Prostitution Report
from New York

As posted before, Queens Blvd is jumping between 69th Street and the string of hotels on the Nickles side of the street. Between 11pm and 7am there is a massive selection of girls working. Since I live around the corner, I usually have the girls come back to my house unless they already have a room. Rates vary, anywhere between .45 and .$ for full service. Not one girl is over the age of 21. Also, for the most part the girls look damn good and are very friendly. I have never had a bad experience in the past 4 months except for tonight. I had a girl come back to the house, with .$ being the agreed upon price for complete. She had red hair, and was a mix of Puerto Rican and Hatian. When she got back to the house, she refused to take her shirt off, and wanted to charge me another .50 for oral.....which is a practice more confined to Brooklyn tracks. She caught a really bad attitude and I decided I just wanted to cut my losses. I asked for.50 back out of the .$ and she refused...

telling me her pimp wouldn't allow it. We argued back and forth before I ended up 'securing' my money back. I ended up dropping her off and landing a latin girl for .80 complete for my friend and I. All and all, for the ease of the location near my place, this area is a definate steal. Plus, most of the girls are very friendly when they get back to my house, and end up chatting about other hot spots, times, and even indoor places. Def. worth a drive by....just avoid the girl with the red hair!

So I finished with F Stop and went thru L.I.C and saw nothing, so I decided to check out this area. Went down they and saw nothing so back to L.I.C., which was dead exdept for one girl. I decided to call it a night and take QB home for one last look. Well first I saw a white girl come around the corner, 5ft tall, age 20, she claimed. Wanted $50 for a CBJ.

Then I saw a black girl, age 20 that was 5ft 4 and would do a CBJ for $40. I asked her a few questions, her name is Obsession. Well she was a fountain of information. Fisrt there are 5-6 in her crew, I saw 4 including her. They get there at 1am most nights and there are no more then 10 girls around at any time. She said usually 3-4. Hotel action was $100. She called the white chick "Dirty white *****" cause she smelled and had no tits. She looks nasty naked. I asked what $30 got and she said handjob. Its 2am so I went home.

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