Prostitution Report
from Dominican Republic

I was in Miami for work on a Thursday so I made a quick trip to Sosua for four day weekend. Caught a 11:20 AA flight to Miami and landed at 2:30 in POP. After a quick stop for some cambio, six pack and cigars, checked into the Europa Apart-Hotel at 3:30.

Day One (Thursday) – Haitian Heritage Day: Popped into the outdoor bar at the Europa Plaza at 3:31 (hey, I had to drop off my luggage!) and had two or three gals introduce themselves…quite low key, no pressure. Nothing I liked too much, so just relaxed and chatted with the bartender, who name was Torca (sp?). Well, not really just chatted, but arranged to meet her the next night (her night off) for “a drink.” Here’s her picture (28yrs old, 5’9”, 115lbs soaking wet).

After hanging around for about 30 minutes and chatting up another torista, I eyeballed a hottie dark skinned gal at the other bar (there are two bars right next to each other at the Europa). After 10 minutes of eye contact, smiling, etc., I motioned her over. Her name was Maribelle. Haitian, 23 yrs old, 5’5, thin, small breated. We had quite a fun time joking around, and since she’s Haitian, she speaks French, which is better than mi espanol. Born in Haitia, family moved to Santo Domingo when she was younger, makes trips to Sosua for a month or so at a time. After about an hour of chit chat, I made my smooth move and we sauntered across the street to my hotel. Everything you’d ask for…BBBJ, Covered F/S, no hurry, took a nice nap together afterward. At 9, she had to leave to go to work at the Pluto bar (actually, the place next door). We never negotiated price, but I gave her 400 and she gave me a hug.

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After hosing down and grabbing a bite to eat, strolled down to the bar scene at about 10:30. About 6 blocks toward the beach are the Miami Sportsbar, Hotel Centro, and Merengue. Sportsbar was quiet, maybe 4 girls. Merengue was WAY too aggressive for my taste and filled with 3’s – 6’s (lots of either older, more hardened pros or younger gals that were overweight). The few higher quality girls was already taken. So I stopped in at the Centro Hotel bar, which was quite lively with a live band and everything. There were some Merengue types there but also a couple of more discreet and attractive ones. I met a tall, thin, dark-skinned Haitian youngster (21 yrs). While I came to meet Dominicans, she was too zesty to pass up. This girl was a handful in and out of bed…great sense of humor. So, back to my hotel for nocturnal activities, which were fully covered. We both ended up falling asleep after Round 1 and saved Round 2 for manana. 500 pesos.

Day Two (Friday) – Fun x 4: Actually got up early for a quickie with the Haitian girl from the night before. Then headed to the beach, where I spent an honest afternoon (read: no chicas). Well, almost honest. Stopped by a beach bar named Happy Bar (about 170, North end of beach, painted yellow) and there was the incredible light-skinned, thin, large breasted girl named Marisol (?). She claimed to be 17. I asked what she was doing later and she said she had to good to school, but maybe manana. I figured it was a blow off. Too bad, she was the best of the trip.

But, of course, met a girl on the way home from the beach during a stop at the Europa Hotel bar. Her name was Maria. She was short and had a beautiful face, tons of fun. We smoked some Dominican cigars together at the bar for a while, which she really appeared to enjoy.

\image {Maria from Europa Hotel bar}

After the smokes and about a dozen cuba libre, we retreated up to mi casa for some adult fun. When she inevitably turns on the TVs (as an aside, I’ve found hookers from every country everywhere…Asia, Africa, US, Caribbean, S America…all love TV), she enters channel 32, and there’s true blue, full on, hard core American porno. When you use the up/down buttons on the remote, you can’t get it (childproof), but if you enter the channel, its free! Anyway, this adds an interesting game as we watch the porno and then act it out scene by scene!

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I gave her 500 for the few hours and she was a little disappointed, but lived with it.

When I returned to the Europa bar, Torca (see above), from Day 1 was there. I took her to dinner at El Toro down the street and then had a relatively uninspired session with her, although she had a fantastic lean, lithe body. I was just too spent from the first two rounds and she was a little old for my taste (28).

So, I made the haul to the little bar next to the Pluto bar to hook up with Maribelle. She appeared quite happy to see me and introduced her to the other bartenders/waitresses there. There was one total hottie who on the right in the picture below.Maribelle was in this short skirt and looked so good I needed another round. She told me to leave and she’d sneak out to help me avoid the bar fine. Went to my hotel and did another round for 500, with an overnight this time. This made it 4 in one day (although one was a repeat).

Day Three (Saturday) - Best & Worst: Drank way too much the night before, so I slept in and slinked to the beach at noon. Stopped in a bar for breakfast, and after about an hour, a short, light brown, large breasted girl caught my eye. I bought her lunch, and took her back to my hotel. She had a GREAT body, but the service was only o.k. (no bj and payment up front). So, I short timed it and still had to pay my usual 500. This might have been my only rip off, but she was quite hot and only 20.

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Back to the beach by 2:30. Nothing doing. Went back to the yellow beach bar and saw the tall thin, large breasted girl from the day before. She spoke no English (good sign) and in my broken Spanish arranged to meet her at the casino at 10pm. She was there waiting for me, dressed to kill. We gambled a little, visited the bar, and then tried to go to my hotel. But, she forgot her ID card, so we had to go to the Isla Bonita hotel. She was very shy once we got in the room and wouldn’t let me take any pictures, also wouldn’t tell me cuanto cuesta (how much does it cost). This, combined with the little english, no pics, 17, school thing, mad me think this was the best scam in the world or I got a legit non-pro.

I had to celebrate by going to the High Caribe, where I hit my low point. Got too drunk and ended up bringing home the worst of the trip. She was petite, light skinned and thin, but looked quite flabby while naked in a thin sort of way. Turns out, after we fucked, she told be she was PREGNANT…and you could definitely feel something growing in. Needless to say, there was no round two and I was too spooked to return to the action that night. Here she is. The fact that she asked and I paid 600 made things worse.

Day 4 (Sunday) – Departure Day. Still spooked about the night before, I figured I’d refresh the cigar supply for some souvenirs, but no chicas as my flight left at 3pm. Went to breakfast with a buddy (lonewolf from this board) and this 18 year old cutie, D cupped Haitian girl starts following us. We turned her down, but after breakfast and the shopping run, I found her again. Making a long story short, I dropped her off at the beach on my way to the airport (sorry, no pic, name, or locale).

Summary: 3. 5 Days 7 Girls 10 Sessions Approx $500, inc hotel, girls, food.

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