Prostitution Report
from Philippines

Well, I entered Manila on a late night flight around 10pm and immediately met some friends on the plane who had a van going up to Angeles City.
By midnight we had arrived. Had previously stayed at Oasis Hotel but my friend who lives in AC suggested Orchid Inn and I really liked it. Located right off Fields Ave. next to Club Las Vegas I thought the rooms in the back tower were better than Oasis. Nice staff with cute Asst Manager, good food and a pool full of babes in the daytime. US$24/night. Suites $35, I stayed in a suite.

1st Night
Went out at midnight a little bleary eyed and checked out a few bars. Took a girl out of Las Vegas.
In AC barfine is 500 pesos. If you like the girl/service can give her another, say, 500 pesos later on, but no tip is also acceptable and any more than this is unnecessary. She was good, cute and alot of fun. Can't remember her name.

2nd Day
Daytime was great. We started off at Garfields (farther down Fields) basically just a bar. A couple of cuties there but they just tease and won't go upstairs or give a bj. Owner kind of frowns on this and doesn't encourage. After a couple of drinks headed on to a bar with topless girls that is pumping in the daytime. Sorry, I forgot the name but it is important to know. A super choice. I'll call my friend in AC and get the name and post it later. Anyway, A bunch of chicks in the darkness of the club were a welcome sight as we came out of the afternoon sun. I quickly met one dancer and took her to a back table with a curtain where I was able to coax a blowjob (really need one then) and she got naked for 300 pesos. Not good looking really- but talented and I couldn't wait. Rejoined my friends out in the bar. They all found girls headed up to the short time rooms. I made eyes with another girl who after about 30 minutes took upstairs in the shorttime room to fuck/bj - 500 pesos.

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At about 5pm we were off for dinner. Back in the bars around 7pm. Went to most of them. The highlight was the Blue Nile. Really nice bar, they spent alot of money, tons of women. Next door Neros was closing down the next night for renovation so all the Neros girls are now also in Blue Nile. The stage elevates quite high off the floor. Lots of lookers. About an hour we went next door to Neros and I met a girl named Jane. Hot, cute and very horny-but fuck I had no camera yet. Later I bought one in Manila. Anyway, for some reason she is into public sex and after about five minutes and a drink she pulled out my cock (we were sitting around the stage on barstools) and continually rubbed it against her ass, yelling fuck me and sticking her tongue in and out. Like she was really fucking. She pulled her panties to the side and took off her top. My cock was rubbing against her slit. It was quite bizarre but she was having an effect on me. After about 20 minutes of this I said "your going to make me cum". "Oh yeah" was her reply and she asked the waitress to bring tissues. Then with most of the dancers looking on she proceeded to make me cum by rubbing me on her ass and pussy. The rest of the patrons were freaking out as she caught the cum in the tissues. It was quite a scene. The girls were all laughing. After this we left and I later came back to take her to the hotel. Well worth the 1000 pesos. Oh yeah, I gave her a 300 peso tip in the bar.

Day 3
Had golf tee time at Mimosa (yes brought clubs) which I somehow made. The course is still nice but the operation is a disaster. Won't go into it. Then took a van down to Manila.

Stayed at Intercontinental Makati. Of course, right to P Burgos st. Started off as usual at Mogambos for some food and then off all over the place. I thought the best women on Burgos this time were in Bandidos. Picked up a fun, horny babe named Menchie. Shaved pussy, likes to talk nasty, really cute face and a body that doesnt quit. Finally got my camera and she was into taking pictures and posing. However, my fucking battery ran out right when she agreed to let me cum on her face and take a photo. Sorry, Anyhow, the other photos are below.
In general in Makati I prefer Bandidos, Bottoms and Gran Prix for the quality of women. Bar fine can be negotiated to 1000pesos and I ususally tip 1000 pesos if I like her.

The next night in Manila a friend and I went to this LA Cafe-which is horrible. A bunch of skags that won't leave you alone. Upstairs is OK but we were quickly out of there. Decided to head to Edsa Entertainment Complex. This place I quite like and Cotton Club and Fire House were fun. Nice babes. The other places in the complex only so-so. I happen to know a girl in cotton club-chinese/filipina and took her back to the hotel.Next day I had to fly out of Manila but will be back again soon. Will take more pictures next time and add more detail. Cheers.

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