the phones on the run. You have to call to confirm your appointment 30 minutes before arriving. They advertise in the adult and massage sections of the Boston Phoenix, the primary source for this kind of service.They also advertise a clothed Reiki healing service from time to time I have not tried.

I opted for the lowest $60 option since it was my first time, which is good since 45 minutes was if anything too long. Victoria is large, perhaps 5 9", and heavy, solid, or muscular, depending on your taste, and one would be hard pressed to call her attractive. She did have a pleasant, conversational personality, and at least showed some verbal interest in the customer. Very dark, mix of Italian and Egyptian she said. Massage was minimal quality, lots of sticky cream, concentrating on the back. Topless hand job was all that was available "the first time"...implication was more was available on return visits. I did not push for a nude session as I didnt want to see the rest. Both h.j. and massage were less that satisfying. in fact in many ways irritating. Tip was $50 despite attempts to negotiate.

Victoria was pleasant enough but businesslike and did the minimum to get the job done throughout, to the point I was increasingly annoyed. More talking than touching. Its a depressing reflection on the Boston area that this service has been advertising for at least two years and is still in business.This experience supports those hobbyists who say if the massage is poor the rest will be also. The combination of a mediocre massage, neither sensual nor therapeutic, and rudimentary h.j., all for $110, was a waste of time and money.

There was an attractive short blond with a lot of personality I saw on the way out named Amanda. If I went back I'd try her but I'd rather take my chances elsewhere. Miraj on Boylston St., Chestnut Hill/Brookline, Call for street number. Busy main street. Located on second floor, ring doorbell and wait to be buzzed in. 617-232-2710.

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