Prostitution Report
from California

April 12, 2001
Los Angeles, California USA -- An On-The-Scene Report on Alvarado and Olympic --A Hometown Report

Before we get into this report, two cautions are in order. This area is gang territory and while I heard no gunfire and saw no violence, BE CAREFUL; there is plenty of grafitti and that means gang trouble. And secondly, prostitution is illegal in California and you can get arrested if you are super uncool.Well, fellow poondogs, this man just returned from the intersection named above and I can safely report all is well. Just spent four hours surveilling the area - 2 hours before sunset and 2 hours after sunset and let me tell you, what a difference! And because of this difference, this report will be divided into a “Before Sunset” section and an “After Sunset” section.

I arrived about 5 in the evening and activity was obvious. No police were to be seen and all of the girls/ladies seemed relaxed and calm.Most of the action was on Westlake Avenue, just north of Olympic Avenue (check out the map). About 10 girls were standing on the sidewalk and obviously in business. And over time, some left and some appeared. There was a selection of whites, blacks and latinas. I saw 1 fine young white girl and 2 fine young black girls. No latina really stood out from the crowd. I saw no asian girls. The rest were passable and all of them appeared to be working to please, meaning dressed nicely, at least nicely for streetwalkers. I would estimate the chicks ranged from 18 years old to about 30, more or less. And I should add there was none of the “streetwalker yelling” scene we have all witnessed somewhere once or twice. This was not low key but rather straight business, right out in the open, which is fine.

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Now do not misinterpret this - I have travelled all over Asia and elsewhere and this scene does not compare favorably to abroad, but when you are stuck in Los Angeles for a while like I am, this will serve the purpose nicely.Now my purpose today was simply to gain an overview of the scene and report on my observations so no information on prices is available - today ... but it will be soon.While I do own a fine luxury sports car, I thought I would just drive my little economy car down and dress decidedly down-scale, just as I would abroad. I was well received and any of the 3 fine chicks mentioned above could have been mine (for a while anyway) had I simply said ”Yes” or made a “come here” hand gesture. So that is good news - you need not look rich (or young) to have a good choice of the finer tenderloins here.There was action elsewhere, especially on 12th Street, near Alvarado. A few chicks there and more about this in the “After Sunset” section. All of the action seemed to be confined to an area within 2-3 blocks in any direction from the main intersection.

So I had about 2 hours before sunset to check out the scene. There is a McDonald’s and other fast food outlets in the immediate vicinity, right at the main corner of Olympic and Alvarado. I set myself up in McDonald’s to check out the scene and had a great view for a long long time without being conspicuous . The area is very very busy with single men cruising for the chicks and also just regular citizens going about their day, getting off buses, changing buses, etc...Before sunset, I saw nothing adverse.... no cops... just men driving up, signaling the chicks to come to the car, a brief discussion and the chick gets in the car and off they go... that is it.Just before sunset, there was a walking demonstration of about 40 local citizens, carrying signs, escorted by two policemen on foot. They were walking westbound on the south side of Olympic toward Alvarado. The demonstrators were chanting “No more drugs, no more gangs.” It did not last long, maybe 5-10 minutes but it really had a chilling effect on the scene. During this period the girls made themselves scarce, and when it was over, the sun had set and the girls were back, but not to the same place on Westlake as before.

The main drawback to this scene after sunset is the fact that it is dark and it is difficult to see what is going on and what the girls look like if you are just driving up and picking one up. I suggest parking on the north side of Olympic near Westlake and within 10 minutes or so many girls will have walked by and you can take it from there. Just keep your passenger window rolled down, yes DOWN, so you can speak to the ladies. Daytime was great - you could really see what the girls looked like and while some looked just fine, some were not very good looking. So the sun set. And guess what - started to see cops. Between 7 and 8 o’clock the police presence was obvious - driving black and whites and I also saw one unmarked car come out of an alley. I did not see anyone getting busted, or stopped, or questioned. The cops seemed to be just driving by but they were around and they did turn onto Westlake Avenue but by this time the chicks had vacated this spot. After sunset, the ladies seemed to be doing one of two things and I had to drive around to discover this. About a half dozen had moved to 12th Street, just east of Alvarado. And about a half dozen or so could be seen walking up and down the north side of Olympic, east of Alvarado. There were individual stragglers to be found here and there in other areas nearby, but these were the main congregating spots.

If you are in Los Angeles and want a change of pace (and probably price) from the accupressure joints, here is a fine alternative. Try to go before sunset. Do not expect to find the babes you find in Asia, South America or the Caribbean but you can find something decent. In all, I would estimate there were something like 20-30 ladies working this area. And remember, a smile will get a smile in return. It did for me at least. Happy Hunting !

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