Prostitution Report
from Ohio

I had the occasion to spend a few days in Cleveland last week for the first time in three years. I stayed at a new Residence Inn located downtown at East 4th and Prospect.

I cruised the area around the adult bookstores out on Brookpark for old times sake and found the area deserted. Some of the bookstores have been closed and bulldozed since I last visited. The steady stream of streetwalkers in the area is a thing of the past according to a few of the people I talked to at one of the local titty bars in that area.Not to be denied, I cruised the near west side with good success however. The streets of interest currently are; West 25th from Detroit, south to Denison. Clark from West 25th west to West 73rd. West 73rd from Clark south to Denison. Denison from West 73rd west to Lorain. Lorain from west 25th west to 117th. Detroit from West 25th west to 117th. Madison from west 58th west to 117th.

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Lorain from about West 30th to Denison is the most consistent but activity is very evident on all of the streets referenced with some notable hot spots.i picked up a 30 year old blonde named Susan with a nice rack and just a little on the heavy side at Lorain and West 81st on Tuesday night at about 9:00 pm. I offered $50 for half and half in my hotel room and she countered with $60 which I accepted. She was clean, decent and pleasant so I did not want to temper her attitude with a prolonged negotiation. She provided very good service with BBBJ followed by mish and then doggy with a blow job to finish me off. She has a motel room in Fairview Park where she also takes "guests" who do not have a room of their own.

On Wednesday night I picked up an older (about 40??) gal with shoulder length, naturally curly light brown hair at Lorain and West 92nd. She was thin with very nice tits, heavy odor of smoke and overall decent looking. Went back to my hotel for half and half for $50. I also popped for a pack of cigarettes on the way back to the hotel and she acted like I was quite the gentleman. She stayed for a beer after our workout and I ultimately gave her an additional $40 for a great bbbj with a handjob finish before I took her to her home.

Both girls helped me identify the streets that I listed above as busy strolls. I understand that the cops are brutal during school transit times (ie around 7:30 to 8:30 am and 1:30 to 3:30 pm) but not too bad otherwise if you are not flagrant or a total ass.

I am going to rural Wisconsin this week....could be rough!!!

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