Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

I once again took off for Phnom Penh. I've lost track of how many times I've been there but somewhere around 25 or 30. I like the people and the country is beautiful in some places.It is the sort of place that you either love or hate and even for me, after a few days, the constant barrage on your senses can become wearing.

So my buddy and I decided to buy our tickets FROM Phnom Penh to Bangkok round trip as they are quite a bit cheaper. We took a bus to Trat, crossed the border, rented a driver for only the two of us and the cost was $50 ($25 each) for him to take us to Phnom Penh. I personally hate being cooped up in a car or bus for long periods of time and would rather fly but it's been a long time since I've done something like this so I said WTF.

Anyhow...we get to PP, check in at the Paris and then head out to Sharky Bar. Hung out for a while, played some pool, had a fattening as hell Blue Cheese Burger with Bacon and scoped out the action. There were more girls than in the past few trips but I decided the grass would be greener at Martini's. Indeed it was.

Immediately I was greeted by old business partner Yao, who with long hair, her nice attitude, big breasts and professional craftsmanship would certainly satisfy me. I decided to pass as I didn't want to do business with someone I had already done so with before. I wanted something new.

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An old hag of a mamasan sat down next to me and I almost told her to get lost but she brought over a fresh faced, white skinned girl with medium size breasts, a nice smile and teeth and a seemingly good attitude. Decided to take her.

Got her back, did the obligatory shower scene and then out for the gymnastics. She was a Viet and gave good head. I held my load and started pumping away, quickly switching to the pile driver position of her legs behind her ears. BTW - Rockhard uses a condom - ALWAYS. After a nice hour long session, I cracked a nut deep in her whoregina, satisfied with her and her performance. She was not a 9 or a 10 though and I had cracked my nut so I said "Time to go, bye-bye." She had no problem with that and didn't feel offended at all which was nice of course. Gave her ten bucks plus a few real (maybe a bucks worth) and bid her farewell.

I must add that I had my camera near the bed, on the nightstand and when she saw it the first thing she did was make sure it was off. I had planned to use it but I didn't even try when I noticed her reaction to it.

The next day we went to the Russian Market and got a few DVD's, had some breakfast and basically just ran around town. That evening I went to Sharky's again, did the same thing, played pool, hung out and shot the shit with a few people and then took a long timer who I had taken home many times before. Very professional, nice looking, nice body, slim and smooth skinned as I like them. After a pleasant evening where she sucked me off and I cracked inside of her, "Tho" left $21 richer and kissing me on the cheek. Nice chick but she isn't getting out of the game anytime soon. Life's a bitch then you become a Sharky Bar whore.

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Anyhow....The next day we went to some Muay Boran fights which are much like Muay Thai fights. My buddy and I were the only ones in the place, which was a brand new TV station. They let us sit ringside, for free and I was up on the apron taking photo's. For me, this was fun. Gave the fighter 1000 Riel (25 cents) and the entire studio / audience went nuts.

After this we decided to hit K11 as my buddy had never been there. I must admit that K11 is not for the faint of heart as it is a pretty disgusting place. I have a few pictures of the street / dirt road where the place is located.

First place I went into, most of the girls were laying around. Decided to take one and she quickly told me $10. I laughed and told her no way, $5 is more than enough as this is the going Barang rate and locals are paying maybe $2.50. She wouldn't budge so I said goodbye. Went to the next house which I believe was house number 8. One of the girls liked my dimples and seemed to have a good attitude so I gave her the hook and off we went. Got a nice Viet blowjob, ball licking and all, then pulled her up and did her standing up. Back on to the bed where she lied on her back and I came on her face. Out the door I gave her $5 plus a $1 tip for being so professional.

Later on I was again at Sharky's doing my thing, playing pool, relaxing when one of the long time waitresses asked me if I was going to take a lady. Of course I said I didn't know. She pointed out one girl who she said was fairly new and went easy on the action with the customers. She was cute so I made my way over to her and initiated a conversation. She asked me if I liked her friend as her friend "loved me." I told her no, I liked her and she then said "Oh, you love me?" I told her no but I liked the way she looked. We sat around for an hour or two and then made our way back to the Paris.

She was good in that she wasn't in a hurry to have sex or take a shower and we sat and watched TV for a short time. She spoke decent English and apparently was going to English school which was one reason why she said she was working. I don't believe much of anything they say though so we took our respective showers and had sex. She was good, very into it and got on top and rode me like a bull. After a few good night words, fast asleep we went.

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In the morning we had a another romp but I had a piss hard on, wasn't fully awake and with the condom on, I couldn't feel a thing. So off came the rubber and I told her to Yum-yum. "No", she says, "I no yum-yum." What? A Viet who doesn't yum-yum? I told her this was a problem. So we went back and forth and she told me that Chinese guys and French guys were paying her $30-$40 a night on average, even as much as $50-$100 and sometimes wiht no sex. Certainly no yum-yum as in her words "I don't care, $100-$200, I no yum-yum." So this was a buzz-kill.

She tried to get me to fuck her again but I was not into at that point because I wanted my dick in her mouth. It wasn't to be. After about 30 minutes of laying around with her she started jerking me off and after what seemed liked ages, I managed to squeeze out a second nut, albeit a "jerk-off" nut onto her tits. Ok, mission accomplished but she definitely lost points for not giving head. She kept asking me if I was angry with her and I told her, "No, not angry, not at all." I wasn't angry but as I told her, from a business standpoint, she lacked a measure of professionalism by not sucking my cock.

All in all, not a bad trip. Had dinner at a Gnocchi restaurant which I would highly recommend and will post the BC later. Good food, some nice red wine. We also hit a place called La Dolce Vita. Both were on the the river and cost us about $6.50 each, including the half carafe of wine.

We bought a Bangkok Airways ticket roundtrip from PP for $145 which is about 5800 baht. It was supposed to be $165 but there was a promotion in which if 2 people flew the first leg together, they knocked off $20. Good deal and it beat the hell out of driving, that's for sure.

Like I always say - Cambodia isn't for everyone but the people are much more genuine than the Thai's and if you can look past the moto drivers bugging you to take you around, the place has it's charm.

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