Prostitution Report
from Poland

Day 1
Arrived in Warsaw in the afternoon, used advice form previuos post and turned away from pepole offering Taxi at the airport, drow money from ATM and walked outside, then a marked taxi, one with the #644 444 4444 posted, distenation Holiday inn for the good price of 109$/night booked right there as I walked in, breakfast and Tax included. I was exusted so I took a nap. when I walk up I realized that I am in a hall new world with endless possiblties for sexual adventures. later on that evening, I headed to A.Studio relaks on Al.Jerozolimskie 83.m 18, I used all what I learned from privous posts so after all, my WSA membership paid off.

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I dialed up the number on the intercom. a sexy voice came on "hello"."Hi do you speake english" I said. it seemed like a magic password, it always work, she immediatly buzzed me in. as I was waiting for the elevator, a tall larg breasted chick walked in, she was at least double D, at least 178 cm plus the heels. well, as it turned out she was going to the same place, of course because she worked there. a middle age woman opened the door for both of us, she looked like a vetran hooker, she had a light blue bra and matching underwear on, with a broken english she said, "you must waite may be 20 mins ', I said "OK" thinking great at least I have time to check the place out and, run away if I have to. the place was Jammed, half naked women running in every direction the bathroom area seemed as their command far I was still feeling uneasy about the hall situation,having not had semilar experience in the past, but at the same time I was enjoing checking out the ladies, one of the clients emerged, a man in his late 50's, so drunk he could hardly walk, he looked filthy and smelled like shet, another man showed up, this one was even worse, a man in his early 60's looks like he had storke at some point of his life, the pros was helping him to the bathroom,

I was started to think about leaving when suddenly 5 women showed in a line up, having read all the posts, I know that its time for me to choose one, little surpise that the large breasted chick from the elevator was in the line up, 10-15 mins ago I was lusting for this women in the elevator, and now I could Fk her for less than what I pay to fill up gas, I chosed anther large breasted check, she was a little older avarge face but very nice body, she seemed excited I have chosed her, she acted very nice, invited me to her room, she then asked for 100 zl for one houre, after I gave it to her she asked me if I want to take a shower, excused her self and returned with clean sheets, and clean towles. she said that she is from Ukrine, she is 30 y old, she comes to Warsaw periodically for work.she asked me questions about my self and made efforts to carry on a nice conversation. I told her that I only want a hand job, she smiled and said "oh that's strange but good for me anyway" we made out for over about 15 mins, no french kissing of course as lips are reserved for true love. I then asked her I can come between her breast, she said that coast extra, and in my mind I thought are you kidding , it coast 35$ for a touchless lab dance in LA. I said that's fine, and their it was my happy ending, I gave her 50zl, she was very thanksfull.

Next, after I went back to the hotel and changed my cloth. I got in a Taxi and ask the driver to take me to a srip club, don't ask me how I did explain that to non english speaking driver?, we went to a club called Finex, it was Saterday night but the place was dead. there was only couple men inside. I paid the driver who went in with me just to make sure that everything was OK 20zl.

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well worth it I thought to my self, as I was looking at the icreadably beautiful women sitting at the Bar,all I could see is beautiful, crossed legs. There was at least 12 pairs of them ranging between 7-9 on my scale. the waiter lead me in to a table, and informed me that there is a 30zl cover charge. As much as I hate to go by my self, I have no other option, I thought, I don't any body yet in this town, and the night is still young, better yet my body is still on US time, can you imagin? so I kicked back and started to enjoy the show. a beautiful blond approched the table, I have always learned to turn down the first woman, but this time I could not, she asked if she can sit with me, I said yes, she was very cute, her name is Lena, she is 22 from Minsk/Bilarus, she spoke very good english I bought her 2 drinks each was 80 zl( 22$), but I had a very good time, friendly sexy conversation, the club pepole were not pushy at all about the time she is spending on my table, in this club they don't offer escort service. all they have is bare( butt ) naked lab dance for 50 zl, and you could actually get any girle to do as many lab dances, without buying her a drink.

unlike what we have at home its a touch, kiss an suck what ever you want except her pussy,( in LA you pay 35$ for the striper to take off her Bra and you can't touch) so any way after the 4th lab dance I could not help it and I missed up my pants, I went the Bathroom and cleaned up,then went back and said" listen, I don't know anybody in this town, and tommoow is Sunday, what would you charge to spend the entire day with me?" she thought for a couple seconds and said "100$" having red on some post that girlefriend rental coast 200 to 300$/day, having thought that she is blue eyed blond, and with alcohol on board, I said " yes" some thing I would regret later on, so we had a deal that she will pick me up next from my hotel at 1 pm. I had a very good time in Finex that night, but yet knowing now how much more fun you could have in Warsaw for the same amount of money, I might not go back to Finex again. on the way back I paid 10zl for Taxi(less than 3 $) around 2am, that is not bad at all.

the next day she came and picked me up at the hotel, she had on a pair of jeans and an american flag T shirt, I was surprised to find that she has brown eyes, and that she was a fake blond. Any way, she still looked cute. We spent the entire afternoon, hanging out, cafe's, movies, late lunch, I really had a good time, but after several hours it was starting to get boaring, she has already aborted any attempt of mine to get down and dirty with her, it didn't bother me how ever, since my deal with her was just to hang out and spend time, so I gave her the money shoke hands and proceeded to leave, when she said" well I thought may be we go back to hotel and" with a sexy voice" relax and massage each other" then she went on to indicate that I have to be more money for this to happen, so I asked if inclued fucking each other and if she will spend the entire night?,

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she said: yes, I said:" would I be able to do what ever I want, even anal " yes" she replyed, " OK how much?" she said "300". I said 300zl, and she said yes. so at this point I am thinking" here I am going to ass fuck her all night for less that 80$, when I have spent 100$ to take her to movies and bye her lunch, what a great surprise!!" so we had a deal, I asked her to go back to her place bring her sexy cloth, then meet me at the hotel at 10pm. So I was back in the hotel cleaning up the room had nice boxer shorts, nice music, and nice colone, I was really excited, I thought wow, this trip to poland after all is not a bad idea. when she showed up, she had a very sexy outfit, and very high heals, my penis was busting out with excitement, so I was starting to touch her, she asked for money, I said "hay, you can trust me with 300zl" she snaped" what ?""

I said 300$, are you crazy?" I said: no I am not, b/c I can have a woman right here for 200zl and I think, I would be crazy to spend that amount of money on you. so as you can tell that did not go well, she demanded 10zl for Taxi, so nice guy that I am I gave it to her and said bye. Not that I could not afford that money, its just that I hate to get ripped off, so I decided to go back to Finex( another big mistake) since I knew, she was not working that night. I should probably listened to all said in previous posts ( like the one from CAR). Back in finex I met 19yo margret. unbleivable smile, breasts and body to die for. after drikns and good time I had 4 or five lab dances, came in pants again, cleaned up and headed back to the hotel, I think I spent 80 to 90$.

the weather was great, a beautiful spring day in warsaw, walking in the streets, beautiful or rather gorgous women every where, after slow breakfast, coffee and site seeing I headed to ANABELL address Al jerozolimski 61 m.51, after using the password ( do you speek english ) I was let in, on my way up I get a little lost because I could not figure out which floor it was? I was surprised when one of the nighbors tool upon him self to pleasntly point out the right door, without me even asking, A very pleasant middle age woman openned the door, good looking and well dressed, she spoke little english, she led me through a narrow hallway into a modest bedroom, the room had very modest old furnture, but every thing was very clean, a bunch of plants on the widow gave it a warm homey feeling, she said that the rate is 100zl/hr, "ok" I said. she then left and closed the door. after few minutes, the door opened, 4 girls came l in and ined up, I picked the cutest one, she had beautiful green eyes, and a very attractive smile, she was short but had a very sexy well rounded figure, this is the type of body I have always wanted to fuck but never wanted to date, once I picked her, the other girls left quitly. then all the routine procedures, she ask for the money, then she leaves, comes back with towles,and ask you if you want a shower, then she takes one her self...bla..bla

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I wanted to enjoy my time so I asked her to put her red bra and matching underwear back on as she got out of the shower rapped in a towle, I actually helped her put them on, then the heels, then we sat down and we had a little conversation, her english sucked, but I understod that her name is Silvia, and that she is from Ukrin.She said that she is 26, no husband no children, then we started to make out, and boy, it was like making out in high school for the first time, I don't what it was? did she like me, did my colone turn her on? or did she not had sex in a long time?. She said no for lips once, next she was french kissing me like there is no tommorow, but what really turned me on is that when she got hold of my penis, she said ohhh, of course having fed my penis on coopra ( a stuff you buy from GNC ) for 5 days, turned him into a hungry monster, the sex was unbleivable, it was like a love seen from a movie. when I was done, I gave her 50zl tip, I could not help it, because it was great, I will remember this for ever.

after lunch and more site seeing, I headed to the famous Aisha club, on the intercome and befor they buz me in, they told me that their rate is 130zl/hr, well having red all the posts about how good this club was, I thought " what the heck, may be the girls her are better looking", so I went in, the line up included 5 girls 5-7, I went to many clubs after that and I have to say that club Aisha is not any better than others, I felt it was over rated, but I have to say the roomes AND bathrooms are larger. anyway I picked up an avarge face, large breasted( 38 D ) nice, sexy waist and rouneded legs, she was Ukrinian, her name was also Silvia, this one spoke very good english, having lived in Warsaw for 2 years. she was some what cold and had a big ego, it comes with the large breast I guess, I had a good time overall I paid 130zl and left no tip, she kissed me,and thanked me, at the door, so I know that tips are not generally expected.

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