Prostitution Report
from Russia

First of all, let me point out that I have very little self-discipline. I should have got back from Moscow last February and got my head down to some work whilst getting on with some semblance of a normal life. But something kept nagging away at me to return to Russia, which wasn’t helped by the fact that several major contributors on the board were planning a get-together in March. Whilst walking to work one morning, I did a few quick sums in my head, worked out that no way could I afford to go back to Russia till at least November, and that I wouldn’t get the time off anyway. So once I got to the office, I booked my flight over the Internet and begged some unpaid leave to visit my sick granny in Scotland. I’m living on dry bread and water as I write this, but it was worth every kopeck. Nobody ever lay on their deathbed saying, ‘I wish I’d spent more time at the office’...

So right away I decided to cut out all the non-essential costs, such as being met by a driver at the airport. This meant running the gauntlet of taxi drivers at Sheremetevo (charging from 70 dollars), and jumping into one of the ‘marshrutkas’ which run every six minutes or so to the nearest metro station. The marshrutka (more properly a ‘marshrutnoye taxi’) is a common feature on Russian streets – it’s simply a minibus which follows a fixed route, but which can usually be hailed or stopped at any point. Cost was 20 roubles, (about 65 cents). Seventy bucks saved - there’s the price of a girl right away, I thought. At the metro station I bought a ticket valid for 20 rides (100 roubles), which saw me through the whole weekend. However, the main advantage to booking a driver would be that he’d usually be aware of any changes of plan, such as a last minute change in which apartment you are staying at! So I arrive at the designated apartment and there’s no-one there, no note, no nothing. I finally got through to the landlady on the phone and it turns out someone was supposed to email me, (it’s still not arrived), and that a cleaning lady had been waiting for me at the new apartment. I explained that after such a long flight, my psychic skills in Russian were a little below par. She gave me the address of the new apartment, but by the time I’d had the proverbial shit, shave and a shower, it was already too late to make the actual dinner that the guys were currently enjoying at Nightflite.

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Still, dinner was not the only attraction on offer at NF, so I jumped a taxi down to the club, arriving at about 11.30pm. It didn’t take too much detective work to find the guys off the board - californiatraveler, croesus, slava, jupiter7, oilman, et al. This was my first time in NF, and I must say the quality of women in there was very high. They were all very friendly and approachable, but their starting prices were in the region of 300$. None of the WSA guys were prepared to pay that much, though one or two managed to negotiate closer to half that price as the night progressed. There were several girls that took my eye, but I couldn’t really decide, so when CT said he was thinking of heading off to Chesterfields, I decided to join him.

Chesterfields was jumping when we got there, and I recognised quite a few girls from my trip a few weeks earlier. I was particularly glad to run into Lana, a cute 22 year-old oriental girl who I’d spent some time with on the previous trip. She’s spent the night at my apartment last time, but we hadn’t done anything worth writing about as she had fallen straight asleep and I wasn’t feeling too good. I’d assumed she probably wasn’t a working girl. However, on this occasion back in CF, she hinted that she was in fact working. It was getting late, and I thought it might be nice to spend the first night with someone I already knew a little. It’s possible I might have been on for a freebie as she didn’t mention a price at all, plus there was no mention of security pay-offs or anything. I just hinted I’d take her shopping next day. She was there with a friend, another oriental girl that could easily have been her twin sister, but apparently unrelated. Thinking back, I reckon I could have brought them both home, but I missed the chance. Back at mine she was very affectionate, and I got the GFE (with BBBJ) that I probably wouldn’t have got from a Nightflite girl, plus she stayed overnight.

Lana got me in the mood for more fun next morning, but by the time we got up it was too late to take her shopping as I had other plans for the afternoon. Instead, I pushed a couple of thousand roubles down her cleavage and asked her about her friend from the previous night. Turns out they live together, and no surprises that she’s also a working girl. I asked about the possibility of having them both call round over the next couple of days, and she told me to give her a call. (It’s amazing how matter-of-fact Russian working girls - and some regulars - are about suggesting a threesome. It doesn’t take them aback at all, almost like asking them if they’d like a cigarette or a drink or something). I never did get round to ringing Lana back though, (in fact, I lost the number)

I had a shortlist of internet girls which I’d brought along to while away the afternoons in Moscow. At the very top of this list was a 21 year-old blonde from called Aleksandra. I’d seen about a dozen photos of her on various sites over the previous six months, but had had no reply on the several occasions when I’d phoned her on my last trip. This time however she answered right away, so I arranged to call round to her apartment near Molodezhnaya metro station within the hour. When she opened the door, I was stunned by how good looking she was – easily as good as anything that I’d seen in Nightflite the previous night. She made me a cup of tea and we talked a while - turns out she’s a fourth year Psychology student – then I took a quick shower. She told me to make myself comfortable while she took a shower, and I noticed there was a piano in the room. Though it was a little out of tune and I was a litlle out of practice, I was able to knock out a fair Boogie Woogie which seemed to impress her more than a little. Once we got going I had as close as one can get to a GFE given that I'd only booked an hour. Actually, I must have been there closer to ninety minutes. She wasn’t really into having her photo taken, but let me take a couple of rushed shots as she got ready to go out after we were done. She had to do some shopping so she accompanied me to the metro, and it was quite nice walking along with her arm in arm. Price was 2200 roubles.

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Later on I met up with Oilman and Slava. Oilman had already been with three women since I’d last seen him 18 hours earlier. Besides a Nightflite girl, he’d fixed himself up with two internet devs - one in the afternoon, one in the evening. Not bad for someone who’s only been learning Russian for a couple of months. Chesterfields was busy again, with more than enough choice of high quality girls. My eye was drawn pretty quickly to a young redhead I’d seen on my last trip, but had never spoken with. She was on her own, and without a drink, but I decided not to go over right away. After about an hour, she was standing near the group of girls Oilman and I were talking to, so I leaned over and said ‘Privetik, kak delishki?’ She was a bit surprised , but smiled for the first time, and told me her name was Alla. I bought her a drink and chatted for about half an hour before getting onto the subject of what her plans were for that evening. She was quoting quite a high price -150$ plus this 300 roubles security charge and taxi fare. (This security fee at CF has generated it’s own thread on the board. I had a couple of girls quote it when I was in CF back in January, and it was also 300 roubles then, so it’s not just a one-off. My own feeling is that this is an expense that should be borne by the girl herself, even if it is reflected in the overall price). In the end, I managed to get her to agree to 100$. She was happy enough – the club was thinning out a little now and the likelihood was that she’d have gone home empty-handed. Plus, she seemed to be enjoying my company as she didn’t have to speak English. Back at my apartment, she had no problems letting me shoot a few photos, but not naked. Once the photos were taken, she pretty much jumped on top of me, put her tongue down my throat, and led me off to the bedroom, where we petted a little before taking the obligatory shower. Another GFE.

Alla stayed till midday, and once she’d gone I called round to Oilman’s apartment. We spent an hour or two looking over the Internet and as he’d never visited a salon, we took a look at what was on offer. Salons are great places to visit with a friend, especially if there are a lot of girls to choose from. We decided to try the VIP-Salon na Universitete, which is based on Leninskii Prospekt. The salon has it’s own Internet site, and is also featured on the salon section of I gave them a ring and was told that there were six girls available.

Salon Girls Evgenia (Spangle’s girl) and Olya (Oilman’s girl).

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On arrival, we were shown into a small room with a couch, a couple of chairs and a large bed. With the the room being so small, (no more than four by five metres), I expected the madame would introduce us to each girl one at a time. In fact, she didn't appear at all. Instead, a parade of scantily-clad young girls entered the room one after the other and draped themselves over the bed and across the chairs. Within a few seconds, we were surrounded by not six but EIGHT girls. The madame didn't enter at all. We looked at the girls. They looked at us. It was fairly strange. I broke the ice by explaining we were an Englishman and a Scotsman, and it suddenly occurred to me that it was like the beginning of some as yet untold joke, (‘there’s this Englishman, a Scotsman, and eight Russian prostitutes in a room...’). If this all sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve already written a report in a thread called ‘Erotic Massage in Moscow’, where I posted details on location, etc.To be honest, the girls weren’t overall quite as hot as we'd expected, but they were all pleasant, fairly young and sexily attired. I chose a tall statuesque blonde called Evgenia, and Oilman went off with a sweet short-haired blonde called Olya, (she’s wearing a wig in her photo above).

I got the impression that Evgenia was a little tired. She gave a very thorough massage, was friendly enough, but was quite quiet, only talking when spoken to. The sex was good, but not quite a GFE. It was only later that she opened up a little, even reluctantly letting me take a few photos. Olya turned up at the door wrapped in just a towel, but she wouldn’t let me take a photo. I asked Evgenia about where she goes in her spare time (trying to find info on where working girls hang out when not working). Not surprisingly, the girls tend to hang out in Gay bars. I suggested to Oilman we should visit a gay bar – there’s bound to be groups of girls amog which one or two would be thinking ‘wish there were some blokes available’. Oilman didn’t think we should be spending our three or four days in Moscow cruising gay bars, so I dropped the idea. The price for an hour with Evgenia was 1800 roubles.

We went back to Oilman’s apartment on Yamskaya-Tverskaya Ulitsa, Moscow’s main drag. When we were close to his, we noticed two girls dressed to kill, apparently waiting for a taxi. As we passed they smiled at us and said hello. We said hi back but kept walking – we’d just been with a couple of girls and were planning to going home to get changed for Chesterfields. Thinking back on it now, I’m wondering whether they might have been street girls, although they looked too well dressed. But assuming they were regulars, I guess it wouldn’t have been too hard to pick them up if we’d had the inclination – I’ve found regular girls in Russia can be quite bold in their approaches that at first one assumes they are working. Which brings me to Chesterfields, where a gorgeous blonde in a sexy short tartan skirt asked me to sit with her after I asked her for a light. We were getting on quite well, and when she mentioned in passing that she was hungry, I offered to take her for a meal up in the American Bar & Grill. All very nice, but she wouldn’t (or couldn’t) spend that night with me. In fact, she wanted to meet me the next day, maybe I’d bring a friend and she’d bring her sister, (she had a photo in her handbag – another good-looker). If I’d have been staying in Moscow for a while, I would have had a great girlfriend, but as it was, all I got was her number. Sometimes speaking the language works against you. You win some, you lose some – I’d been with two women that day so it was no big deal to go home and get some sleep.

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The next day was a public holiday in Russia. International Women’s Day is a bit like Valentine’s Day, there are lots of women walking around with flowers. It’s easy to approach any girl with the greeting ‘S prazdnikom’ (which in this context means ’best wishes for the holiday’) - I tried it a few times on complete strangers during the day and invariably got a positive response. But I’d reserved this day to see a regular Moscow girl who I always hook up with. She called round in the afternoon and we went straight to bed for a couple of hours, then out for a meal. She didn’t stay the night, but came back for another session, even suggesting I take a few photos. She’s a real looker and the photos I got were far better than any I’ve yet taken of a working girl, but like a lot of WSA contributors I don’t like to post pics of regular girlfriends here. She didn’t stay as she had to be up early. I made no secret of the fact that I was off to hang out with some of my English-speaking friends, and she didn’t ask where I was going. I’d have told her Chesterfields if she’d asked – it is ostensibly an expat’s haunt anyway and she knows I’ve been there a few times.

As it turned out, I didn’t meet any of the guys in CF. Oilman had left for the UK with presumably a very big smile on his face after his night with a very hot blonde he'd found in CF. Slava was out of town on some sort of mission, and I assumed the American contingent were probably checking out some tochkas. There were fewer girls in CF, but enough quality to make it worth hanging around.

I noticed a particularly cute young girl in a short dress flitting around the club. I didn’t think she was working – she looked too sweet and innocent, and she was having too much of a good time, drinking, dancing, having a laugh with her girlfriends. To cut a long story short, she was passing by and the guy next to me at the bar said Hi to her, then pointed to the empty stool next to him. She sat down and asked him in English what language he spoke. Turns out the guy hardly spoke any English and no Russian. After a minute or so, their conversation had fizzled out and I noticed her looking round for somewhere else to go, so I caught her eye and said ‘S prazdnikom zhenschin, esli ne slishkom pozdno’, (Best wishes for Women’s Day, if it’s not too late). She had a beautiful smile; she told me her name was Anya, she was a student aged twenty. She asked me where I was from - I told her I was from England and was going home the next day. She asked if I’d like my last night in Moscow to be something special and memorable. I tried to remember the Russian for 'does a bear shit in the woods?' Then she said that she wasn’t a prostitute, that she’d never done this kind of thing before but needed some money. I would be her first ever client!

I didn’t buy any of this of course, especially as she was hard to budge on her starting price of 200$. In the end, I said 4500 roubles all-inclusive – no security charge, no taxi fare, an overnight stay, and I want photos for my scrapbook. There were other girls in the club, after all. In the end, she agreed, saying that she liked me and would rather spend her first time as a prostitute with me than any of the other guys in the club. She didn’t drop this ‘first-time prostitute’ rouse all night, even when she was leaving next day. I’m sure a few other guys are gonna post here saying she’s been in CF every night and said the same thing to them.

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We went back to my apartment, and I must admit that I had a few reservations. I was a bit concerned that she might start hustling for every little extra as the night went, but I needn’t have worried. Other than an extra 500 roubles to let me photograph her naked, (worth it I think), she was a perfect GFE. She went straight into a BBBJ without asking, and did some other very dirty things which I wouldn’t have expected from such a sweet-looking girl. All the time she was quite noisy, and spoke mainly in English (the best I’ve heard from a working girl actually – oh sorry, she’s not a working girl )! She was coming out with things like 'I’m really such a nice girl, but here I am fucking for money like a dirty prostitute!' Once we got into doggystyle, the profanites turned to Russian: 'Trakhai menya kak suka! Kak suka!', (Fuck me like a bitch! Like a bitch!), and it wasn’t long before I’d whipped the condom off to finish across her rather lovely bottom. Most girls would jump into a shower at that point, but she just rubbed it into her arse and tits, then cuddled up and fell asleep.

Anya left early the next morning and I got on with a bit of packing. I’d deliberately booked the latest flight I could out of Moscow so I could have some time to do something in the afternoon. I had the apartment booked till midday, and had a three hour window to play with before I was to meet up with my regular girl at a restaurant. I didn’t want to spend too much time trying to find addresses in obscure parts of Mosow, so I phoned my Saturday afternoon girl Aleksandra to see if she was free for me to come over right away. As I’ve written before, visiting an internet girl can be like calling round on a new girlfiend, especially the second time. I decided to pick up some flowers at the metro station, choosing three roses, (not cheap even at suburban stations). She was suitably impressed, and sorted out a vase for them as I drunk tea in her kitchen.

She let me take a few pictures of her, and pulled out one of her photo-albums to look at while she carried on with the flowers. The albums contained professional studio photographs going back a couple of years, many of a quality that if you were to see them on, you might assume that they were just pics of an L.A. pornstar used as ‘switch & bait’ to scam the punters. As is often the case, my photos don’t even come halfway close to showing how good-looking she is in the flesh. And what flesh! I don’t know what influence if any buying flowers had over her performance, but there was a sense of intimacy which I rarely feel with a working girl, making this last session in Moscow the best of the trip for me. I remember looking down at her at one point: she was licking my dick while smiling at me, and I suddenly realised that I could have quite easily spent the same amount of money paying some hairy-arsed taxi-driver with all the charisma of an unflushed toilet to drive me to the airport. Actually, the trip back to the airport cost 7 roubles on a local bus. And to think those bastards in the marshrutka charged me 20 roubles on the way in!

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