Prostitution Report
from Cuba

As I have read in many trip reports, it really helps if you speak Spanish. Since I lack that skill, I brought with me a laptop with Spanish translation program. In some ways it can be advantage to not let on you know much Spanish. Almost everyone has a story to tell you in order to get money, food, cloths and the list goes on. I was well mentally prepared to deal with scams. In spite of this I still managed to get sucked into a few tales.

Day#1 – Walking on La Rampa and O street, two young men approach me trying at first to sell me cigars. Against advice I go ahead and engaged them in conversation. I told them I was looking for fresh lean Chica. If they could produce someone suitable to my taste I would gladly pay commission. I will not reveal what I played for my pleasures other than to say I played more than what I have read in other reports. My impression is that inflation is alive and real in Havana, at least for nice curvy soft skinned Chica. They Introduced me to Karalia. She was 18 yo.,5’2” < 100 lbs., small firm breasts, and oh so sweet and tender to the touch. She follows me to my private Casa on the Malecon. I communicate to her via laptop Spanish program my desire for shower, Chupa Lente, and the works. I brought the recommended fruity smelling shower soap. I started by washing her down thoroughly. She then began grinding her rear into my already throbbing head. I pull out quickly for fear I will prematurely explode into the snuggest fitting pussy I ever had. She then turns around and jumps me then wraps legs around me. At this point I get a little anxiety thinking, what if I slip in shower and she cracks her head open. My defenses are rapidly overruled by my stiff member who lacks any conscience whatsoever. I engaged in my first and only muff diving while in Cuba with Karalia. I believe she had real orgasm. She also became very wet. She then mounted me. I could have died right then a happy man. Note: previous reports indicate Cuban women tend to be very bushy down there. All the Chicas I had in Havana were shaven. The only downside is that most had stubble. Guys, please bring more fresh shavers to Cuba next time…lol.

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Day#2 – I made arrangements to see Karalia again on day 2 around 7 pm for another all nighter (it was that good). Day 2 I went to Varadero beach with friends I met on plane. Varadero beach was dead as far as chicas were concerned. The uniformed Chicas hitchhiking along the road to Varadero was a total turn on. I can see why having a car comes in handy. We returned to Havana around 6:00pm. I decided to take stroll along Malecon. While walking along dark portion, I spotted Chica hitchhiking. As soon as she spotted me she immediately walked towards me. I initially refused her services because I was to see Karalia again in less than 1 hour. As I walked away I entertained the thought That Karalia may not return. This Chika on road also had very nice lips and mouth. I then turned back towards her explaining that we could walk to my Casa for short time Chupa. This girl was in mid twenties, but she had sweetest disposition of all the Chicas I sampled on trip. She also provided stellar BBJCM. Karalia arrived at my Casa within minutes after my street Chica departure. Things were not as good the second night. I made mistake of trying to get inside her head with my limited translation program. I also told her that I met a couple guys on plane who helped me out with customs checked in on me from time to time to see if I was doing OK. I also happened to mention these two guys were gay. At this point she gets really strange…with lots of verbal gay bashing. Telling her that I was not interested in that scene did not help. This was my first lesson about many Cubans. Although they tend to be well educated, they also cling to many biases and superstitions. At this point I invited her to leave. She then tells me that we should have sex so she can get money. At this point nothing could get me hard. She left after I insisted.

Day#3 – I contacted pimps who had previously delivered what I asked for. This time I wanted to try some non aggressive chocolate. Again these guys delivered Yasnay, approximately 5’4” with an hourglass figure, and firm c-cup breasts. As with previous Chicas we started with long shower. She washed my stiffy clean, then got on her knees In attempt to finish me off in the shower. After a couple minutes of receiving oral bliss I then insisted we take the show into the bedroom. She starts with light massage (running her fingers along my back then around my groin. She then mounts me than starts with a clockwise rhythm I had never experienced. I almost immediately exploded inside her. Luckily she hung out with me long enough to do it all over again. This time Lente.

Day#4 – after spending day in Havana Vieja being tourist I went to Cafeteria in early evening to get bottled water. Out the corner of my eye, I see my pimps having party with some Chicas. They invite me to join them. Two of these Chicas immediately start moving in for the kill. I said to myself, what the hell and bought bottle of rum for the table. I made bad decision to move party to my Casa. After A lousy BJ by drunken Chica they want me to give them money for more booze and food. I told them that they could enjoy my Casa but I would not foot the bill for anymore booze or food. One of the pimps went left to purchased food and booze for Chicas with his own funds. Another hour passes and I decide to tell them to go home, at this point I hear knock on door. It is Yasney, she is in tears explaining that she left her carnet with me and the police took her to station. Her mother had to come and get her. I immediately started playing the part of father comforting his daughter. After inviting everyone else to leave we slept together in each others arms innocently all night.

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Day#5 – I make arrangements to take Yasnay to Paladar that night as well as to Jazz club. Around 1:00pm I am walking around Centro Habana to check out the action when another guy comes up to me asking me where I am from? I pretty much got to the point with him immediately. I told him what I was looking for then emphasized my wanting someone willing to provide service with a smile. After I let him drag me to a bar for some Mohito (not sure of correct spelling), he then took me to his home while he found me some action. His wife and son were home. Son was eating & wife has dancing and singing to some great Cuban music. As I am sitting, a very attractive and young looking Chica walks in. She introduces herself as Yakeily the sister of my pimps wife. She was acting very friendly in a seemingly innocent way. This was a big turn on, but she was also jail bait to me. When my pimp returned he told me that we must go to private Casa where my Girl was awaiting for me. As I entered Casa I immediately noticed my date was Yakeily. I told my pimp that under aged girls where not acceptable. At this point he Asks Yakeily to show me her Carnet. To my surprise and delight, she was actually 19 yo. We spent a good 2 hrs. together. She provided all the service with a smile. What I also liked about her is that she did not make all those phony groaning noises. Instead she was mostly silent looking at me with piercing eyes and doing that rhythm only Cubans seem to know. Yes, I invited her to my Casa for day 6. Around 9pm Yasnay shows up. She asks me if she can invite her sister? I quickly agreed when she told me that her sister was Vanilla, Blonde with blue eyes. Sure enough Merisol was everything my chocolate Yasney described.

Almost as soon as we left my Casa a little Cat & Mouse drama ensued With the police. We all separated in order to avoid police harassment of Chicas. About 20 minutes later Mari sol shows up in cab. We then pick up Yawned and we are off to Paladin. At the Paladin I make mistake to the tune of $75.00 dinner bill because I encouraged them to order whatever they wanted. We had shrimp this and shrimp that With all the usual side dishes. The meal was excellent, but too pricey even for me to take out my whole family at home. Oh well, lessens learned. We dropped Marisol at home then it is off to the Jazz club. We go through another little mini drama with police before we both manage to enter club. Most of the crowd inside appeared to be beautiful, well dressed people from Spain. I quickly discover that Yasnay feels out of her element in Jazz club. As I looked around, the only other Cubans there were servers or musicians. After an hour of some great Cuban Jazz I revealed to her that I was aware of her discomfort. We went back to my Casa (no problem with me) for some pleasures of the flesh. After the pleasure she quickly asked me for money then left abruptly. This got me a little down until I reminded myself that other than my self gratification, none of this was real.

Day#6 – Decided to lay off the Chicas for one day and be tourist again. Around 7pm I was walking along Prado in Havana Vieja when I was approached by beautiful Chica offering me her services. How can I resist? After all I will be leaving the following day. We took one of those golf cart taxis to my Casa for decent hard massage & BBJ.

Day#7 - I’m feeling a bit down because I will be leaving soon. I am also not looking forward to flying on another Russian jet. I spent my day visiting some Cubans had Come to feel a little close to (not Chicas). When the evening rolled around I checked out of my Casa. My gay friends transferred my baggage to there hotel for bus transport to airport. They invited me to stay in there room to rest and watch cable TV. After sitting around feeling sorry for myself for a few minutes, I decided to take a walk along La Rampa (only two blocks away). Earlier in the week I saw little action on La Rampa. Tonight (Saturday) was totally different. The street was crawling with Chicas. There was vanilla, chocolate and everything in between. After sitting on some steps for a few moments a guy comes up to me with two Chicas. One of them looked very exotic. A combination of Indian and Polynesian. I told him I did not have Casa or much time. He said he had nice Casa only two blocks away. I never got her name but she gave me The most memorable short time experience of my entire trip. Again, no fake moaning, Lots of rhythm. Her deep brown eyes pierced all my pleasure senses as she eagerly sucked and licked me.

Many of you veterans will likely criticize me for relying mostly on pimps, and spending too much. All I can say is that it was worth it to me. I went home a much happier man for the experience.

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