Prostitution Report
from Morocco

Those are my experiences and personal opinions about travelling in Marocco. Everybody has its own travelling style. Not everything may concern to you. But I hope it is worth for you reading.

Travelling in Maroc is quite diffrent from travelling in North America or Central Europe. Nearly nothing is sure 100 %. To trust people is roulette. Don't be naive. Sometimes 50 % of your efforts bring nothing. Try again. Have enough time. Don't loose patience. Never accept a service without knowing the exact price before!!! Persons you get to know while asking someone for a building may be better than the ones, who will begin to speak to you on the streets from themselves. If you need a guide and he is around the hotel, show him to (if you can arrange that) to someone of the hotel, but ask them after what do they mean. Or, notice the id-card-no° of the guide and leave it in your hotelroom. Last advice of course not for low-budget young traveller. They have their own travelling style. One of the main reasons to have a guide during town visits is to prevent others from asking you to become your guide. If you alone, there will not be one minute wwithout somebody will help you, selling something, ... Security: It is not so dangerous as Brasil (bigger towns). The police is well organized. Normally you don't have to fear for your life. Murdering tourists is very rare. But at night you should know where to be and not. Have local guy with you who will free you from many stress.

They are enough women (anti-twiggy, black hair, big tits) hot and willing to be fucked. The problem is to find them, to find a place for fucking and not all are ready to fuck with a foreigner. Men of Maroc pay 3-10 $ for simplier local pros, you probably more. Prostit. is illegal, normally no problem, but don't let the police watch what you are doing. If they catch you while doing, excuse, "I didn't knew it's forbidden", and don't hesitate to pay them a little bit, - after a while.

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Part one____________________________________________________

I am from central europe (don't worry about my mistakes in english), and new in wsa. Travelled a lot in Maroc, I guided touristic groups going to mauretania, so unfortunately didn't had to much time for girls.

But made some experiences. Tried to get a woman in Tanger. I speak a little bit french, but even with that, forget it if you are alone. Too many guys are coming, wanting to help you (want girls?), but only try to cheat you. You can be lucky with a contact like this, but in bigger towns, too risky! They will not kill you, but ... forget usually. I had the luck fo make friendship to a morocain from Asilah, a small town may be 30 miles south of tanger, visited his family, I could trust him. You can try it on your own in Maroc, it is a lot of stress! This land is neither Brazil nor Thailand. I gave this man 10 $ a day, really worth. He warned me when a situation became difficult, he told me what to try and what to let. He could ask local people discreetly for informations in the right way. He knew how the police was engaged. And of course he showed me a lot of things, I would never had discovered by myself. I think forget travelling in Maroc around without local guidance. Ok. Can you spent 3000 $ in 4 days, forget all this. If you going to Casablanca and you know where to go to pick up those 100$-girls, you also can stay alone. The problem is to get a good guide. May someone trade you well 2 days and is the 3rd day away with your money.

With my good guide and burning nuts we were looking for girls in Tanger. We made a visit in the brothel near the harbour. I thought, Tanger is international town and the pros have lost their shyness against foreigners. Shit. When we were at the entrance, I waited outside and my friend went in to negotiate. Shouts were coming out. No, never with a foreigner, send him to hell May diffrent in other cities, but what do we want? Stress or fun? So don't think going to a brothel in Maroc will be guarantee to have a fuck.

Then were running around in the center of Tanger. Of course there are woman at night outside. Mostly not so nice. He tried to talk to some of them. What shall I say, you see them and you ask yourself, is it reallly worth, where to find a place, your hotel will make problems, if she would be a 10 ok, but ... We went to several cafes. Ya, there were woman. It was difficult to get contact. There is always a wall between foreigners and local woman. Local man were speaking with them or making jokes. But if you try as a foreigner, all will look in your direction. For this of course I sent my friend to help. He caught attention too, but so it was better. Result: nothing. But the chance was not zero.

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It could be that one of the "harbour"-guys, who you really shoudn't trust, were more sucessful because beeing from Tanger.

Later he took me to place, were there is a Berber show every night, the house called "Sahara-Palace" or so (show very advisable), about 4 houses downwards, there was a bar. 70 % marocain women, rest were men. A hotel next door (may be 10$, no water!). And a policeman on the road, my friend had to tip him a little bit. He also helped me to negotiate. He said to me,don't tell the woman (I wanted) that you are tourist, say to her you work here and will come back. The woman was "housewife" type, not too slim, but nice, attractive (7?) with cup C. Some of the girls there were really very good looking. They are available, but don't wait too long. What made me crazy there, the went in and out or disappeared, especially the good ones, seemed to be busy, not so easy to catch them. May be I was too shy to contact them directly. Ok., I got my housewife (20$), told her a lot of shit about my work in Tanger to keep her motivated. Only wanted to suck (without), when I would do the same to her. Was a plus, means the was enjoying sex. She asked me after 20 minutes of fucking when I intend to come. I like those questions. Finally, it was a nice event.

In the home town of my friend, Asilah, we tried also to find woman. I think in small towns everything is more difficult. The woman want, but fear the public and the police. Again, it's for local men. He made contact to a married wife, she was promised to come to am dark park, she didn't appear. I had a camper this time what is really a good idea. No problems with hotels. May be if you have a car and look during daytime for a quiet place outside the town and away rom the road without any permanent police control. Or a small hotel exists were you can stay for 1, 2 hours. Before searching for woman, you have to know where to go with her.

So let my say that you better forget smaller towns unless you have much time and patience, but it could be worth. Its more personal.

Again, he told me (as far as I remember it was Kenitra) there should be a better brothel. So, every place ist different and some of the lessons you learn here are useless in other places.

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Always try to be friendly. Have patience. Maroc is for sure not Thailand! 10 $ more and then it works. Learn before some french (if not, don't go there) May be don't spend too long the first time. Then come back second time based upon your experiences. Maroc is not so much for onetimers. Develop friendship and make experience. In Maroc you find less young, small thai-teenies, but ripe, blackhaired whiter or darker woman, often with very heavy hangers. No question you find very hot ones, beautiful slim thai-teenis too, but more in big town discos and bars.

First go to places, were you have easier success. Agadir is good, because it is not so big. Every town is different. If possible, go to Maroc March (a little bit cold), April or late Sept, Oct, beginning Nov. In summertime it is very hot, better then to have aircon in room and car. And in summer there a lot of tourists there, for me too much.

It's my intention with my impressions to help for better decisions. Again, for the stressless guaranteed fuck don't come to Maroc. You have to work a little bit to become happy here.

My suggestion: It would be very advisable if someone can name trustful guides fom there. Guys, you can reach by telefon and know some english. This would help a lot.

Part two____________________________________________________________

I was travelling a lot before on my own. And how I did it before, 6 month Europe-Kenia by VW-Bus, there was much time to discover everything on my own without much guidance.

But I laernt to use guides, because it's my advantage too. The problem: You have to learn to get good guides too. To ask them some questions. When they promise you the haven and say yes to everything, forget. Ok, for showing a street within 5 minutes, you can take a ten-year child too. If you want a "guide" longer, he should have personallity, his own opinion and ability too see the things distinguished. So I would better speak of a partner than of a guide. He explains you why this or that didn't work. Opens you the sight of everything from a local view.

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I don't want to make the things complicated, and (may be I am wrong) guys from the states prefer simple, easy solutions. But Maroc is not a country for easy solutions. Step one, if failed step 1 b, ... If you have one experienced Maroc-traveller in your group who know all places very well, you may think, oh, Maroc is great and so easy.

Clear, I don't speak of only travelling around. I speak of getting a woman the 1st nite, and the second ...

And I speak from travelling (more or less) alone and that you have a normal psychological constitution. That means if you don't have success within the first time, you may get a little bit disappointed, depressed. (Those sides of our travelling reality I never found in these forums, mostly everybody has two sluts in bed the first and every following nite, who not can only be a looser whom nobody can help)

To return to the topic, to have a guide or not, I have to declare I don't have the only and great idea which solves this problem. (Again once more. For stressless easy success go to Copacabana or Bankok)

When someone only has 14 days and comes to Maroc without experience and want some sexy adventure too, he has to be prepared very well. I don't speak of those "show-offs", sometimes arriving in groups, visiting 5 discos and 3 clubs the first night, paying easily 40 $ to pass hotel reception and so on. It can be true, but you have to check if you really can copy them!!!

We all know that reality you can be more or less lucky. It's easy to give good advise here in a forum. But when you a really there, first evening in the hotel f.e. in Rabat, what are doing? You read your wsa infos, "try sahara-disco, hot chicks". You ask someone from the hotel, "you know this disco?" "No". Hmmm. You make signs with your hand and try some french? "Jeune fille... je peux ... entrer?" He don't or won't understand. What now? You go out, no taxi to be seen. Shit. Then you remember, first I have to get permisson to bring one in. You try again and the hotelman tells you, you have to wait till the gereant monsieur Ibrahim will come back in one hour. You wait 1 hour, you wait 2 hours. He is still not there. "Please call me a taxi!" You want to do it from your own. Taxi arrives. "Please to sahara-disco!" Seems he hears the name the first time in his life. I mean also when you have a list of brothels, discos and clubs, may be very small things will spoil your plans.

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It can happen too, that you already made friendship during flight of a local guy, who invites you to look together for women first night.

So in the result my opinion is: If You don't like stress but comfort, if you are more older than younger, if you are travelling alone, if you don't have too much money to throw away and only few days to stay there, but want a girl every day, forget Maroc. Or, come and visit Maroc as a plain tourist and don't make yourself too much stress, try slowly and be content what you will get. It is unforgettable beautiful in many parts, but no sexparadies for beginners.

What leMarocain said is not too bad. Learn some easy words in arabic. Especially if you don't speak french. Counting is simple wahad, soush, taleta, arba, hamsa,... 5 bread = hamsa hobbs, sun = shams thank you =shucran no = la welcome = marhaba and some things more like "I want..." "I like..." to build sentences. Very important is the pronounciation (if possible without english accent). It will bring you unbelievable sympathy, to be able to speak a litte bit arabic! Also to give them the opportunity, to feel superior in one topic. And, please never let them feel, that you mean your culture is higher developped.

And, don't let me finish with an advice, but with a fact. The tits of Maroc women are often big and heavy, juicy melons. Thanks to allah, that I got twice the chance to free them from their bra. Shucran, shucran, shucran!!

Part 3_____________________________________________________ Satyr told in the board, that he let a local guy organizing a whore party. Great fuckfest, great idea. If you can do something like that or for similar cases, try to pay nothing in advance!!

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