Prostitution Report
from Mexico

Went to Tijuana in September 2000. First went over to Adelita. It was too noisy for my age, so I decided to go to the Chicago Club. Girls started
coming in at around 9:00 PM. 90% were dogs, 5% were marginal, 5% were average or slightly above. The place is kept hot so that you buy more drinks. The staff is very rude and low class. You can see their hatred of the Gringo in their eyes. They make you sit at a table and constantly push you to buy more drinks. I said hi to one girl who was standing at the bar and she quickly moved the subject to business. We negotiated for $70 and went to the upstairs motel. Paid the $10 room fee and got started with her. Her service was barely marginal and she kept pushing me to finish it up soon. She was in a hurry to go back downstairs for more business. This one was a disappointment.

Later on my eyes caught a blond girl who was more gorgeous than the Playboy models and had a body that was beyond perfection. She clearly didn't belong in the filthy Tijuana. I talked to her and negotiated for $70. Went upstairs again, paid the room charge and went into the room. She asked for the money first and then turned off all the lights before undressing. I didn't want to do it in total darkness so I asked her to at least turn on the bathroom light and leave that door slightly open. She refused! She was determined to have the room in total darkness. I got suspicious that she may have a disease (later I realized I was right). I asked her to give me my money back, and she promptly returned my money!

Had to fight with the hotel guy for 15 minutes to get my money back (then he told me to "get out of here"). Went back downstairs but they wouldn't let me re-enter Chicago Club unless I bought a beer for $2 at the door. They had put a carton of beer at the entrance and would not let me go back in!!! This is after I was in the club for 2 3 hours and had spent over $40 on drinks. There was also a cop there (who was obviously on their payroll) and wanted my $2. I determined that I wasn?t going to pay this extortion. I argued with them (politely) for 20 minutes until they got tired and let me go back in. I saw the girl inside again. The girls in Chicago club take turn stripping. When her turn came up stripping, I went close to her and looked at her legs carefully and saw that she indeed had a disease. It looked like wort. I thanked God and Jesus and Allah and Moses for saving me! This was a close call. I was totally turned off after that. I will NEVER ever go to Tijuana again. Guys, Tijuana is a filthy, slizzy, slimy, ugly, corrupt anddangerous city. Do yourself a favor and don?t go there. It really isn?t that much cheaper than the U.S. once you add all the costs: girl, hotel, drinks, transportation, and the subsequent medical expenses.

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