Prostitution Report
from Ukraine

Not sure how many are interested in this little report, but I do feel I owe feedback to the many of you who so patiently provided information and generally babysat me as I was contemplating this trip to Kiev, Moscow and Bangkok. Trying to plan thoroughly and anticipate all circumstances is my burdensome approach to things. I have completed the Kiev and Moscow portions of my trip, and now off to Bangkok. Currently in transit in Munich. But Kiev and Moscow - WOW! You must understand that I am not a true/blue Monger like so many of you. When the opportunity arises to spend time with a regular instead of a pro, that will win out with me every time. I am moving to single status at present so the idea of spending time with a regular who has long-term hopes and dreams is Ok with me. If someone "rocks my socks" I am not averse to a longer term relationship. I have met 3 regulars via ODIGO, communicated with them extensively, and have spent 2 weeks each with the Kiev and Moscow contacts. Am eagerly anticipating the Bangkok contact on Friday.

KIEV - Everything "great" that Car and others described about Russian women rang true for me in Kiev. I met up with an angel. The anticipatory correspondence and photo's of this woman did not prepare me for what awaited. Her beauty far exceeded the photo's I received, and the sexual energy and creativity was merely hinted at in the correspondence. And she passed the 'Car' test for the 'golden girl'....She spent my money like it was her own, and regardless of my protestations, refused to eat at fancy restaurants, as in her words, "they are far too expensive, and I can cook for a week at the same price" She whipped me around on the metro in Kiev, doing every imaginable tourist thing possible, between all the sex - WOW - Never in my dreams could I envision a woman whose sexual hunger exceeded my own considerable appetite. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that the 2 weeks in Kiev ammounted to about 50% sex, 25% dialogue and 25% touring.

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I never realised how obvious men are with their eyeballs zeroing in on breasts until walking with this babe. Russian female prowess in the oral sex department were also amply demonstrated (she was a Russian living in Ukraine). Another pleasant surprise I had was the sexual energy I was able to maintain for that two weeks. Coming from a sexual wasteland, I had no way of knowing how I would react to such an intense, 2 week sexual marathon. This 59 year-old WSA'r more then met the challenge that this experienced 38 year-old woman threw at me, much to my own surprise. A lifetime as an endurance athlete has its' rewards. I dont know why the hell I bought all that viagra. I could go into great detail about the sex, but that would be almost a book in itself. About Kiev - It sure beat the hell out of Moscow, if you compare on the basis of beautiful women walking the streets. I am just very glad I had mirrored sunglasses so that my darting eyes were not visible to the beauty walking beside me, nor the objects of my leering.

MOSCOW - Lucked out again. What a babe. A 49 year-old with a duplicate Jennifer Lopez body. I am absolutely serious in saying that. It appears that this gal has had a lifetime of gymnastics, with some considerable ability in that department when she was younger. Her friends in fact jokingly refer to her as Jennifer Lopez. It didnt take me long to see those buns under her clothes when we first met. My sexual ardour was cooled initially though, as it turned out this gal expected to be courted some, before any action - IF any action. This was OK by me, as I was still recovering from that sexual marathon in Kiev. It took 3 days of seduction, and my goal was achieved. Then it never stopped. Kiev all over again. These Russian women are something else. Like Car mentioned frequently, they have such a refreshing, uncomplicated view of sex, without all that bullshit western women lay on you. This gal likewise zipped me around in that Moscow Metro system, escorted me through all major tourist attractions, and like the Kiev angel, always with a protective, female warmth, GFE type of approach. And wow, did those buns pack a whallop. Being a conditioned athlete, I am no slouch myself to physical, sexual strength, but this gal had all I could handle. Again, the sexual details could fill a book, but these Russian women are creative, energetic, open-minded and eager to please their man. Domestically, not only did they put cream in my coffee, they stirred it for me, not only did they slice my bread, they buttered it for me, etc, etc.

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Summary - I now have 2 women head-over-heels in love with me, partly motivated by the economic support I offer I am sure. Such sexual intensity over a 2 week period made for some very emotional partings. I am satisfied that they most likely had the nicest 2 week vacation ever for them. I was so sexually satisfied and pre-occupied, I had no desire to visit Chesterfields or that river...... nightclub in Kiev. I had my hands full maintaining the pace with these two. Walking back from a cinema evening, my little "Jennifer Lopez" and I stumbled accross an active "Moscow line-up" She couldnt get me past there fast enough. There was also "line-up" activity close to my apartment which I could have accessed, but my interest was very low in that regard(same place where Car took the picture of those cops sitting in their car that is posted on another thread)On the basis of pure sexual charisma, sexual passion, personality and desire, that Kiev angel has earned a return visit, and longer term liaison (she actually comes from an Eastern Ukraine backwater - I brought her to Kiev) A return engagement is definitely in the books, but now I am focussed on Bangkok. There also I have nurtured over several months a relationship with a regular. I will report on that one, if anyone is interested. I hope I am as succesful with that one as the previous two. I can expand on this report if anyone likes. No photo's unfortunately. I wouldnt feel right about posting these non-pro's on the internet anyway. I have some great ones. From a cost perspective, Car has mentioned frequently that wining and dining a regular in the end costs the same as having professional providers. In hindsight, if measured strictly on "sexual volume" vs. costs (cost-benefit), my experience with a regular cost considerably less. If I tried to duplicate with professional providers the volume of sex I had, It wouldnt even be close. And I did not scrimp either. It was just more convenient to eat in apartment many times, rather than regular restaurant fare. And both women considered the Metro as the 'norm' with respect to transportation. I could ramble on here, but I would be happy to share any additional info with anyone interested in more specifics.

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