Prostitution Report
from New Zealand

I found myself purely tired, yet unrelaxed for some reason... must have been the flight food, or the attendants clad in stocky uniforms, whatever the reason, the whole ordeal left me drained and in some need for TLC (meta-language: my sexual appetite had hit the roof)

The cab driver had recommended a few places where I could get to meet some ladies, or if the thrill of the chase didn't take my appeal, then a few brothels. My ears pricked forward...It sounded as if he knew what the heck he was talking about and I took his word for it. Since I had an acquiring taste he kept harping on about some place named after a some bird, it didn't take my fancy at first, but after describing a few of the birds I had to know....first phone call: I hung up out of shyness. I had been to brothels before, but under an oath of alcohol and a persuasive buddy leading me astray. (following phone calls) bitchy old woman answered abruptly, obviously pissed about the previous calls resulting in a dead line.I told her my situation, she cut the conversation short (with a few abrupt puns)-------- upon entering the ""pelican club"" apparently inundated with punters, some not above personal hygiene standards (:first put off).

The girl at the door seemed very friendly, well presented... and very tall, she looked south American, a sure fire fuck me! I tried to contain myself discreetly, my member wouldn't.Several girls flowed through, some friendly, some not. some gorgeous, some questionable, overall the standard was high. my eyes fell short on some brit with the biggest tits and fuck me smile.I asked the brit girl if she wanted a bit, she smiled warmly and walked off with some guy tripping over his tongue behind her. fuck!lots of girls were unavailable, the ones left, looked like they wouldn't even give it to brad pitt if he asked. or some ther guy would beat me to the cash fault. oh well.two hour room wait I heard called from the hallway. I knew I wasn't going anywhere so settled for a can of beer or two... or three...

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amongst ritual of meditation my eyes landed on some drunk cocky prick. I couldn't understand the size of his ego for an un-amazing person. I listened to him for two hours harp on about fucking, what he likes and how they like it, I noticed a few detesting stares from girls passing. what an arrogant cock! turns out I was lucky to keep my thoughts to myself, as he owned the joint!!!!! (note to readers: he appears unstable)later some more girls arrived in, smiling widely. (I cant resist a smile)my eyes rested upon some more fine ladies and I made a hasty decision based on girls availability.

some time later (1-1 1/2 time?) we had our room. she must have been around 19-20 or had good makeup skills whatever the case, she was a good looking broad with impeccable taste in underclothes. I wasted NO TIME whatsoever in removing them from her, her smile made my penis hit her erectly in the back. she chuckled. the room was untastefully decorated with mirrors- everywhere. sexy girl told me they were bought from a sub-standard chain store, I had to laugh as she said it in all seriousness while removing my two day old underwear (well if you count the time difference between our countries!)

girl had gorgeous dark hair down her back, I pulled on it fiercely when she started heading south, she didn't budge, I half expected her to keep kissing... she did... my cock was so erect, filling, about to burst with blood... (I should have wanked earlier-- a loaded gun is no good to anyone)her mouth perched over my penis and he looked back eagerly, slipping my boy into her mouth she sucked ravenously, I thought all my Christmas had come at once... a condomless blowjob!!! I started ramming my bit into her mouth and she responded, then it slipped fraudulently to reveal a condom on the tip... it must have already been in her mouth before she started. I should have sucked that pretty little mouth dry first.I pulled the wench on top of my cock and we started fucking aimlessly. she was wrenching around, I think, in pleasure. she was very audible!!!

I stood up holding her in my clasp and walked her over to the door. her hands instinctively grabbed onto the hooks and I burst my rammer in her tight pussy while we thumped against the door. the look of discomfort intrigued me as she was enjoying herself as well. when my back tired out she bent me across the coffee table and sat on my already throbbing cock, he couldn't get enough of her! this little girl was a rocket, I bet she started fucking right out of diapers, whatever the case... she knew what she was doing to me. she felt my piece start to throb the impending course and removed her wet cunt to the edge of its head and circulated her hips, he twitched some more, my head to her lips.... god just repeating those very words in my head nearly got me off... next she did the entirely unexpected and ripped the condom off--exposing the ol boy ... he lost the plot and came over her size a titties. she seemed delighted with her work (so was I)and rolled her chest all over mine. I dipped my fingers in my seed for her taste approval, she twisted my hand back into my mouth and drew pictures with the remaining cum. what a lil ball-buster.

I wanted my cock to harden again so I could do her up the ass, but combination of the flight, work stress and alcohol took the next blow out of me... pity really, her ass was real tight, in between fingering it.for the rest of the hour she rambled on about some other girls, when I suggested that we both get fucking some more, she seemed delighted and would arrange it if I liked. I might tomorrow I said. she said she would be there.

rating 7 1/2 out of 10---- points lost on room wait and that fucking idiot who thought he was something special.

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