Prostitution Report
from Singapore

In January of this year I flew from Bangkok to Surabaya, which necessitated a one-night layover in Singapore. I had previously been to Singapore in January of 1991 and was there when Iraq invaded Kuwait. That’s how long ago it was but that time I was there with my wife, And straying wasn’t on my mind then. Anyhow I flew into Changi Intl. Airport, retrieved my bags and caught a shuttle bus to my hotel for the night. The Tristar Inn which is on one of the routes of ill-repute, Geylang Road. How did I know that you ask? Because I bought the non fiction blow by blow boy on Singapore’s seedy nightlife in BKK titled “ No Money, No Honey (sex for sale in Singapore)

It was at one hotel site (I can’t recall now) where I found the Tristar Inn for $S77.00. I hunted endlessly on the Internet for a cheap hotel. Top of my list was Orchard Parade hotel or Orchard Tower Hotel but at $S160-$S180 It was too expensive for one night and would only probably be used for some overnight company. I was the first to be dropped off on the minibus route as Geyland Road was quite close to Changi Airport. I checked in and to my dismay found two single beds. The rest of the room was adequate and clean. I go down stairs and the hotel clerk tells me I can’t have a double bed, as they are full. Damn. So I go back up stairs and move the bed table between the two beds and transfer it then push the two single beds together. Hey presto I have a semi sort of double bed.

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I then shower and head off to the train station across the park from the Tristar. The train system is very efficient and Im on a train heading into town about five minutes later armed with Singapore dollars and my trusty digital camera. I change trains at Cityhall and get off at Orchard Station. So far, so good. I walk along Orchard Road and admire the cleanness of Singapore and have been walking for about twenty minutes when I notice Somerset Station that I passed on the way to Orchard Station. I keep telling myself Orchard Towers must be just up the road but after 10 minutes I convince myself that I turned the wrong way when I exited Orchard Station. I find a cab rank and the driver whisks me away in no time to Orchard Towers. As im walking a man approaches me and tells he will fix me up with very beautiful Chinese girl for $200 after he had come down from $250. Still a bit out of my league but primarily was looking for a Filapina tonight. I went into the basement and took a mental note of Peyton Place as that is where all the filapina working girls operate. I had some Chinese food and a beer in the foodcourt of Orchard Towers before deciding to begin my hunt.

I went to the top of the mall and made my way down the stairs on the first floor to a bar on the right hand side called Country Club (or similar) that looked not so packed. I ordered a beer and the talent was so-so. I was trying to allure a quite busty girl over but she kept working other guys. After that I went to Peyton Place and ordered a beer. Wow, So many Filapinas in one bar and a Filopino Band. I was getting many stares and in the end a girl came over and introduced herself. I bought her a drink and we ended up on the dance floor. We ended up talking business and got her down to $150.00. We left and after we got outside in the nightlight I realized she wasn’t very pretty so I told her I couldn’t afford and was suddenly tired. She was pretty disappointed but accepted and went back inside. I carried on my quest and poked my head in the Indonesian bar, Ginivy’s and went to two very popular bars frequented by Thai’s I wasn’t looking for Thai takeaways as I had just come from there and would be going back to Pattaya. I tried the “im lost” look on the stairs but got talking to a thai again. It was by now near to closing time so I decided to go back to Peyton Place and all the girls were filing outside. My girl from Earlier on was gone thankfully. I just stood outside and in the end got talking to another girl, Christine who was reasonably attractive and we decided upon $150.00 till the morning. Fine, let’s go.

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But first she was worried about Geylang Road and having no passport with her. I assured her it was a good hotel and after talking to a Filopino taxidriver who was going to take us there, they made a quick phone call and we were on the way. They explained to me something about Police roadblocks or checkpoints. I never quite understood but had something about the girl being stopped between certain hours she could be detained. I paid the Filopino taxidriver $20.00 and then Christine and I went upstairs for two enjoyable sessions before she left slightly after 9am. If I was to return to Singapore I would stay in a more expensive hotel near Orchard Road or at least in the CBD to prevent this problem in the future. She told me she was over in Singapore, and had to pay off a contract around $S2000 that Incl. her visa, work at Peyton Place and return airfares from Manila to Singapore. She was only to be here for one month and she had to recoup her investment before she started making money. She would have to be barfined at least 13 nights @ $150.00 to recoup her investment but @ $200 it would only take 10 nights. Im sure she wouldn’t go out everynight ( a ten looker would) but she would also have to calculate in board, food, transport, clothing as normal day expenses so @ $200 it would probably take at least 15 nights to recoup her investment and am sure some expats, oilworkers, businessmen would pay over $200 for a night of company.

Just my naïve take on things but thought you guys would be interested to know.

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