Prostitution Report
from Spain

For the last stop in my tour of Europe I decided to spend two weeks in southern Spain. More specifically, I based in Málaga and visited places from there. I spent a lot of time doing touristy stuff, but of course took some time out to check out the naughty side of things as well.

First of all, as many have mentioned before, you will find many, many listing for private apartments and houses in the classified section of SUR newspaper. Practically all are in Spanish and only provide numbers to call. My spanish is OK, but I didn't feel like struggling with trying to figure out rates and directions with all these different places. There was a group called ``Málaga Sex´´ with a website on the internet. The girls shown on the site were quite attracive, plus it posted the street addresses of the apartments. Seemed perfect. After arriving in Málaga I went to the tourism office and got a free map of the city which is quite good. And the afternoon of the following day ( around 3PM) I decided to visit one of the addresses: Pasillo del Matadero 11, 1-A.

Well, I was greeted at the door by a not so attractive and definitely not so young of a lady. Must have been at least 35. She showed me in and I told her I would like to see the gals available. There was all of three at the time and she was one of them .... great. The other two were a bit younger (one was actually kind of cute, though with a little chub showing). But none of them seemed all that excited about their current profession. Considering the quoted prices of 60€ for the half hour or 120€ for a full hour, I decided to give it a pass. When I told them I was leaving, the first gal offered a better rate, but I'm the type of person that either I like what I see and will pay the price or I DON'T and I leave. So I left.

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As a follow-up, I did return there on a Saturday at around 8:30PM. That night the lady who opened the door was definitely more attractive, but still only average. It didn't really matter because she informed me that all the rooms where ocupied with clients but if I came back at 9PM then a lady or two should be available. I said no problem, and went to grab a quick beer. I had actually planned to go back at 9, but the idea of being with a girl that I KNEW had just been with another guy bothered me. So after my beer I decided I visit Scandalo Club instead. I´ll get back to that later. They have another address at Paseo de los Tillos 15, 1-D. In fact it´s right beside the bus station and quite easy to find like the other place. But I didn´t see anything there that I would be willing to pay to have sex with. Just the typical four or five average, older ladies. I'm too spoiled with hot South Americans and EB gals to settle for this shit. The third address on their site: Calle Cuarteles 7, 3-C I wasn't able to verify. There were actually two building with that adress and they were both locked so that only a person with a key could get in. That's the way it seemed to me anyway. Oh well. I had figured that this apartment stuff wasn't working out for me anyway.

While reading the paper, I found an advertisment for a place called ``Wild Cats´´. I called them up because the madame could speak English well. She said that she had a house located on Las Chapas Beach (about 12Km to the east of Marbella). She was very nice and said that she had young, attracive girls from France, Russia, etc. She qouted prices of 80€ for a half hour and 130€ for a full hour. I was very interested in going but sadly never made it there. If anyone else does, please post a report about it. The madame told me that the Navy Bar in Puertos Banos is supposed to have really nice gals also. So getting back to that Saturday night ..... I hopped in a cab in dowtown Màlaga and told the driver to take me to Scandalo. It turned out to be close to the airport in the area of some warehouses and such. Got there in short order and it only cost about 7€. It was around 9:20 by this time and I was ready for some action. When I stepped into the bar I was immediately impressed by the quality of ladies AND there were many of them. Surprisingly few guys, but I figured that more would show up later. I mean, there must have been at least forty gals, the majority quite attractive, and all just waiting for some guy to approach them. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I strolled over to the bar a order a nice cold one. It didn´t take long for a dame to make her move. This fairly attractive gal (who turned out to be Russian) started conversation and soon asked me if I wanted to go upstairs: 150€ for an hour or 70€ for 30 minutes. I tell you, there's something about them Russian gals that I always find very sexy. Sadly, she was a victim of my 15 minute rule; so I had to turn her down but told her maybe later. She didn't take that very well. I decided to roam around the bar area a bit (which is quite spacious) and chatted with some gals while checking out others. I eventually found myself at the spot were I turned down the Russian and suddenly heard some loud laughing. I looked over to the source of the rukus and saw a group of four gals, that I immediately identified as Romanian.

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Dealing with Romanian gals can sometimes be more trouble than it´s worth. However, the loudest of the group was also extremly hot and when she waved at me and told ME to come to HER. I decided to play along and siddled over. She didn't have a models face ... above average, but not perfect. Her body was a different story. Tight, perfectly toned ass and a well toned belly that you could bounce a quarter off of. She had managed to put on some tight, pink jeans that complimented her form. She seemed happy to learn I was a gringo, but when I asked her were she was from she told me she was Hungarian. I knew this couldn´t be true because she was speaking to her comrads in Romanian. I´m hardly an expert, but know it when I hear it. I didn´t press the issue and went on to more pressing issues ... like admiring her body.

She ordered a drink for herself (20€!!), but I didn´t care too much because most of my blood wasn´t in my brain at the time. When she asked if I wanted to go with her for an hour for 140€ I said, no problem. I don't know if that´s the normal price or not, but I was willing to pay it. When we got to the room, she seemed a little nervous at first. She told me that she had never been with a black guy before. I told her that it's just like being with any other man, no difference. I guess I should have told her the truth .... that she was about the have the best sex she ever had, but I figured she would find that out soon enough.

To make a long story shorter .... she turned out to be quite good and I actually came with her on top of me. This is very rare, because all most gals know how to do is bounce up and down ..... she actually RODE me. Which is hard to explain but I think you get the gissed. Well, after the act we sort of cuddledand talked a bit. She asked me at least three times why I wasn't married. Forcing me to tell her three times that I prefer to have many girlfriends instead of one wife. Oh, and she finally admitted to me that she was really Romanian. Duh!!! I told her it didn´t matter. She wanted to go to my hotel with me but I shot that down pretty quickly. When our hour was over we got cleaned up and went downstairs to the bar for some more drinky. This time I insisted she get a real drink, not that watered down shit they charge me 20€ for. If I'm going to pay for an overpriced drink dammit it's going to have alcohol in it!! She actually wanted to go for another hour. I would like to think that she really enjoyed the sex, but I figure that the chance to earn more money had more to do with it. I could have gone another round with her or some other gal, but it was approaching 1AM and I wanted to visit Granada the next morn. I bid my adue and she informed me that she was going back to live in Costante (sp?) in Romania in the next 5 days. What a shame. We exchanged numbers and I told her maybe I´ll visit her there one of these days (slim chance).

Anyway, I had a good time at this place and would definitely go there again. The selection is the best I´ve seen in Spain so far. BTW- I actually drove past the Club Stark on my way along the coast. I think it was in the city of Benalmádena. Never actually went inside, but if it's anything like Scandalo then it's probably pretty good. Also, I figure there MUST be some apartments/casas with young, attractive women. But being a tourist I don't have the time (and certainly not the patience) to systematically search all the places until I find the good ones. Oh well. I did what I could.

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