Prostitution Report
from Peru

I was in Lima last January and early March. It gets a bad rap for overcast weather, but both times I was there the weather was great, and there was no shortage of beautiful girls.

My first night there, I was dining out late, and my waitress invited me to go dancing in Barranco when she got off work. I decided to scrap my plans to hit one of the strip clubs and it turned out to be a good thing because that night was a blast. We hooked up with her sister, who was a real knockout, and two guys from Holland. One of them lived there and was a professor in economics, and the other guy was visiting for a couple months. We drank beer and partied all night in the discos and bars in Barranco and then went to the beach in the morning for some ceviche. By the way, if you've ever tried ceviche in the States and were not impressed, give it another shot if you ever get to a place with REAL ceviche...delicious.

By the time we called it a night/day, I was seriously interested in the knockout sister and asked her out for that night. She said she might meet me in the park in Miraflores that night, but I got there and she didn't show. I was bummed, but decided to take the opportunity to check out some other places.

First stop was Las Cucardas, which is a low-rent brothel. Many would call it "seedy". It's not in a good part of town, and I did not get a feeling of great safety but did not feel uncomfortable either. Next I went to the Eclipse, a slightly (but only slightly) more upscale place, and I was not impressed with the looks or quantity of the chicas there. Next I checked out Golden Peppers...this was a fun place, small and packed with fine girls who took turns standing up and dancing on the bar - my kind of place.

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I almost ended up taking one out, but wanted to check out Emmanuelle, an upscale strip club (well, upscale for Lima). Now some guys don't believe in 10's, but you can find as close to a 10 as you're ever going to see in Emmanuelle. Attitudes varied, with some girls being really friendly and others walking by with their noses in the air.

Well, after all this I decided I wanted to hit the restaurant from last night and talk to the waitress again. I was in luck because her sister was there. This girl was really beautiful and outgoing, with a great personality. She was from a beach town just south of Lima. We ended up going there the next day and had a great time. If you've never been skinny-dipping with a beautiful girl in the ocean....ya gotta try it.

The whole experience changed me...before, I had gone on a few trips to Cuba and Asia for the sole purpose of moving as fast as possible from one girl to the next. Now that I've had such a great time in Peru, I have a different attitude. Not that I don't still have a great desire to meet women from all corners of the world, but I have lost a lot of my interest in the pros now.

I'll be going back to Lima next week and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good baño turco (Turkish Bath). I ran across the list below, and there appear to be many of them. I am more interested in a health club-type thing with straight massage, etc. than any "extras".

Some miscellaneous info that I got from a good taxi driver: He said there are some places in Callao worth checking out with really hot women. He also said that the women in Iquitos and other jungle locales were incredible. (I have heard this from someone else too.) He took me around the centro and pointed out a lot of strip clubs, but said that it would not be advisable to go in them alone. Also, he said that it is not recommended to drink when in any of the pro-type places, whether they're in Miraflores, San Isidro, or anywhere else.

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