Prostitution Report
from Venezuela

Just returned from Isla 3 weeks ago. The place is compared to Cuba DEAD! Although what I have heard, it seems to be better during Easter Holiday and other Venezuelan public holidays when the Venezuelans go on holiday themselves. According to other people who visited the island a few years ago the scene is almost completely gone and it`s no longer the party island it used to be.

If you go, I recommend to stay in a Porlomar hotel. Porlomar is the only place with some action. Recommended by the locals is Sr. Frog`s and Woody`s. Forget Sr. Frog`s, it is full as previously posted with unavailable very young girls. Woody`s is dead during weekdays, but the girls who are there are almost all available. 80% of them not very attractive. Weekends the place is loaded, but very hard to spot the available ones, except for some ugly hardcore drug using pro`s. I picked one girl up during a weekday. The girls will ask for $80 - $100 USD, but will go down to $50 USD for all night (or better rest of the night). I stayed at the Margarita International Resort and they asked for $15 USD to register the girl (although I had a double-room alone).

Here are 2 pic`s of the girl I picked up:The disco`s (EYE, Mosqito Coast) mentioned in previous posts were all closed while I was on the Island, and nobody knew if they would open again. Positive thing is that you get much Bolivares more for your Dollar because of the crisis, so prices drop as we speak and pay the gorls in local money. Also in Woody`s don`t treat the women as pro`s they will walk away from you.

I visited the lapdance place Goldfinger`s (across from Woody`s) as well. It has nice looking women, and the one I talked to agreed to meet me after work for $50 USD. All in all Isla Margarita is quite okay for a week of relaxation and sunshine with some possibilities to meet nice women. But I would recommend Cuba, and especially Cienfuegos which is refer to as "Pussyparadise".

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