Prostitution Report
from Thailand

After too many months of planning, reading, salivating and masturbating - I final made it to Thailand for my 4th visit. The mongering portion of my Thailand trip was short since I had a girlfriend meeting me for a week in Phuket. And please save the "Why bring a sandwich to a buffet" reference! I had 8 days of single fun in BKK and HCMC (see Vietnam post) before switching to wonderful resort living on a beach in Phuket... I offer this report for newbies who need some general info as well as mongering updates. I dedicate this report to the WSA veterans whose information has been so helpful for me in just about every country I have visited. ARRIVAL: Northwest Airlines flight 27 at 23:50. My worst fear is arriving to late to get laid after 24 hours in transit... TRANSPORTATION: Public Taxi. There will be numerous touts for private taxi service. First quote I got as I walked through was 600 Baht. Current conversion is about 40 Baht to 1 USD. As I continued walking the inevitable “how much you want pay” was echoing in my wake. Decided to take the public taxi for the experience and was not disappointed. Imagine dozens of taxis being pushed by the drivers to the front of the queue. Man - are the Thai people environmentally friendly or what!? Oh yeah, public taxi was about 160 BAHT to Sukhumvit. You will book the taxi at the stand and they write your destination on a coupon. Very organized and effective.

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HOTEL: JW Marriott - Sukhumvit.
Everything you would expect in Marriott's signature hotel series. Beautiful lobby and very attentive staff. Well guarded entrance and nearby street area. Very guest friendly as advertised here at WSA. The 24 hour room service is a must for me when I am adjusting to an 11 hour time change. High speed (in room) internet access with the simplest connection possible. ENTERTAINMENT: Nana Entertainment Plaza. You can see Nana Entertainment Plaza from the hotel if you are on the correct side. What can I say? Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. Here's a view of NEP out the Marriott window...

Drink prices at Nana varied slightly between 90 and 100 Baht for a Rum and Coke and 80-100 Baht for lady drinks. Bar fine seemed static at 600. Short time quoted at anywhere from 1500 to 3000 depending more on the girl than the bar. The nicest girls seem to be the ones that work in the outside bars - but definitely not the best looking. Visited several bars so I could write some specific information for novice visitors. Here’s a bit of info on the bars I visited: RED LIPS: Not my favorite or even close. But mama san (sahn?) was nice and I snapped a photo of her…

SECRETS: There is a reason this place is a secret. It sucks. And not in that wet, sloppy, moaning way you hope for! But they did have great music when I was there. CAT HOUSE: One of my favorites for the great location and nice relaxed atmosphere. Upstairs (outdoors) on the left as soon as you enter Nana. Girls were nothing special in the looks department but a nice comfortable place where you can sit and watch the people below without feeling pressured to buy drinks and try to communicate in broken English over the sound of loud music. Enjoyed buying the girls a drink or two or three since they were so appreciative.

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HOGS BREATH: I had to try this since the sign is identical to the one in Key West, Florida. Keeping with that theme, I’d classify this as the bar where the Thai BIKER BABES hang out! Not good. Not good at all. RAINBOW: Started out OK but I ended up being overrun by girls begging for drinks. In general, this bar felt more in-your-face than the others. Two girls wanted me to bar fine them at 1:45am. I said that I would instead wait until they finished at 2am and meet them at the hotel in 30 minutes. They hadn’t showed after 60 minutes so I went out to the street in front of Nana and grabbed this adorable little lady at about 3am. Nice bath together and she was a very pleasant experience overall. Her name is Pael. SPANKYS: The sign should read SKANKY'S. Enough said. ANGEL WITCH: This was my favorite in Nana. There is a reason it was packed. Mama San spoke good English and had me hooked up in no time. She waved a girl right off some poor bastard’s knee when I mentioned that she was my dream girl. (BTW – Mr. Middle Aged Blond Guy… if you are reading this – I apologize. You snooze - you lose! See what you missed below.) Angel Witch also has a few shows featuring Lady Boys. Damn – the show was hot and the tits on that girl, I mean guy… This sweetheart was the reason I liked Angel Witch. I probably should have asked her name!? After I bar fined her we went to the Cat House to hang out. She started the evening posing with my cigar (she will end it wearing my pearl necklace!)

You just have to love them all snuggled in to escape the air conditioning! Man those little titties disappear when she lays on her back! I love a hairy pussy. You can almost smell her sweetness... BTW – For those mongers that flinch when they see stretch marks – let me assure you I never noticed any until reviewing the pictures later. A nice little ass like that has to be admired - and that's best done during sex. As promised - the pearl necklace...

OBSESSION: This place features lady boys – an OOPS from my last visit to Thailand. No, I didn’t learn the hard way - we only had one drink and hurried out. Otherwise it would have been a OH SHIT instead of an OOPS! CASANOVA: Was told it was full of Lady Boys. Did not feel the need to confirm this information. LADY LUCK: (I think) Not bad but was early in the night and I was on a mission to gather info. Saw the puffiest nipples/areola combination that I have EVER seen. I almost bar fined her to just to photograph her nipples! Imagine the puffiest areola you’ve ever seen along with longer “pencil eraser” nipples and you have the picture. That’s all I remembered about this place! Sorry - no photo.

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All told, Nana Entertainment Plaza was a blast. And don't worry about getting there a little late. The street outside was rocking until at least 3am. Went for a walk one evening at 4:30am and Nana Hotel area was almost dead. But walked from Marriott up Sukhumvit to the Westin/Sheraton and there were people/girls out all along the way. Many propositions. Didn’t ask for prices as I was dead tired by this time. Quite a group just before and right in front of the Westin. Some pretty good looking girls were there for the taking. Although they didn’t seem keen to have their picture taken!
ENTERTAINMENT2: Patpong. First time in Patpong for me - but not the last. I kinda like the mixed crowd there shopping and having a beer on the street. And of course there were a few sweethearts to be found as well. I only spent one evening at Patpong and didn't have my camera. But for anyone who hasn't had a look it's worth trying. DEPARTURE: Remember to keep your departure card stapled to your passport. Also, you need 500 Baht cash for the airport tax so I suggest you squirrel that away in your passport so you don't forget. This report seems short but it has all of the essentials as I see it: Arrival, Fucking, Departure! Did I miss something!!??

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