Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I recently returned from my first trip to Brazil. It was fun. A friend invited me along for a party. I didn’t know what to expect.Here’s a girl I met at this place called a ‘Terma’ – was it Louie’s or Lommo’s? What was really neat was how she just came to sit beside me. I bought her a drink and she seemed very happy to be with me. Her hand was even on my unit while she kissed me. What a pleasant surprise! She asked me if I wanted to come back to her room. I stayed there with her, doing every unspeakable sexual act for two hours. It was as if she didn’t want me to leave?

The drink cost $145 dollars, but I didn’t complain – we don’t have bars like that where I come from!That night, I wanted to go dancing at Help Disco. Brooke Burke on ‘E’ Television made the place look so exciting. It was too. I danced with a blonde girl and she seemed very happy when I invited her home with me!We made passionate love until sunrise. “Brazil is very beautiful” I thought as she left. She asked me for cab fare before she left. “How much do you need?” I responded. “$150R is sufficiente” she replied. I am not sure where she lived, but it must be a long distance. But she was a lot fun and I didn’t want her walking the streets so late at night, so I just gave her the cab fare she asked for.

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The sun was coming up, and our big party was to begin at 1 p.m. “I had better get some sleep or I won’t be fresh for the party!”The party was held at a very nice hotel on the beach. My friends were a little concerned that their suite might not be available because somebody named Peter North had been renting it for 5 days to make a documentary film about Brazil? We were all relieved to learn that the suite was available, AND to see the pool guy skimming the jacuzzi.Soon, some girls arrived.I think someone played a trick on them and told them it was a costume party, because they all arrived wearing these really wild outfits.Fortunately they took the joke well. What great sports! Our hosts provided them some bikinis to go swimming.

Do want to know something? Those are some pretty wild girls! I had one on my shoulders for a chicken fight, and she actually ripped the bikini top off of another girl! “Chicken fights in Brazil are better than in America”, I thought. One of them even swam underwater and pulled my bathing suit down to give me fellatio. Can you believe that??

I was a little embarrassed by her forwardness, AND the lump in my swimming trunks, so I quietly excused myself to the sauna. “This reminds me of a confession booth”, I thought. I left reverently after a while to rejoin the party. But noone was there! They had all gone downstairs. I heard a lot of hooting and hollering so I ran down to see what all the commotion was about.As luck would have it, one of my friends was having a birthday and the girls wanted to make him feel better about growing older. “Isn’t that nice of them” I thought.

I took a closer look and counted nine people in that bed. Wait – how many people have to sleep in one bed in this country? Overcrowding must be a real problem. Over the next two hours, I saw a little bit of my friend, but not much. I think those girls really curled his toes.Gee whiz! At my last party, I was happy when I got to break open the piñata.

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I think I will hire a Brazilian party planner for my next event. After a while, it was dangerous to walk near this bed. With so many used condoms on the ground, it kinda looked like squid on the floor of a fishing boat.Some of these playful girls had to leave to go to another party, and we were sad to see them go.Even though my friend was a little bit tired, we surprised him with a belly dancer.After the dance routine, we all left him alone to rest for a while. About 15 minutes later, we all heard him howling like he’d stubbed his toe really bad, but I suspect the belly dancer might have had something to do with him making all of that racket.

Do you know what? Some more girls showed up a little later! My friends and I all looked really tired, but when these girls showed up, we got a second wind.Do you know that nice belly dancer stayed around to party for a while because she really liked one of the newly arrived girls? I am not sure, but I think I saw her lead the birthday boy upstairs with this other girl. The birthday boy came back downstairs 20 minutes later with an arm around both girls.There are so many other things I could say about Brazil. Perhaps another time. Thank you again for reading my trip report.

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