Prostitution Report
from Australia

I have used a few who parade around Bourke ,William, Darlinghurst and surrounding streets (all in or next to Kings Cross in Sydney).

Best to have a car and drive around a bit, night time is far better (8pm-12am). Many more come out Fri and saturday nights. I find early evening 7pm or so on Sundays is not too bad actually as some decent pussy can be about. There are no doubt many junkies and not good looking ones that are about, but i have come across some gorgeous women too.

From another angle if I may, There are also many uni students or single chicks who just want to pay some bills without working in a brothel who get a big % of the money (up to 60%), and without doing a 8-10 hr shift too. Some, believe it or not, just want to fuck, lol. I admit, they are damm harder to find, and get picked up quicker, but they do exist and definately are around, however being in the right place at the right time is crucial to find these type of chicks. Some of my best GFE have been from these gals.

As for police stings, yes they are about, but not as frequent or as scary as many people say it is. Just need to be cautious. If you see a police paddy wagon driving around then be wary of that more so, then maybe move on and come back later or another time. Be more wary on fri and sat nights also. However Ive been with about 15 different street girls in the last 2 years with no probs at all. And in many conversations with these girls, most of the cops leave them alone, or just tell them to move to another area. It seems to be acceptable (I didnt say legal, lol) for them to prostitute on the streets as long as its not in front of a domestic area. Although I have picked up many from these types of area.

With policewomen who act as pros, i remember it being a big thing in the media about 2 years ago or so, and yes, some blokes got nailed for it. But that has seemed to die off. But as long as you are aware of it, and are cautious you can pick up some real honeys out there. Having said all that, My preference is for a good brothel or a massage parlour (with gals that like to do extras). But I find pricing of these establishments is on the up and up, and the probablity of finding a GFE is harder to find too.

To each there own, as long as you are aware of the pros and cons, it is your call.

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