Prostitution Report
from Slovakia

I spent the last weekend in Bratislava, Slovakia. Booked a FF ticket on Delta/Austrian into Vienna. Arrived Vienna at 9:20am and took the convenient bus connection from Vienna airport to Bratislava. (ATS 100 and about 70min). Stayed at the Hotel Forum. Found a great rate of SKK 3200/night. Couldn't upgrade the room to their suite since there was some construction going on. BTW - the bell boy Marik still works there but didn't have a chance to use his services.

My first night was with a girl from Name is Andrea and is fairly good looking in person (7). Very polite, limited english but managed to communicate. Told me she was working out of a "Privat" before joining this new service. Prices are high for BTS - $300 for 2hrs, $450 for 4hrs. In retrospect a better choice would have been Carolina, who will appear in the June issue of Playboy according to the owner of the agency. BTW I was able to confirm this independantly thru a modeling agency that I know that did the shoot, but I found this out after the night with Andrea. Overall the experience was less than inspiring, made the required motions, various positions etc.

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The second day it was on to Eva from MAXI. I had seen her on a previous trip and we had had a wonderful 2 days. This had been the first time for her with a stranger and we had really hit it off. This time proved to be a disaster though since after meeting me in the Hotel she told me that she had just heard from her friend that her boyfriend back in her home town was cheating on her. That sure set the mood for the evening! Things went downhill from there with Eva sobbing about her problems and then later telling me that she had a small "operation" and that she was unable to do the deed for a month. Total bummer night and $500 down the drain. Go figure, after the fantastic experience the first time. I guess its not just YMMV but My MMV. My next day was spent with Daniela from Eurohostess. ( This was one of those experiences that really made me think about quitting the "hobby", because I doubt if those 24hrs can be topped. You can see Daniela in the pics but the pictures dont do her justice. She is really cute, slim, and shaved (which if anything was a real turn on). We first went out to lunch and got to know each other. I must say that her english just OK(what they call passive) but she more than made up for it with a really pleasant attitude. As time went on I found that her english skills were not that bad, and it just needed practise. (Most of these girls carry a little pocket dictionary so if you have real difficulty there is a solution albeit inelegant.

Not having slept the previous night with Eva's sobbing, I told Erika I would like to catch a quick nap after lunch. I got under the covers when she lay down next to me and said "I really like being with you" and what followed was an unbelievable hour of kissing cuddling and love making that really blew me away. Over the next 24 hrs I lost count of the number of times we made love. This girl really rocked my world. We went out to a great Slovakian resaurant for dinner, took in a concert and also went to the local disco ( All in all it was the best GFE experience I have had. I hope to get her over to Paris in January. By the time I got a taxi back to Vienna ($40) I was in a dream world.

Until my next trip - have a great time.

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