Prostitution Report
from Costa Rica

Friday February 1

Boy was I excited! I was returning to Costa Rica for my second trip in two months. My first adventure (see my previous report) was so fantastic that it had to be experienced again. I decided to stay at the Presidente this time instead of the Del Rey. My logic was that the Presidente had nicer rooms, costs less ($45), no visitor charge, and a free breakfast. So I thought it was worth a try because the Del Rey was adding up to be almost twice as much. Of course, there is something to be said for convenience, but I wanted to test the alternative.As the cabbie drove me to the Presidente, I inquired about the elections. This was quite a concern because the government bans alcoholic beverage sales two days before the election and one day after. In this case, sales halted at midnight on Friday night, and did not resume until midnight the evening of Monday the 4th. The cabbie told me that I could buy beer at any local grocery store, and I could bring the beer into the bars since they could not sell alcoholic beverages.When I got to the Presidente, I was pretty impressed. The lobby was nice, and the room was substantially nicer than my room at the Del Rey during my previous stay. I later learned that the Presidente has two sets of rooms. The old ones and the new ones. I had a new room, and I have heard the older ones are not nearly as nice.

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Later, I popped by the Mas X Menos which is just three blocks to the right when exiting the Presidente. I would call the Mas X Menos sort of like Buy Low but they also sell clothes. So I bought a 12 pack of beer, a sweat jacket, and some hair mousse. Good news was just like everywhere else in Costa Rica, they took American dollars as well. Of course, the change was in colones but it's nice to know.My first stop is IDEM. IDEM is without a doubt my favorite place in all of San Jose, even more so than the Blue Marlin. More on this subject later, but IDEM has on average better looking women than the Blue Marlin, the sex is much more consistent. Plus it is cheaper at $45 for the full treatment. You are extremely hard pressed to find any girl that will go down to $45 at the Blue Marlin. Sure at the Blue Marlin, there are some truely stunning looking women, but they want top dollar and there is still no guarantee that it will be good sex.So anyways, I go around 5 pm. The selection was a little on the light side at this hour. Probably only about 15 girls to choose from. One other thing that I love about IDEM is that all of the girls are wearing skirts and high heels. The look is very similar to a strip club in the US. Roberto makes sure that they are all of a certain quality.

I hung out for a while and drank a couple beers and watching some of the other girls come in to work. I finally chose a Tica hottie named Mariela. Wow, she was totally accomodating. Long passionate french kissing, very sexy massage, lots of oral sex, topped off by multiple positions. What a great way to start off the trip!Next I decided to stop by the Blue Marlin for a beer. I ran into Maya from the Dominican Republic from my last trip. She is dark skinned, sweet personality, and a very smile and face. I was hungry, and she told me that she wanted to go to Tony Roma's. I agreed and off we went. Maya is a little girl but off we went and I could not believe how much food she ate.Next we went back to the Presidente, and watched some TV, had some sex, watched more TV, more sex, then fell asleep. Saturday February 2 In the morning, we had sex again, and then she left after I paid her. I took a little mini nap, and then woke up and headed up the internet cafe. There are tons of intternet cafes and I spent most of my time at the Digital Cafe. It is one block up the hill from the Presidente. I like the digital cafe in comparision to Netopia which is 1/2 block from the Del Rey. The reason is speed. They are using a cable modem, and Netopia is using a dedicated 768K line. If there are one or two people in the place, the cable modem is substantially faster. Not that this matters, but Digital Cafe is 400 colones per hour, and Netopia is 500 colones.

Just down the street from the Presidente, if you take a right when exiting the Presidente, is a little place called Chelles. At Chelles, you can buy telephone calling cards. There are no signs, but you ask the guy for a card "tarjeta telefonica', and he sells it to you. The rates are pretty decent, and you pay essentially $.30/minute from your hotel room back to USA. It's the same price as MCI from USA to San Jose, so I thought that was pretty good.Now the major bummer! I decided that I would go to IDEM a little later in the day to have a larger selection than yesterday. I leave the Presidente at 6 pm, and make the 4 block walk, and lo and behold. IDEM is closed! It was due to the election dry out period. IDEM is primarily a Tico bar, and I am told the reason for the dryout is a) to keep the Tico's clearheaded, b) better voter turnout, and c) less chance of a rebellion if the voters did not like the result.

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So I go to the del Rey and meet a few Gringos and start talking to a few chicas. Of course, the Del Rey is a shadow of itself since no one can drink. A few of the Gringos in the Del Rey were bringing their beers down from their room. I heard that the Del Rey was charging them $6 per beer from the room. Ouch! But then I remember that I have a 12 pack in my room! So I go back to the room, put 6 Imperials in a bag, and hangout at the Del Rey. I had a good time, but there were a lot of Gringos drooling over my beers. USA was playing Costa Rica in football today, and I watched the game while secretly rooting for Costa Rica. Despite being a serious underdog, USA won 2-0.I can't tell you why, but the mood in the Blue Marlin just wasn't right for me. Maybe it was the lack of alcohol, or maybe I was just disappointed that IDEM was closed, but I didn't find anything to my liking, and so I went back to my hotel and crashed early.

Sunday February 3 I woke up early this morning. Today is a big day - Presidential Elections, and the Super Bowl. Since yesterday was such a slow day sex wise, I was determined to do a little more. So I ventured to Arte's Sauna which is probably only two blocks from the Presidente. I wasn't planning on being overly selective. I just wanted to get laid. So I go in, and this place is pretty much a dive. Little tiny massage rooms, and girls that are not so attractive. Think the bottom of the barrel at Blue Marlin. I chose the nicest looking one, and off we went. It was uninspired to say the least, but I got my nut off. Overall, I would not recommend Arte's. They charge 13,000 colones, and for 14,000 colones, you can go to IDEM and get a better looking girl, more accomodating, and a much higher quality cleaner room.Next I got ready for the Super Bowl. I brought my six beers in a little trash can and watched the game at the Del Rey. It was kind of comical. The Del Rey girls kept on tryingto get someone to leave with them without avail. I guess they learned how important the NFL is to the average American male. At half time, I tried the little dinner that they make at the front door of the Del Rey every night. It costs somewhere between $4-$5 and it was actually pretty darn good. I had the stewed beef and also had a little steak with rice and vegetables.

After the Super Bowl ended, I hung around and gambled a little, and then I ran into Victoria. Holy Mackeral, this woman looks incredible. A huge rack, pretty face, and little ass. She's from Colombia and says she is 27 but I would say she looks more like 21. This is a top notch girl, and I was tired so she insisted on $100/hour and I agreed.

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A major reason for the trip was I wanted to test out my new digital video camera. It is really small, pretty close to the size of a digital photo camera. My goal was to create a digital video archive my adventures in Costa Rica. I tested the camera a little bit with Maya and I was able to capture about 3 minutes of video.Victoria would be the first real test for my video camera, and she was a knockout. I kicked up the video camera and she definitely loved it. She was teasing the camera and then she did a very nice and sexy strip tease removing both her top and her bottom. I estimate that I got a good 3 minutes of video. After that we had sex, and Victoria was spectacular. The sex was great but not with the same passion as IDEM. No deep kissing, and a covered BJ, but with a girl that would easily rank as a 9, it was all worth it. Plus she has huge tits that she claims to be real.

Monday February 4

Another day of no drinking! The election turned out to be a tie, so there is supposed to be a runoff sometime in April. Keep your eyes open for the exact date, because the lack of alcohol definitely puts a damper on things. I ran into an old buddy of mine, and we decide to walk around. First we walk to IDEM, and unfortunately, it is still closed. Bummer. My buddy had got there a week before than I so he definitely had a great feel for the turf.We go to the Park Hotel. When we walk in, everyone knows my buddy, kind of like Norm in Cheers. Problem is that the Park Hotel is a dive. I mean a real dive. The good news is that they are serving beers there. So we sit down and chit chat with some of the people there. These are hard core, very hard core mongers on a budget. The girls there were pretty bad. Most of these girls are below the lowest quality that you would find in the Blue Marlin. There was one girl that was actually pretty sexy, but I had to get out of there. It was just too dumpy for my tastes. I did ask and the 'free blow jobs' on Tuesdays, and the no holds barred private show on Friday and Saturday are indeed true.My buddy then decides to go eat at the Colonial. This is the gambling place right next to the Del Rey. It is a really nice place inside and more importantly the restaurant is excellent. It is pretty amazing because there is almost no one in the restaurant either, so you can get a high quality, reasonably priced, quickly served meal at the Colonial.We hit the Del Rey, and the place is hopping but just seems out of place because of the lack of alcohol. I finally meet a little 20 year old Tica named Michaela. Very quiet, very pretty, but also pensive. We get back to the room, and we do a little interview in front of the camera, but then she gets shy. Sex was decent, not great, but she was rather attractive, fairly young, and IDEM was closed.

Tuesday For dinner, my buddy and I decided to go to Don Wang's which is the Chinese restaurant next to Tin Jo which is across the street from IDEM. To put it mildly, Don Wang's is awesome. I've eaten a lot of Chinese food in my time, and I would put this place up with any other place I've eaten be that in San Fransisco, NY, or Monterrey Park. They also have a Dim Sum menu that is pretty good.

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But finally, IDEM is open again. Not only that, I thought that I would bring my video into IDEM also just to see what would happen. My buddy and I have a few beers and just hang out, and then finally I choose a Nica named Anna. Very pretty slim body, and light chocolate skin and a nice smooth brunette hair. We go up to the room, and she is way into it. She immediately takes off her clothes and starts modeling for me in all different positions. Next she starts masturbating. I'm in heaven. Plus she's driving me crazy. So I turn off the camera, and she starts giving me head. Then I think, I should film this too. She is way into it, and is actually getting off on this! So I tell her to play with herself while she is sucking me. The footage is awesome. Enough is enough so I had to put the camera down and screw her. Man, I screwed the shit out of her. I'm sore just thinking about it. It was a great session, plus I have the video to remind me! Wednesday While I was walking out of IDEM on Tuesday, I saw one of my absolute favorites from last trip, Jennifer. I knew that I had to come back today and be with her. Plus, I was hopeful that I could also take some more video of one of my favorite girls. I show up there around 7 pm and Jennifer is there looking as sweet as ever. After a couple of beers, we go upstairs and Jennifer loves the camera. She does a nice strip tease and then starts masturbating. Then she wants to stop and look at the video, while stroking my cock. Then we take some more video of her sucking me, and then we watch. Then more video of her sucking me while playing with herself. Incredible. Then off goes the camera for some great sex. There is just something about this camera that makes for great sex.

While we are relaxing after sex, I ask Jennifer whether she has ever been with another woman. Her eyes light up and she says "Of course." This was not a random question on my part. Tomorrow, a buddy is coming and one of our goals is to shoot a girl-girl video. My first thought was to find two girls at the Del Rey, but now I am thinking of Jennifer and another girl would be the hottest.That night, I was starved, and I head to the Del Rey. Maybe I can run into someone to eat with. After a few beers, I meet a very attractive Costa Rican girl named Rosa. She is nice, but the most interesting thing is she is full of energy and life. And she speaks Spanish a mile a minute. I'm decent in Spanish, but it is a constant challenge keeping up with Rica. She also introduces me to her friend Gina. I nick name the two of them Rosa Rica and Marijuana. (It's a long story). So we go get something to eat, and they want to come to my hotel. Oh I forgot both of them have pierced tongues, and both of them are very pretty. I would put them in the top 20% in the Blue Marlin. So we go back to my room. They are joking around a lot, running around the room like banchees. I get all of it on the camera. After that, at some point, I fell asleep and they are waking me up. So I paid them (It wasn't their fault!), and they left. I'm glad I met them because I would bump into them many more times, and we always had a good laugh.

Thursday My buddy arrives in the afternoon. We head over to Del Rey for a couple of beers. Also, I wanted him to see the Del Rey first before we hit IDEM so he had a point of comparison. Then I take him to Don Wang's for another outstanding Chinese meal, and then off to IDEM. After a couple of beers, I ask Jennifer over and we begin discussing who she wants as the third member of our threesome. Guess what? She chooses Anna, the same girl I had had on Tuesday. What a great coincidence, since I knew that Anna loved the camera also.

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So we go upstairs, and they charge an additional $15 each for the lesbian show. Not important at all, and they start going at it. The only problem was the lighting in this particular room is rather poor. Most of the rooms in IDEM are pretty well lit, but this one was not. Bummer. But these girls are hot. They are rubbing each other, kissing each other. First Jennifer goes down on Anna, and then Anna goes down on Jennifer, then they have a nice 69. Later Anna is eating Jennifer, and I join in and Jennifer is blowing me at the same time. I got some shots of that as well. I can't stand watching and filming anymore and jump in. I get a little footage of both of them blowing me, but the room is just too dark. Then the camera goes off. I screw Jennifer while she eats Anna, then Jennifer screws me while Anna sits on my face. Then I come. Darn, I love to come, but I really didn't want this one to end. But I was spent. That was a lot of work, but really worth it. Although the video is intelligible, I really wish the light had been better.Friday Today we have a different plan. My buddy is going to go to IDEM with two girls and the camera. I would just hang out with one,and satisfy myself. After a couple of beers, he chooses Sharon, a wonderfully firm 18 year old Tica, and another Nica named Daniel. The good news is that these girls just like all the others are way into it. They dig the camera, and they do all the usual drills. The lighting was good, and my buddy must have gotten more than 15 minutes of video. I've seen it and it's pretty hot!I went upstairs with Mariela again for a repeat session. She is just great. I love all the oral activity that lasts for more than 1/2 the session. Long deep kisses, nice long covered blow job, and then 69, and finally sex. Just like last time, and a pretty intense orgasm for a climax.

Next thing we know I'm at the Blue Marlin again. I didn't really plan on meeting anyone, but I spot this woman and she is close to a 10 in looks. Beautiful face, great body, big tits, small ass. Her name is Viviana, from Colombia. So I say, what the hell? I immediately get her on camera, and she looks great. She poses a little, and then I ask her to take off her top. She refuses. I beg and she still refuses. Aaarrggh. Off goes the camera, and it gets down to some of the worst sex I've ever had. Yea she was beautiful, but it was boring. We tried a few positions, and it didn't look like I would climax, and she says "You're not trying hard enough.". I almost had to stop from laughing, "Me? I think it would be you!". So I tell her to give me head, and I try as hard as I can to get the fact that this woman is a bitch out of my head, and then I splooge.

This experience really sums up the biggest issue with the Blue Marlin. Sure, there are some really good looking woman. Much higher quality than you will find in any other place in San Jose. But overall experience is still hit or miss. I would rather have a slightly less good looking girl, and every time it is good sex, that starts and ends great. Rather than find out that a beautiful woman is actually a cold fish. Saturday Well it's my last day and I share my plan with my buddy. I'm going into IDEM and have sex with two women, get them both on video tape, and then have some dinner, and then go back to IDEM and tape and have sex with two different women. I'm pumped and I also bring a light bulb to make sure that all the video comes out well.

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I sat down with Jennifer again, and she chooses the little 18 year old Nica, Sharon, that was with my buddy last night. We go upstairs, and it was better than expected. The girls go crazy for the camera. Four or five different positions, and then they both suck me off for a while. Then I forgot to turn off the camera, so the filming continues. Jennifer is sitting on my face while Sharon is riding me. Then we switch again, and then one more time. It is incredible. But there is one big problem! I can't come. I haven't had this problem before, but maybe it's the non stop sex, but I'm not going to climax. Finally, I *fake* an orgasm and it ends mercifully. That was strange for sure, but the video is the hottest so far.

I go back down and my buddy is waiting for me. He tells me that I look totally spent. To be honest, I was, and I was beginning to wonder about part two of my plan. We go to Tin Jo, and the food is excellent, and recharge the camera's batteries as well as our own. Then my buddy tells me that he wants to have three women at once, and he wanted to get it all on tape. What a great idea! Then I thought, I could go up with a different woman, get a nice relaxing massage and release my wad.My buddy sits down, and is all business. Although it takes a while, he finds 3 girls to his liking in Jennifer (she's almost a star by now), Daniel, and a Tica, Maria, which neither of us had tried. Off he goes. I haven't looked at all the video yet but he tells me that he was like a true porn star. He had the camera through out the entire sexual adventure. It must be hot.While all of this is going on, I found a little Tica named Indiana. She is little except in one department. She has huge boobs. Pretty incredible tight body. She is just what the doctor ordered. A nice long massage, and then even a slower blow job, and she is getting hot. She asks me whether I want sex, and I say go for it. Finally, at long last, I splooged. Indiana was very sexy too, and my only regret was that I couldn't get her on video since my buddy had the camera.Afterwards, me and buddy were talking in the Blue Marlin. He had that look in his eye and told me, "I feel like a porn star, all the women want me for sex." The other thing he kept on saying over and over again. "You tried to explain to me what this place was like, but I honestly didn't believe you. You really have to experience it to believe it." I would echo the sentiment.


I had another great time in Costa Rica. It was quite a different experience than last time. Not quite as romantic and girlfriend like, but the sex was better. The only damper wast not being able to drink on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. But I come eway with two key conclusions:

1. Del Rey vs Presidente - I am going to stay at the Presidente from now on. The walk of shame is less than two minutes long. It's a nicer hotel with nicer rooms, no guest fee, and a free breakfast.

2. IDEM - I love this place. There are some great women in the Del Rey, but the sex can be hit or miss. IDEM is a sure thing, and I love the fact that all the girls are dressed in nice dresses with high heels. You have to speak a little Spanish to get along at IDEM since it is primarily a Tico bar, but for consistently good quality women, at a reasonable price, and consistent satisfying sex, IDEM is the best game in town.

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