Prostitution Report
from Argentina

This hobby has produced some good times for all of us, and every once in a while we meet the girl of a lifetime. You know the kind of girl I mean, the one that you call to spend two hours with you, but she is so nice that she spends two days instead, without even mentioning price or money. When she is confused about what to wear when she goes out with you, she invites you over to help her pick something out. This same girl has numerous sugar daddies, flying her all over the globe, is in the upper tier of a major airline’s mileage club before she is 21, and treats every guy like he is the only person in the world for her. On top of all of this, she is beautiful as well, could easily grace the covers of magazines, and does not even think about it. A few years ago she was right in our midst on one of the major websites in BA, but alas, is no more, and I have no idea where she is now. These girls are very special, and after you spend some time with one of these beauties, if she is no longer around, you begin to always think back, and try to envision another of her caliber coming along for you.

These memories were in the back of my mind when a young lady came into my life through another avenue, the manager. I had met the manager a few years ago in BA, when I called a number in the Buenos Aires Hearld. Over the years she was very reliable in sending over company on short notice, but I found out later that she took 50% of the girl’s fee. Recently on a slow day in BA one day, I gave the manager a call to have a girl come over, and then possibly join me for dinner, and she promptly sent over a very nice girl, but not the kind you want on your arm at dinner. After the girl left, I called the manager and thanked her, and would be in touch my next time in town. She must have sensed disappointment in my voice as there was a message from her the later that evening on the hotel phone saying she had someone really special for me. I had dinner with friends, went out to the clubs, and slept in the arms of a female companion, who stayed with me until about 1:00 in the afternoon, and I had to leave that night. Shower, shave, some emails exchanged, and the manager’s phone message kept flashing in my brain. Ok, so why not? I called, she delivered, big time.

A beautiful and very friendly girl showed up at the door, we spent a while getting to know each other, and then the fun began. She saw the camera, loved to pose for it, and was a really nice person to be with. Over the next few weeks, phone calls, emails, invitations to meet her family, and she was as nice as could be. I started to flash back to a few years ago and thought I had found another gem as described in the first paragraph. She was relatively new in the business, and I saw this as an opportunity to help her out so that she would have as much business that she wanted and would not have to depend on her manager. A percentage is one thing, but 50% is not healthy.

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What started with high hopes and anticipation quickly vanished with an obsession for money and a sea of confusion. She had been discovered by her manager a few months back, and had been set up with some work. Shortly after that she became sick, her manager brought her medicine, kept her company, and generally took care of her during this time. She felt sort of an allegiance to her manager, and so she stayed with her even though 50% of her pay was taken off the top.

The next time I took her out for dinner, the phone kept going off, at last 8 times during dinner from her manager, wondering where the hell she was. There was a client waiting for her, and guess who had to drop her off at his doorstep. I felt like I had received the ultimate brush off, and the next day, we had a long talk about all of this. I told her that I wanted a really close friend, and did not want to talk about money, In return, I would help her to get established in this business, be a good friend to her, and helping her out along the way as well. We parted friends and set up another date in the future.

She broke from the manager for our next date, but after dinner, back in the hotel, she immediately started to ask about money. I was ticked, as she just got a 50% pay raise for the night, and now was talking about more. I told her that this was not the girl I talked to the week before. She fired back that she needed money, not shopping and dinners. I told her to drop her manager, get on a website, lower her prices and attitude, and treat every guy like he was the only guy on earth. Her income would increase 3-4 times. She would not hear any of it. I told her that I could not have a friendship based solely on money, especially when she gave 50% of it to a manager. I gave her a kiss, and sent her on her way, and did not write or call for a week. She wrote me, and suggested we try again.

We met again, both of us happy as we started out to dinner. The first clue of what was to come, “I don’t like this restaurant, it is too boring.” I ignore the remark. I arranged the seating at the small dinner so that she would be included in all the conversation. Talking to the guy across from me, when talking about his job, I stopped frequently to explain things to her, always to include her. She had two girls sitting next to her as well. So when dinner is over, we are walking along in the nice evening breeze. I asked her if she enjoyed the dinner and the conversation, she said no, as she felt left out. Yikes, what is a man to do? Strike two.

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Not to worry, I had some strawberries, whipped cream, and champagne in the room to ease any problems out of her mind. When I showed her the dessert treats I had ready, she went ballistic. “Why did you not tell me you had these”? “I would have not had as much to eat at the restaurant if I had known about this,” and on and on. Strike three.

I said forget it, let’s just go to sleep, and we will talk about it in the morning. The next thing she says, is “How much are you going to pay me?” Are four strikes allowed? I said we are much more than a client and a provider, she said, “I never treated you like a client.” I said, “So why start now? That kept her quiet for a while as we started to drift off to sleep, but when I moved and touched her, she did not like it as it kept her awake. ROFL. Something in my throat was causing a tickling sensation, and started a series of coughs, which she promptly did not like, and decided to go home. I gave her an amount of money that most of the girls would be overjoyed to get, and she promptly asked, “Is that all?” I could not believe this.

So that has been it with her for a few months. She went over to Europe for a while, and now is back in her home town. Emails and phone calls have been cordial, so we shall see where this goes. Like a wild horse, it needs to be tamed a bit. Question is, is it possible? Stay tuned.Now fast forward to Mirian of

I was attracted to her on the website, so gave her a call. The plan was for dinner, stay all night, and the next day take her shopping or just spend time together. Ok, no problem she says. You can have me for that amount of time for the small sum of $900 U.S. I laughed, and countered with a more reasonable number of pesos, she countered with a total of $200 if I came to see her, or $700 for dinner and time back at the hotel, and then asked me not to forget a birthday present for her. These are all in U.S. dollars. I politely excused myself from these email conversations, and she came back with one more try. She would buy a Home Theatre system, and I was to try and bring it through customs. If I did that for her, we would have a deal. No thanks.These two girls were back to back. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.

Not to worry though, as the Latin AAA farm system is sending up new talent all the time, and there is a lot of high quality available. I am also so glad there is a border between North and South America, as I would not want the American females to corrupt the Latin woman. They are a true work of art, and deserve to be loved and treated well.

The girl pictured below was the direct opposite of the two mentioned above. Not one word about money has ever been spoken between us, and she is a very sweet and nice girl.

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