Prostitution Report
from Netherlands

A few nights later, after work had gotten a lot less stressful, I decided it was time to venture back into the RLD for some more action. I took off from work a little early one day, changed and showered at the hotel, and I was off again.

I made the rounds as I had done a few days earlier. It was early evening and there were not a lot of customers in the RLD. The selection of women was ample, but none of them really got me excited. The black woman from the last trick was nowhere, but some of the less impressive girls I saw last time were there, just in different locations (different rooms on different streets). I guess no one really has a steady working location in the RLD.After an hour of window shopping, I decided no one working was going to do it for me. After a few really nice Belgium beers and some great Thai food – I headed back to the hotel to check my e-mail.While in my room, I happened to need the yellow pages to look up an office phone number. I happened to flit to the escort section of the book – there were a hell of a lot of ads. These looked promising.After a closer inspection, I found that many of these ads are really just the same agency (many of them had the same phone numbers and web site addresses). One really grabbed my attention: it was for a messuage service with a really beautiful Asian woman in the ad. She was perfect – so I called right away. I am a sucker for good advertising.

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A woman answered the phone. I was really nervous. I first asked her about the rates: 375NLG for one hour, which was all inclusive with 25NLG going towards the woman’s taxi ride to your hotel.

“Are there any Asian women available?”

“No, sorry sir. Maybe you could describe the type of woman you are looking for.”

I gave her the run down: long hair, curves, medium to large breasts – I hate thin, Kate Moss bodies and I love Kate Winslet-like ones. She got the idea.

“Let me call you back with some options – in about 20 minutes.”

I gave my name, hotel name, and room number. She left to ring up the women on call that night. I was really excited – I figured at this price I should be really satisfied.She called back with three possibilities that all sounded fine to me. I asked her who was there best girl – the one with the most call backs. Her name was Mandy and she was now booked for an hour with me tonight. Wonderful.I had dinner and drinks with some mates from work. They wanted to go out to the RLD for some sex shows after dinner – but I said I was tired and wanted to stay in for the night.I went back to my room, showered, and got ready for my date with Mandy. My pulse was pounding as 11PM got closer and closer. Mandy was right on time.Man, oh man . . . she was stunning. She was a tall, Dutch girl with long hair, and a good build. She was also dressed really well – sophisticated with a wonderful smile on her face. She was head and shoulders above anyone in the RLD. Maybe I’m really going to get what I pay for this time.We talked for a few minutes after I got us a drink. She had a great accent and was really fun to talk with – she could tell I was nervous, but she also overwhelmed me – she was beautiful and I was shaking with anticipation.

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We made the transaction and she went to the bathroom to change. I asked her to put on the fluffy white bathrobe that came with the room – she agreed. She called the agency to say all was well.When she came out in the robe I nearly fell off the bed – she was site to behold. I brought her over to the bed and unwrapped the rode like I was opening a birthday present. Her body was tan, a little too slim for me, breasts were B cup – but had character, and her pussy was not shaved – just trimmed well and not too short. Just the way I like it.She rubbed my back for a while, I turned over after ten minutes, she rubbed my crotch in a very erotic way until I was ready for the condom. One it went – with her mouth. I then got one of the best blow jobs of my life. She was a real professional – humming, just the right pressure, etc. She was amazing.

After about ten more minutes – I came really hard. It was so wonderful.We were in bed talking as I got ready for more, but then I was told there was no more. Once I came, the deal was over – she would stay and chat for the rest of the time, but no more sex. Damn, I didn’t know about these terms and conditions. An hour really isn’t an hour – she is a business woman.We talked and I touched her a little and continued to gaze at her body. She told me she would give me a deal on a three-hour package. That was a lot of money. I hesitated and I could see she was not happy that her trick was only a one-hour deal. I finally gave in and purchased one more hour at 325NLG.

It was worth every penny.

She cleaned me up, gave me a body-to-body that was so sensual – and then gave me another blow job. She even licked my balls – it was perfection. After 15 minutes of this, I told her I wanted her on top.We had sex in many positions. It was all good – her eyes were closed a lot of the time, but she still was a professional. There was a lot of moaning, a few small screams, and an all around great session.She finally said that the time was almost up and I would have to come soon. I asked her to get on top again and she rode me until I came like a mother fucker – I couldn’t walk after it was over.She called the agency again and said all was well and that she was leaving. She asked if she could have some candy from the mini-bar. Sure, what the fuck did I care.

I walked her out of the room, took the robe she wore, and slept with it in the bed – it still smelled like her and I had some nice dreams that night. I felt like a million dollars the next day. I know I am just another John to her – but I will never forget the experience. I was not ever going back to the RLD again for sex. Having a woman in the hotel was ten times the experience.

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