Prostitution Report
from United Arab Emirates

Just got back from Dubai (UAE), in the Middle East. Being that it is a major trade and tourist area, girl-activity was there, alive and kicking!

Actually Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city, with a sort of an 'East-meets-West' culture and population. Many, many Europeans are there, mostly on vacation to enjoy the sun and beaches. The beaches can easily compare to some of the best ones in the Caribbean. I met a few Americans, they were working in some of the developing Technology sectors. Most Americans dread the relatively long flight (13-hours from NYC!) that is required to get there.

Okay, now onto the nightlife there. Even though it is a Muslim country, the nightlife exists without much government interference. All part of the whole trade/tourist cycle. Girls of all types can be found primarily in the various nightclubs in Dubai. They are all types including Russian, African, Indian, Philippino, etc. They range in all quality types, from 4-9's. The best looking seem to be of African descent, usually mixed race(arab/black). Actually, 'African' girls is a bit mis-leading, as they are very varied in color, structure, looks, etc. You will find many different types under the 'African' category. There are also some Arabic (lebanese, morrocan) but it will be hard to find. And when/if you do, expensive.The russian girls are also nice, much more European-looking than I thought. Some of them are definitely stunners, (8-9.5) and I'm not very liberal in my ratings either. Originally, the Philippinos ran the show for many years and that all stopped when the Russians arrived. Now, you will see only a few Philippinos and the a great number of Russian girls. Most of the girls are here on short, transit visas (2-4 weeks at a time). But they keep coming back due to the large tourist market.

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The first night, I tried the Rumours nightclub in the Ramada Inter-Continental hotel. Nice and decent club, many girls and most of the were 'working.' Mostly Russian and a couple of Asian-types. Usually eye-contact will get them to walk over to you. Just talk to them, get a feel for their attitude and at the same look over their body and see if you like. If you do, find out if she's willing to go back to your hotel for some fun.The going rate is about 500 Dirhams ($1-3.6 DH). They may start of anywhere from 700-1,000DH's. You can easily get them down to around 500DH's. Btw, the rates are for whole night. Make sure she is going to stay for the entire night, and that she has no 'obligations' that she needs to get back to. Many of them are looking to get a couple of more customers in after you, so be upfront with her that you expect her to stay till morning.Anyway, I hooked up with a nice looking (8 rating) African-Arab girl. She spoke perfect English(most of them do) and was very willing prior to going back to the hotel. Back at the hotel, she remained willing and eager and had some great fun. BBBj followed by 2 rounds of various-position sex. I was tired, so I let her go near dawn. She was 500DH for the night. Tipping is not required at all and most girls don't expect it either. Pay her at the end and never before.

The next few nights, I spent in some of the other clubs. A couple of them were in the Arif Castle Hotel. Very loud and busy club, but many girls. And here they are much more aggressive. In the sense, that they will approach you for a drink, or just keep walking by you in an effort to get your attention. Pick the one you like and buy her a drink. Check her out in all ways possible & offer her an oppty. for some fun back at your hotel. Stick to the 500DH benchmark area and you will do fine. Most of the girls here are African with some Indians walking around. There is actually an Indian nightclub in the same hotel, but I didn't have time to check it out. Am sure there is action going on in there too. I picked out an Asian-type and took her back to my hotel. She was not as great looking (7 rating) as previous but she had a very eager and bubbly personality. So she definitely aimed to please! And she did....plenty of BBBj and some quality, animated sex! She stayed till morning, gave her 500DH and she was happy.

I visited some other nightclubs including the one in the Hyatt Regency (more fancy, but not that many available girls), in the MayFair hotel (usually slow) and a couple of others in the area. The girls that I took back to the hotel later gave me their cell numbers before leaving in case I wanted to hook up with them during the day or evening. This is a pretty common if the girl had a decent time with you.There a lot of places (especially at night) to pick up working girls. Most of the bars in the top hotels will have girls. Usually easy to pick out, as they will be by themselves, talking on a cell phone, or just giving some eye contact. Just approach them and the rest is easy. The clubs are a sure-fire way of meeting a whole range/type/quantity of girls. No problem in this area. Some of these clubs charge an entrance fee (approx. 50DH) but it depends on the night and club. You can also try asking some of the taxi drivers, they usually know of motel/hotel type operations that you may want to check out.

One point, Dubai is an extremely safe city. You will almost never be in an area where you may feel under threat. Just follow the rules of the people and you will have no problems. I had fun with a number of nice & good looking girls, good prices relatively speaking and no major problems with the girls.

All in all, Dubai was a good trip and look forward to going back.

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