Prostitution Report
from Curacao

I arrived in the early morning via a Caribbean destination (I do not live in the USA). After conducting a full day of business, my buddy and I headed out to see what all the hulabllo about Le Mirage was all about.Well fellow mongers, Le Mirage is something you should all experience. I have been to Cuba several times, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Brazil, Venezuela and Thailand. But I assure you, Le Mirage is a monger's dream.I arrived at the gate of Le Mirage at 10.00pm by taxi which was a 20 minute drive at a cost of $20. The cost to enter the site was $3 (men only allowed).

Inside was a sight to behold. An entire commune of approximately 250 flats, filled to capacity with women from Columbia and a smaller percentage from the Dominican Republic.Imagine 250 women, of very shape, size and color, anywhere you turn in this secure 10 acre whorehouse. The entire commune is very well secured, with high concrete walls, painted and well lit.Women, stand at the doorways of their huts, in the walkways or at the bar, trying to catch your eye. Believe me, after reading so many reports from you mongers I was horny as hell and could not wait to grab something to munch on. But, as we have all been advised so often, I resisted the temptation to take up many of the early offers.

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We walked aroung a bit enjoying the view before heading to the bar for a beer. Halfway through the first beer, a sexy, beautiful 30 year old Columbian approached and began chatting me up. Although, she was a bit too old for my taste (I'm 50), she had a smile to die for. I could see that she was a teriffic beauty in her heyday.Off we went to her hut which was clean, freshly painted, and fully air conditioned. I asked her quanto", she replied "Cinquenta" (50). I figured, what the heck, she was a knockout, and $50 was a good deal.She put the aircondition, put on some music and began slowly grinding one me. There is something about Columbian women that really rocks me and I could not wait to get her in the sack.She slowly undressed me then began to remover her clothes. What a body. Huge tits, firm for a chica with two kids, nice ass and great legs. She began with a slow BJ with condom while I caressed he beautiful ass and tits and fingered her shaved pussy.She soon got very wet and pulled me to mount her in the missionary position. By then, I was horny as hell and while I regrettably did not last too long (Guess I read too many posts before leaving), it was very enjoyable.

She then offered me a massage and she was totally unhurried. If I hadn'd been up since 3.00 am that morning I am sure she would have been game for a second course. But, at my age I know my limitations.I paid her the 50 bucks and left quite contentedly. I went back to the bar and met my friend having a beer. He had just returned from his chica's roomt and seemed to have had a real ball (another Columbiana!). Then he spoilt my night when he said to me, "that's the best $28 I've ever spent!".Huh! I had just spent $50 and he got an equally nice chica for my kind of price. This is where I really screwed up. When my chica said the price was 50, I thought she meant $US while the standard cost is 50 guilders. Shit. I could have gotten two for that price! I kicked myself since I hate paying too much for pussy. I really have to brush up on my Spanish.By then it was really late (1.30am) and we returned to the Howard Johnson's Hotel ($80)- brand new.

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The next night, we decided to go early even deciding to have dinner there. We had a few drinks and noticed a few girls we did not see the night before. Apparently quite a few come and go each day.I picked out a sexy mulatto and headed for her room. No price was discussed. She was about 25 with a great body. She started with what seems to be the customary BJ with condom them I attacked he from on top, from the back, she on top, then I noticed that she had a red dildo on her dresser table.Of course, kinky bastard that I am, I tried to stick it up her ass but she bluntly refused. Apparently, one dildo is left in each room for the girls to use on the guys. No way I was going to let her use it on me, although we had good fun over it. After about 45 minutes or so, I exploded in her and she cleaned me up. Again she was totally unhurried and I paid her the standard 50 guilders.By then my buddy was already back at the bar. I had by then gotten quite hungry and we went to the restuarant for dinner. The food was good and quite inexpensive.

After dinner and a few beers, I was ready for seconds. When ther is so much to choose from, after the first one, you get really selective, looking for something different. I decided to go for something young, white and pretty. A cute 23 year old Columbiana caught my eye and we headed off to her room.Her skin was like velvet, firm and smooth. Apparently she had arrived earlier and I was her second. She started with the condom BJ and carried on feverishly for about 15 minutes. Of course she did not know that I had blown my wad earlier and was really working up a sweat. I then mounted her and rode he until I came. She was not very experienced but sweet none the less.Apparently, the girls pay $20 a day rent for the rooms so they have work for their upkeep. Most of the girls range from 5 - 8 with a few definate 9's and I even saw one definate ten. I approached he but she was very businesslike and that turned me off. I always prefer a nice, pleasant 7-8 than a bitchy 10 any day.

For all you mongers who would like to experience something different, Curacao is the place to go. It is great value. You could spend the entire day at Le Mirage, screw anything you like, when you like and not put a huge dent in your budget.

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