Prostitution Report
from Czech Republic

Recent trip to Prague, 3 days I will keep it concise and slim - I dont like writing novels and have 4 encounters to discuss !! Skipping the travel stuff - we all know what a train and plane does. This was my 3rd stay in Prague, so I know the story with 'ladies' well at this stage. I wasn't afraid to ring around to find an agency that acts professional instead of trying to ripoff the 'foreigner'. The agency I used last time tried to charge me more the next day because I asked for the same girl again !!. Someone got greedy and stupid. Needless to say, I didn't use them again or recommend them to anyone. Remember folks - its your money your spending so don't be afraid to say no. Plenty of agencies use fake pictures and details - a keen eye and good senses will spot the real ones. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Good service pays dividends to the agency - you will call them again if they are good.

I stayed in an apartment in Praha 1- 6 minutes walk to the metro and Charles Square. Agencys - M+M Escort & Ester Escort, details on I checked out these agencys and set up meetings via email before I went - unlike many email addresses on the net, they answered theirs personally not with an automailer. They were proffesional and punctual. When a girl was running slightly late I was sent an sms to keep me informed, much to my amazement !

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I will leave out physical descriptions and services because the pictures and services offered on the websites are all genuine and accurate..... for a change. This was reassured to me by the person running the operations end of the agency (no names). I did meet her in person at the apartment.Girls\time\cost Sandra - all night - 10000kc Dinner then home, Quiet girl, a little english, timid but very warm in her approach to entertaining. Has lovely brown eyes and a glowing smile. Well dressed for dinner.Jessica - 2hours - 7000kc Apartment, little english, but Ii dont think she wanted to talk ! . Excellent at massage. A 'nymfa' is the czech word to describe her.

Ester+Adriana - 1 hour - 7000kc My first 3some so my nerves were shot. These ladies work as a pair and are very playful together and put me at ease quickly. Adriana has some english but we got by. The most memorable moment was while making love to Adriana and Ester taps me on the shoulder and asks 'What about me ?', requesting doggie style hard and fast. Talk about erotic ! A very very nice experience ! For anyone considering having a threesome - dont consider it, just do it.

Ester - allnight - 12000kc My apartment for an hour then dinner. Afterwards she insisted I try turkish coffee. Its like engine oil. She and the barman had a great laugh at my face when I tasted it first. How the hell do people drink that stuff ??? Had a very nice evening, she is fluent in English and is a lady with a good sense of humour. She is rather frisky and if you are tired - dont bring her to bed because she will hurt you. Massage includes jumping up and down on you ! The picture with her giving the finger on the website says a lot about her - she's a little mad.

Altogether another extremely fun time in Prague. Remember to be nice and you will be treated nice.... As Ester said 'Life is great'.........

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