Prostitution Report
from Canada

I had the opportunity to take a brief trip to Vancouver, BC. Before I stumbled upon ASP, I never knew about its pleasures. I arrived in town on a late Sunday night. Since it was late and I didn't want to drive around anymore, I decided to limit my entertainment to a night at the Penthouse. I was disappointed to find that it was closed. There was no sign, but I think it was closed because it was Sunday. I decided to walk around the block and head on over to Cecil Hotel/Pub. As I walked around, I noticed a number of so-so to bad looking streetwalkers. I did find it kind of funny to see a bunch of streetwalkers lined up on the sidewalk each talking away on their cellular telephone. Business calls?

Instead of heading over to the Cecil, I decided to check out Madame Cleo's. I had never been there before so I was curious. I arrived around 11 pm. There were five girls available. None of them "rocked my world". There was one who was a stunning beauty (Eurasian?), but a customer who beat me to the front door by seconds selected her. I really wanted to wait for her, but I was told that they were busy and closed at midnight. I felt pressure and needed relief so went ahead and selected a late 20-early 30 blonde with nice (but fake) boobs. I rate her a 7-8 in looks. Since I was intigued by their fantasy rooms, I opted for the "jungle room" for a one-hour session.

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The room cost me $80 CAN (around $55 US). The "tip" for the full-service cost me an extra $300 CAN (don't flame me for overpaying. . .I was using the wrong brain). The massage was so-so (I think this is what's called "bodysage". It must be a Canadian thing.) The full-service was more like slam bang, thank you Madam. It wasn't a full one-hour session if you deduct the wait for the shower's availability, the so-so massage, waiting for her to get me a bottled water and getting another "party hat". I should of only asked for a 1/2 hour session since I didn't feel any "chemistry" when I selected her. Anyway it was too late. Perhaps she was tired since it was getting to the end of her shift. Would I go again? Probably not, but I must admit that I'm still enchanted with the girl who was selected before I arrived. If I did go back, I'd go back during the day and I'd call before hand and ask if my mystery dream girl was available.

The next day, I checked out of the hotel, tossed my luggage into my car and then walked to a restaurant for a late breakfast. Within less than an hour, in broad daylight in front of a busy downtown street, some jerk broke my car window. Luckily, nothing was stolen since the car door jammed (anti-theft lock) and the idiot couldn't open the door. Needless to say, I was pissed. After last night's less than stellar experience at Cleo's and now this, I was going to leave Vancouver with a bad taste in my mouth.

Rather than leave on a down note, I decided to call independents who had gotten good reviews in ASP. Unfortunately, I was getting out of service cellular numbers, voice mails, or the few that did answer were booked for that morning. It looked like I was going to leave Vancouver with a frown. As I drove out of town through Richmond, I remembered reading something positive about Toh Far Studio so I exited off the freeway, called and got their address. I thought Toh Far would be an exclusive Asian massage palor, but I was wrong. They did, however, have one Asian gal. When I arrived shortly after noon, there were five gals available. They weren't any better or worse than the gals at Cleo's. I found three of the gals to be pretty. I selected Kathy. When I saw her, there was something about her that I liked. If you like tall, slim, hardbody girls, Kathy is NOT your type. She isn't obese, but she has big hips that reflect child bearing. Kathy has natural and soft boobs. She has a sweet personality, affectionate with a constant smile. I knew I had a winner so I opted for a one-hour session at $60 CAN and full-service for $200 CAN. Unlike Cleo's, Kathy gave me a full one-hour session. I walked out satisfied. Would I go back? You betcha. . . but I would probably not go back right away since I still need to fish in some more ponds. One thing about Toh Far, everything is done on a massage table. If you're a BIG guy, doing it on a massage table could be a problem.

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