Prostitution Report
from Nevada

1st nite called agency from 1 of those ads in the free books they hand out on the strip. the pictures of the girls were not the same as the girls that showed up at my hotel. 2 girls wanted $1700 for 1 hr talked them down to $700 1 hr or $20 for taxi. up to them. they took $700 1 hr for us 2 guys. Pretty decent looking and a fun time for me and my roomie. they really were nice girls.just wanted to get that out of the way, cuz everyones always asking.

STREETGIRLS 1st you can go to freemont street where you'll find hookers and maybe trouble too. we rented a car and drove down there around 8pm. freemont is a right, off the strip. as soon as we turn right we knew we were there. blue lites and cops bustin a drug dealer, some occasssional hookers and mostly low lifes. went down 2 more blocks guess what, same thing. This is crack heaven and all the girls are crack whores, no i'm not speculating, i know(there are towns around me just like freemont st.) i would expect the action on freemont st. to increase significantly after 1 am. No i didnt choose anything or even consider it. this was research only. personally i would stay away but i'm a people watcher. dont know prices either.

there is however on the main strip between barbary coast and the venetian where i found a very lean and mean 5'8'' 130lb all muscle and absolutely skinny w/the best tits and ass in the industry black chick. not big just perfectly shaped athletic princess. if i were to bring in the experts i dont think they could locate more than 8 oz. fat on her whole body, her ass was nothing but lean muscle mass. PLEASE GUYS mark those words. she was $300 a throw, but would definitely try to strike at $200.

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she blew me w/condom then missionary w/her friggin her clit most enthusiatically til she shot her clam juice out at me. no kiddin she soaked my sheets. i then turned her over so i could feel her incredibly tight ass(this girl could definitely be a buns of steel model, u know that exercise tape). i then finished up coming in her doggy and her making funny girl sounds. she then took care of my roomy in a fashion that pleased him. sounds all good? yea pretty much. but she wouldnt leave, she liked us and our nice room and wanted to go to sleep. we threw her out at 9am. 2 nites later, i find her again w/her korean friend (quite cute, short, big tits and the usual flat ass) strike a deal $800 for both girls/ couple of hours/ couple o fucks a piece. What happens you ask? They both turn shy (yea right, they turn scam)the black chick wants the covers over us while we're playin and its like 80 degrees in the room, i'm sweating but shes cold and keeps being a pain and adj. the a/c warmer. then she keeps asking me if i'll not go w/other hookers while im in town. like shes my girlfriend or something. i ignore the stupid manner in which she attempts to manipulate me. then she only gets on top(no other position allowed). but again sex is good, nothing like the 1st nite, but anyways. meanwhile my bud is getting the same treatment from the korean in the next bed. afterwoods we swithched as per agreement and the korean is w/me.

she wants to sleep as if thats part of the deal. i bug the shit out of her til i get my way (at least i thought). she blows me which she enjoys ironically, then mounts me on top and will not accept any other position. well i cant get off this way specially on round 2. both these girls have this move where they let you in bout 2 inches and tighten the rest up. like they win if they dont let you all the way in. i ask her 783 times to lay on her back and she says no. my friend realized i was at the end of the frustration curve when he told her she better just do it. guess what she did, she layed down loosened up and took it in the professional manner in which she was supposed too. moral of story when the girl is alone you will get better service. when shes w/her friends she will try to shave value off the deal you made. anyway they can. they got this all figured out argument wise, so its not worth debating.

the black girl is Toni and the korean is Mia. if you meet them b'tween barbary coast and venetian at 1 to 5 am only take one girl for $200 and you will maximize your equation. listen to me, i have nothing to gain exept your satisfation. one word of caution. do not fuck w/these girls. this black chick is tough and could fuck up the average man very quickly. we got along great(1st nite), the black chick mounted me as i lay on my back on the bed (playing only) w/legs strattled across my chest and ass on my stomach. she kiddingly showed us her speed strength and boxing skills, in which we were both amazed. she mock punched me in the face, about 20 punches in 10 seconds, very impressive and potentially dangerous. this women is an incredible athlete and reminicent of the venus sisters in size and structure, sugar ray in skills.

believe me i'm a kung fu student of 17 yrs and have studied many martial arts techniques and martial artists live and on video for years. it was eery/scary whatever to see her skills and find out its from defending herself from her older brother beating her up as a kid. also saw 2 other almost as nice black chicks in that same spot but only observered.

oh yea 1 other thing girls in casino bars that are alone and look normal not like hookers, they are hookers. they will not approach you, you must approach them. they will not make eye contact. they want alot of money, possible to get away w/$300 a throw if you have a room upstairs although they may ask for $500. yes the bartenders know they're hookers and your a john don't worry they dont care. some laugh joke and take tips from the girls all nite long. its the way vegas works. the eye in the sky has got you picked out too. you are under complete surveillance yet no one realy cares as long your not a cop.

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