Prostitution Report
from Pennsylvania

Well ...I don't really know where to start..Here goes...This is where my expertise come in !I'm an Expat of the Philly/Jersey scene.I've been mongering for the last 13 yrs. here.latley the past year or so I've been on the DL.Le Marocain What's up !I'm gonna tell yall what is goin wrong why bad experiences are happening.First off you will only find bullshit if you stick to main roads ie, Broad ,Vine ,Synder, need to get in the residential areas.Neighbor hoods are just like any elsewhere,the difference is not to worry if you stick out you don't live there people know that.we used to stand out on a corner in the baddest places holding conversation.

There are some "normal" girls that will talk to you.Some wait till all their friends are gone and they're alone with ever ride down a street and see a hoe just sitting ?Well she aint got nothing to do you follow me?I just get out the car and strike up conversation.I may ask her to come somewhere with me.Always,#2 Check there disposition while you talk .I lead the conversation to maybe "you get high?"They may say yea that's where I get them.If they don't get high then "let's get some drink and get busy"Just be nice.When you approach ,I always look around to see who's just hangin there like maybe a pimp, aware of your surrondings.My cousin was talkin to this hoe for an hour one time ,just treating her as a usaual girl.I step up say things related to gettin high,bam! she gets up and goes with us in less than 5 min.!Don't bullshit say what you got and take it or leave it There are more "regular" girls,That look ok that get high in some form or fashion.Fuck clubbing and dinner ,these girls are city girls fast to lose intrerest.This bings me to rule # 3,Always go with backup!

Somebody you can trust however the situation goes.If your a white guy don't look scared just let it flow naturally show some interest.I always look like the college Type.There is poverty here like in Cuba,Dr,wherever the only difference is how you respond to the situaion Hispanic women here are harder to get.I pulled from north and west philly Cecil B. moore,New kennsington ave.Lehigh from 13th to 2nd ave.Alleghany,52nd all streets in that area brown skinned ,light skinned ,white,hispanic,Green eyed ,hazel,blue,,etc.Treat the like human being regardless of their problems,and thay can't wait to go with you again,even hook up more friends.If I got to pay ;no more than 20$maybe 30$ for spanish girl.I let them talk what they want then I give them my proposal all ,without ever saying money up front!rule # 4!!Women tend to won't more in Jersey than Philly ,be firm don't give in to stories,and be confident you got your roadie with you..

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